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Microsoft Project 2010 Shortcut Keys

Microsoft Project 2010 maximizes efficiency as you manage projects but Project 2010 shortcuts also save you time at the keyboard: Here are some shortcut keys you'll use all the time when building and working with a Project plan.

Keystroke Insert Ctrl+K F7 Alt+F10 Shift+F2 F1 Ctrl+F Ctrl+F2 Ctrl+G Ctrl+H Ctrl+Z Ctrl+Y Ctrl+P Ctrl+N Ctrl+O Ctrl+S

Result Inserts new task Inserts hyperlink Begins spell check Assigns resources Opens the Task Information dialog box Opens Microsoft Project Help Displays the Find dialog box Links selected tasks Displays the Go To dialog box Displays the Replace dialog box Undoes the previous action Redoes the undone action Displays the Print preview in the Backstage Opens a new blank Project Opens the Open dialog box Saves the file