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Dia Mohammed Celisa Chan William Mickens Anwar Azim Haewook Lee

which represents a conflict between the owner/operator • Can McBride and Collins come to terms with providing quality service and training without compromising the service that the 7-day countdown and opening at a lower occupancy rate ensures? .EXECUTIVE SUMMARY • The Ritz-Carlton provides a quality experience and Gold Standard service. • The situation facing the company is encompassed by the 7-day countdown.

diplomats and wealthy people in DC) • Good economic indicators in the hotel industry (ADR.S.E.T Political • Political stability Economic • Stable economy • High demand (many business clients. Revpar) Technological Social • Washington DC attracts high • Technological innovations: profile clientele Internet • Convenience is in high demand .P.

Regis •Other property developers • • • • • Complements • Spa/Sports Club • Restaurants • Retail Shops • Luxury condominiums • • • • Buyer Power Hotel Guests Business Clientele Event Planners Residential Owners .Porter’s Six Forces – Industry Analysis Supplier Power • Developers • Contractors • Laborers/Employees Threat of Entry • Minimal due to high cost of entry Threat of Substitution Resorts Luxury apartments Condominium Amusement Parks Upscale Casinos Rivalry •Four Seasons •Mandarin Oriental •Park Hyatt •Hay-Adams •St.

dictated by locale(Global Business) • 110 Ft.I. height limit • Implementing a higher security standard based on the location and possible high-profile clientele Latent Values Goal Attainment • To be the best at providing service to achieve. and eventually exceed occupancy expectations • Obtain new management contracts for new hotels and resorts Integration • Post-opening training and • Orienting new employees to the Ritzdevelopment plan (7-Day Carlton mantra • Meshing the owner’s desires with the Countdown) • Global recognition as a leader in Ritz-Carlton gold standard guest services (Exhibit 6 Awards won • Integrating Total Quality by Ritz-Carlton) Management success of the Ritz• Ritz.Carlton name Carlton with Millennium Partners • Ability to create luxury environment desire for immediate return on that commands premium prices investment .G.A.L Adaptation • Recognizing and adapting to different preferences. maintain.

results in inefficiencies • Loss of revenue due to 7-day training Threats • Competition: Four Seasons • Dissatisfied customers may result in loss of good will • Conflicting viewpoints between owners and operators • Shift in negotiation power from management to owner .W.O. influential clientele Weaknesses • Poor location compared to Four Seasons • 8% dissatisfied customers • Continued motivation among employees • Not conforming to digital documentation of guest complaints.S. increase revenue • Ability to accommodate diplomatic envoys based on security based design of facility • Location will increase access to wealthy.T ANALYSIS Strengths • Brand awareness • High quality service • Successful training program • Revenue driver: event business • Experienced executives and mid-level management • Outside marketing(concierge desk at airports) • Low employee turnover Opportunities • Improved 7-day training process to reach maximum occupancy in shorter time • Increase satisfied customers.

 Forces Propelling The competitive advantage – Providing flawless service Seven Day Countdown – a small portion of budget Attracting condominium residents and high-end customers Employees well trained for handling guest difficulties Employees feel empowered and responsible by embracing the company culture Meeting business – a growing market Hotel – part of multi-use facility that can potentially attract Seven Day Countdown can help the company adapt locally and expand globally      Forces Restraining Loss of revenue Uncertainty regarding ROI of training Lower ADR and RevPAR than FourSeasons Difficulty with maintaining motivation – dissatisfied customers are inevitable Supplier power of Collins and Millennium Partners .Force Field Analysis (FFA) Situation: Revamping the Seven Day Countdown to increase average occupancy.could push McBride to make premature or illogical decision on the training program Possibility of discrepant views between property owners and the Ritz-Carlton         .

in an effort to appease the owner’s concerns about loss of potential revenue during the first four months of operations. . • Increase the initial occupancy rate from 50% to 60%.RECOMMENDATIONS/CONCLUSION • Explore the possibility of expanding the 7-day training and development of employees to include prior training at other locations that are already operating at 80% occupancy.

the RitzCarlton Way.aspx>." Rev." American Management Association. . 2011. Sucher and Stacy E.hbsp.harvard. "Training the Talented. Harvard Business Review. <http://www. of Harvard Business Publishing Massachusetts.org/training/articles/Trainingthe-Talented-the-Ritz-Carlton-Way.edu>. 11 Oct. by Sandra J. Web. 2008. • Michelli. McGraw-Hill. 02 Sept. 4 Sept. <http://www. Web. Joseph. McManus. 2011.REFERENCES • "Harvard Business School.amanet.

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