Transmittal Report: Created by AutoCAD eTransmit 13, 05, 2009, 4:41 PM. Drawing: This is a transmittal based on OuterArea.dwg.

Files: Root Drawing: OuterArea.dwg AutoCAD Drawing (External) References: Krushnagar.dwg C_type1.dwg AutoCAD Font Map References: acad.fmp AutoCAD Compiled Shape References: simplex.shx ltypeshp.shx romans.shx txt.shx TrueType Font file References: ARIAL.TTF LMG_ARUN.TTF BOOKOS.TTF ARIALBD.TTF dutcheb.ttf romantic.ttf JPEG Image References: 1A.jpg 1B.jpg 2A.jpg 9.jpg 01.jpg 1.jpg 11.jpg 14.jpg FifthPart.jpg MAP4.jpg plan-5.jpg plan-6.jpg The following files could not be located: psml-1.jpg psml-2.jpg mystyle.ctb txt.(shx,ttf) Conversion: All drawing files were converted to AutoCAD 2000/LT2000 format. Notes for distribution:

TTF fonts: TTF fonts must be registered with the Operating System. . .DWG external reference files: External reference (xref) paths were removed. Check with the font manufacturer about distribution rights. All text styles with missing fonts are automatical ly set to this font. The AutoCAD variable FONTALT was set to: C:\Documents and Settings\bmc\My Documents\Utility\simplex. eTransmit does not include files required by xrefs unless they are also required by the root drawing. Fonts supplie d with AutoCAD are freely distributable. To register. . so all image files must be placed on the AutoCAD searc h path. plot style tables and overlay xrefs that a re not used by the root drawing are omitted Raster image files: Image paths were removed.. a project search path or in the same directory as the root drawing. copy these files to the system fonts folder or use the fonts application in the Control Pa nel.shx Please make sure that the FONTALT variable is set to this file or an equivalent before opening any drawings. Fonts supplied with AutoCAD are freely d istributable.SHX fonts: Please copy these fonts to the AutoCAD Fonts directory and check with the font m anufacturer about distribution rights. In particular. a project search path or in the same directory as the root drawing. so all xref paths must be placed o n the AutoCAD search path.

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