2012-2013 Organizational Review and Planning

The goal of this process is to look back and learn from 2012 and set up a fabulous 2013. This tool is to help create a 2013 plan for the organization. Complete each of the following questions or activities:
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What are you most proud of the center for in 2012? What are you least proud of the center for in 2012? Reflect on 2012, what did you learn about the center or community this year? Release and Celebrate 2012 – take the negative from 2012 and burn it or release it in some other meaningful way. Then celebrate the good parts of 2012 in a meaningful way. Brainstorm a list of things you would like the center to accomplish in 2013. Include everything that comes to mind. Then prioritize the list to come up with 10 goals for 2013 and list them on a sheet of paper. Create a short theme for the year (2-3 words).Write the theme and a brief explanation of why you chose it on the same paper from # 5 above.

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