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ME 04 702-DESIGN OF MACHINE ELEMENTS (2004 admissions) Time: Three Hours Maximum: 100 Marks

Answer all questions.
Part A
1. Derive the relation for the ratio of driving tensions of V-belt. 2. What is a self-energising brake? When a brake becomes self-locking? 3. How the shaft and arms for spur gears are designed? 4. What is a herring bone gear? Where they are used? 5. Define 'Dynamic equivalent load' as applied to rolling contact bearings. 6. What are the commonly used materials for sliding contact bearings. 7. What do you understand by 'Design for Manufacture' ? 8. When is fabrication by welding preferred? (8 x 5

= 40 marks)

Part B
1. Describe with the help of a neat sketch the principle of operation of an internal expanding shoe brake. Derive the expression for the breaking torque.

2. Design a chain drive to run a blower at 600 r.p.m. The power to the blower is available from a 8 kN motor at 150 r.p.m. The centre distance is to kept at 800 mm. 3. Design worm and gear speed reducer to transmit 22 kW at a speed of 1440 r.p.m. The derived velocity ratio is 24 : 1. An efficiency of at least 85% is desired. Assume that the worm is made of hardened steel and the phosphor bronze.

4. Derive the expressions for static strength, limiting wear load and dynamic load for helical gears and explain the various terms used therein. 5. The main bearing of an engine is 100 mm in dia and 175 mm long. The bearing supports a load of 28 kN at 250 r.p.m.lfthe ratio ofthe diametral clearance to the diameter is 0.001 and the absolute viscosity of the lubricating oil is 0.015 kg/m-s, find (i) coefficient of friction (ii) heat generated at the bearing due to friction.


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(4 x 15 = 60 marks) - Vidya Digital Library . Temperature.Vidya Digital Library 2 C 56416 6. 8. Explain how the following factors influence the life of the bearing: (a) (c) Load. (b) (d) Or Speed. Discuss the general design considerations for casting process. Discuss the general design recommendations for welded ports with suitable sketches. Reliability. 7.

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