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Sholokhov Moscow State University for the Humanities

is one of the major institutes of higher education in Russia in the field of technologies for the humanities and applied knowledge for the humanities.

Sholokhov Moscow State University for the Humani8es is a state university with a rich history
- 1951 the year of establishment - 2000 the name of a great Russian writer and winner of the Nobel prize in literature Maxim Sholokhov was given to our university

SMSUH provides great opportuni8es!

In our university there are: 13 faculties 48 departments 13 branches throughout Russia (in 5 federal district) Our University train: Bachelors Masters Doctors

Nowadays more than 26 000 students are studying at the university including students from other countries

Faculty of Speech Correc8on Faculty of Design and Visual Arts Faculty of Journalism Faculty of Foreign Languages and Interna8onal Communica8on Ins8tute of Poli8cs, Law and Social Development Faculty of History Faculty of Culture and Musical Arts Faculty of Psychology Pedagogical faculty Faculty of Exact Sciences and Innova8on Technology Philological faculty Faculty of Ecology and Natural Sciences College of Economics and Technologies

Bachelor's Degree Program

Law Tourism Speech correc8on Musicology and applied music arts Pedagogical educa8on Ecology and Management of Natural Resources Educa8on in Psychology and Pedagogy Biology Management Psychology Organiza8on of Work with Youth Linguis8cs and others

Master's Degree Program

Special speech correc8on Linguis8cs Graphic design Decora8ve and folk arts Pedagogical educa8on Vocal oli8cal Journalism Psychology-pedagogical educa8on Psychology Management State and Municipal Management Law pplied olitology Sociology of social changes rganiza8on of work with youth Ecology and management of natural resources Biology and others

Chancellor, Ph.D. in Politics 70% lecturers and teachers has academic degrees 80% of teaching staff is engaged in selfdeveloped projects
10 Research- Educational Centres: - Sholokhov Reserch- Educational Centre - Institute of Informatization of Education -Technologies of Ecological and Pedagogical Education - Mathematical Research - Institute of Contemporary Linguistic Research - Contextual Competence Technologies in the Professional Education - Sociology of Innovations and others

Vladimir D. Nechaev

Strategic objec8ves
1. The university should take the first position among other educational institutions in such spheres as youth policy and work with youth until 2015. 2. It should acquire the leading role in the sphere of application of technologies for the humanities and as a result get a status of the National Research Institute until 2020. 3. SMSUH should be included in the group of world leaders in the sphere of applied research for the humanities and technologically based education for the humanities until 2025.

Federal Coordina8on Centre of the Development of Career- Oriented Poten8al of Youth Policy in the Russian Federa8on
The main activities of FCC: - Information activity - Scientific-research activity - Educational activity

Goals and objectives of SMSUH Volunteer Center:
1. Popularization of the volunteer movement as a social phenomenon in Russian Federation; involvement of youth into demonstration the voluntary initiative in solving societys social problems. 2. Development and support of the youth initiative aimed at organization the youth volunteer work. 3. Form the young peoples personal values and social responsibility. 4. Dissemination of the efficient experience in volunteering. 5. Creation and approbation of new educational methods of volunteers training in Russian Federation.

Our graduates:
Double Olympic games champion Svetlana MASTERKOVA bronze prize winner of Vancouver Olympic Games Nikolay MORILOV

Nikita KRUKOV and Nikolay PANZHINSKY gold and silver medals in Vancouver 2010

Basic conceptual components of modern educa8on for the humani8es in high school

Culture-centrist paradigm Competence based approach Context educa8on theory

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III-rd International Scientific and Practical Conference "Technologies for the construction of educational systems with specified properties (12-13 November 2012)

The development of a qualifications framework of higher education in Russia, particularly in the field of computer science and management

TEMPUS IV: Informa8cs and management: Bologna-style qualica8on frameworks

3 workgroups were formed:
Applied Math
Scien&c advisors Sergey P. Naselsky, head of Math and Physics department of SMSUH, Gennady B. Pronchev, associated professor InformaAcs department of SMSUH,


Scien&c advisor - Elena E. Durneva, director of scienAc-educaAonal center

of SMSUH, Coordinator Olga D. Tsygina, director of career center of SMSUH,

Scien&c advisor Elena B. Puchkova, head of Management Psychology department, Coordinator Maria V. Ferapontova,