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Ukrainian education system

Ukrainian system of education is recognized by UNESCO, UNO and other influential international organizations. A step-type educational-eligibility system is in effect in Ukraine.
It meets appropriate systems of most developed countries though has some peculiarities.

Ukrainian education system

Higher education in Ukraine divides into three training cycles:

First cycle lasts 4 years, students get educational-qualifying level of bachelor.
Second cycle includes two levels where student may choose one of these: One lasts 1 1,5 years, students get level of specialist.

Other lasts 1 2 years, students get level of master.

One of the most important industrial, economical and transport centers of the Ukraine.

Capital of ferrous metallurgy and aerospace of the Ukraine.

Fourth largest city in the Ukraine.


Was based in 1787

Population is around 1 million of people


There are 25 higher educational institutes

and 164 schools


With more than 120 thousands of students and 80 thousands pupils


National Mining University

Students Teachers Graduation specialties Institutes Faculties Departments Scientific councils International partners 17 500 1617 51 5 8 52 7 112

Merits & Strength

According to the national rating KOMPAS-2012 in Ukraine NMU takes:
4th place among technical universities.

6th place among higher educational institutes.

According to the UNESCO international rating in Ukraine:

3rd place among technical universities.

7th place among higher educational institutes.

According to both ratings NMU takes 1st place among higher educational institutes of the southern region of Ukraine

Merits & Strength

University has IV level of accreditation. There were executed 70 research scientific works in the frames of governmental and business contracts in 2011. There are 6 scientific educational centers that are engaged in solving actual problems of mining and energetics sectors.

Software department was found in 1964. There are: 246 students 343 external student 27 persons who get evening education

In software department students are educated according to two specialties: 6.050101 Computer science (area 8.05010101 Informational management system and technologies. General amount of students 284.) 6.050103 Software engineering (area 8.05010301 Software systems . General amount of students 292.)

Taking part in formulation of the government standards of higher education

Head of the department acts also as: a member of the council of experts in computer science and technologies sphere of State Certification Commission of Ukraine. a member of the methodological commission by Ministry of science and education in informatics and computer engineering sphere.

Contribution in formulation of the government standards of higher education

Variation part of Educational Qualification Characteristics and Educational Professional Program: 35 % of the whole educative process for bachelors, specialists and masters in Computer science and Software engineering education specialties may be composed by department.

Our department deals with more than 100 largest financial companies of Ukraine, IT companies, banks and etc.

Partnership with employer

Necessity of the quick respond on new technologies arise

"Programmers by disposition are enamored of technology. This is a strength when it comes to abandoning old, inefficient ways and adopting new, more efficient ways. But it's a weakness when new software tools arrive faster than we can learn to use them effectively and we spend too much time at the wrong end of their learning curves. The benefits of a truly effective new technology are foregone when, in the rush to try out the next shiny whiz-bang tool, we abandon the current one.
Scott Guthrie - From an interview published in Dr. Dobb's Journal.

Programming Language of the year by TIOBE

2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 Objective-C Python Go C Python Ruby Java PHP C++

Educational load for bachelors in software engineering


Educational load for masters in software engineering


Educational load for bachelors in computer science


Educational load for masters in computer science


CIKLUM data about employees for Dnipropetrovsk region