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The Reign of the Sun King

Louis XIV (pronounced “Louie the Fourteenth”) has assembled a group

of citizens to advise him on how to conduct his government. Each of you will

represent either a section of society or one of the king’s appointed advisors.

Specifically, Louis would like to hear your suggestions concerning the military

(and wars), taxes and the economy, and general laws and regulations. Not all

of these directly affect you so narrow your focus on your area of expertise.

Since you are trying to persuade the king to follow your suggestions, you will

need to be familiar with his character and behavior so you can be the most


In addition to the king himself, the groups will be:

Economic Advisors

Military Advisors

Court Advisors (consider these social/cultural directors)



The Nobles and Peasants are present to inform the king as to what is

happening in his lands. They are there to improve their social standing. This

is the year 1667, so the king has been in power for six years. Be sure to tell

him what has happened so far in the areas that pertain to you and what

course of action you believe he should pursue in the future.

**Don’t worry. You have your position because the king trusts you and

your knowledge. You will not be executed for criticism. That is, as long as

you are not a commoner...**

Remember that the king is busy and fickle. Do not waste his time and

take too long… 5 minute max!!

Due date: TBA