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World University Service (WUS) Austria is a politically independent, non-governmental organization committed to the promotion of the human right to education on the basis of academic freedom and university autonomy. The VISION of WUS Austria is to be the partner for the development of higher education, which is a key factor in the socio-economic and political advancement of every society.

WUS Austrias MISSION therefore aims at increasing the quality of higher education in accordance with European (Bologna process; European Higher Education Area - EHEA) and international standards in order to establish solid and sustainable structures for a strong role of universities in society. Sustainable development of higher education goes beyond the university level. Responding to this, WUS Austria works together with the public sector, economy and society as a whole.

30 years of experience/expertise in and knowledge of: vHigher education development and reform; vCoordination, management, preparation, implementation, monitoring and internal evaluation of projects in higher education; vGlobal trends and developments in higher education; vChange processes at higher education institutions in transition countries; vTechnology transfer and in the development of R&D and innovation policies, strategies and structures; vPolitical, economic, social and educational situation in South-Eastern Europe; vStrategic development, capacity and institution building; vWorking in an international and intercultural context; ...and the ability to use all this experience and expertise for the successful implementation of measures for specific target groups.

vShaping change processes through capacity building and trainings we develop modules for higher education institutions in an international context and provide knowledge and tools to manage the challenges; vDiversified and tailor-made approach for each individual region, country and institution; vHolistic approach where all stakeholders at all levels are part of the process and where the interests of staff and students are equally taken seriously as are the views and opinions of university management and political stakeholders; vEqual opportunities - we constantly ensure that all training services and capacity building activities are open to both women and men, and encourage people of all ages to participate in our projects as experts as we highly appreciate the advantages of a differentiated and balanced working team.

WUS Austria implements projects mainly in South- Eastern Europe, but has expanded its geographical coverage also to other areas of the world. Currently WUS Austria implements projects in Europe, Asia and Northern Africa. List of countries:
Albania Algeria Angola Armenia Austria Azerbaijan Belarus Belgium Bosnia and Herzegovina Bulgaria Cameroun Croatia Czech Republic Democratic Republic of Congo France Georgia Germany Haiti Hungary Italy Jordan Kenya Kosovo Lebanon Lesotho Lithuania Macedonia Moldova Montenegro Netherlands Nigeria Palestine Territory Papua New Guinea Poland Romania Russia Senegal Serbia Slovakia Slovenia Spain Spain Syria Tanzania Timor-Leste Trinidad-Tobago

Our services are divided in the following areas:
v Curriculum Development v Change Management and Organizational Development v Quality Assurance v Internationalization v The Brain Gain Program

Higher Education Development

Linking Higher Education & Society

v Structural Instruments for Research & Development v Practice-oriented Education v Lifelong-Learning (LLL)

Higher Education & Human Rights

We furthermore provide TECHNICAL SUPPORT as an integrative part with the following services:

Technical Support
v Project Management v Fundraising and Management of Project Applications v Event Management v Trainings

PROJECTS (running)
v ACP Observatory on Migration v CCMLL - Center for Curricula Modernization and Lifelong Learning, BA v Childrens University in Bosnia and Herzegovina, BA v Competence@University of Prishtina, KS v DELLCO - Development of the Lifelong Learning Concept at the University of Montenegro, ME v EQADE - Embedding Quality Assurance in Doctoral Education, BA, ME v ESABIH - European Union Standards for Accreditation of Study Programmes at BiH Universities, BA v Example of Excellence for Joint (Degree) Programme Development in South Eastern Europe, AL, AT, BA, BE, DE, ES, FR, HR, IT, MK, NL, RO, RS, SI v Higher KOS - Promoting Institutional Development in Higher Education and Research in Kosovo, KS v INTERFACE, AL, BA, MK, RS v KIKT Kosovo Interdisciplinary Knowledge Triangle Center PhD based Education, Research and Training for Medical and Natural Sciences, KS

v PATTERNS_Lectures, BG, CZ, HR, HU, PL, RO, UA


PROJECTS (running):
v PhD in Food & Technology & Creating Capacities for PhD Reform at the University of Pristina/Kosovo, KS v QA@UPPZ - Strategic Support for the development of Sustainable QA Structures at the Newly Public Founded University in Kosova, University of Prizren, KS v QinR - Quality in Research, BA v REGENLAW - Development of Regional Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Energy and Environmental Studies , GE, UA v SEEPALS - South East Europe Project for the Advancement of Language Studies, AL, BA, ME, MK, RS v SHEQA - Strategic Management of Higher Education Institutions Based on Integrated Quality Assurance System , BA v Support to Higher Education and Scientific Research in Algeria, ALG v UNAM - Promoting the Modernization and Strengthening of Institutional and Financial Autonomy in Southern Neighbouring Area Higher Education Institutions , UA v UNI4INNO, UA v UNIMIG - Migration and Higher Education - Building Skills and Capacities, AR, AZ, GE


PROJECTS (completed):
v QA@PHEP - Supporting and Developing the Structures for QA at the Private Higher Education Institutions in Kosova, KS v QC@UP - Fostering and Developing the Quality Culture at the University of Prishtina, KS v R&D Capacities Creating R&D Capacities and Instruments for boosting HEEconomy Cooperation (EC) v COMPETENCE Matching competences in higher education and economy: From competence catalogue to strategy and curriculum development (EC) v Development of Labour Market Relevant Master, PhD, Module, Course and Chair Programs at SEE universities (ADC) v Strategic and Structural Development of Quality Assurance in BiH Higher Education in 2008-2010 (ADC) v Support to Serbian Accreditation Agency (ADC) v Brain Gain Program+ (ADC) v Course Development Program+ (ADC) v Support to the Establishment and Work of the University Reform and Development Support Unit at the University of Prishtina / Kosovo (ADC) v Establishment of Quality Assurance Centers at the University of Montenegro (ADC)



General: approx. 25 ongoing projects more than 110 finalized projects activities in 42 countries Strategy development: 7 national strategies in the field of higher education Curriculum development: 335 courses 31 study programs (Master and PhD programs) 2 faculty curricula Development of teaching and research infrastructure: for 282 faculties, campuses and universities Guest lectures (Brain Gain Program): 716 guest lectures Strategies and structures: QA offices/strategies at 21 universities R&D support offices/strategies/instruments at 10 universities Centers for career counseling, alumni and LLL at 8 universities 3 Business Start-up and Innovation Center PhD coordination units Events: more than 100 conferences, trainings and seminars 52 case study competitions with more than 2.500 participating students University and faculty cooperation: 72 university and faculty cooperation projects