Create Software Loaction: 1. Go to Places -> Home Folder. 2. Create a folder named 'Softwares'. Copy Java Installation File: 3. 4. 5. 6.

Press 'Ctrl + L'. Type 'smb://' in the Location Box. 'Go To softwares/Development/Java/' Copy 'jdk-6u30-linux-i586.bin' to 'Softwares' folder in your Home Directory.

Install Java/JDK: 7. Open Terminal using shortcut 'Ctrl + T'. 8. Change directory to '~/Softwares'. (cd Softwares) 9. Change file permission of 'jdk-6u30-linux-i586.bin' file so that it will be e xecutable by you. (chmod +x jdk-6u30-linux-i586.bin) 10. Run 'jdk-6u30-linux-i586.bin' to extract to current directory. (./jdk-6u30-l inux-i586.bin) 11. Create 'java' folder in /usr/. (mkdir -p /usr/java) 12. Move previously extracted/installed java to /usr/java. (mv ~/Softwares/jdk1. 6.0_30 /usr/java) Setup Java/JDK Environment: 13. Take backup of '~/.profile' by copying it to '~/.profile.bak'. (cp ~/.profil e ~/.profile.bak) 14. Open '~/.profile' in any editor. 15. Go to end of the file and add following lines as it is: JAVA_HOME=/usr/Java/jdk1.6.0_30 PATH=$JAVA_HOME/bin:$PATH export JAVA_HOME export PATH 16. Save the file and exit. 17. Verfiy the content of '~/.profile'. 18. If everything is ok, then logout and login again. 19. Open Terminal using shortcut 'Ctrl + T'. 20. Confirm Java/JDK is setup correctly by typing 'java -version'. If it output about java virtual machine, then java/jdk is setup correctly.

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