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Sixty two years ago two very young people, Dale Crowley and Mary Henderson, both from

Washington, D. C., married each other with a common purpose of heading somewhere to the mission field. Mary had told Dale on their first date that she felt strongly God was calling her to Africa and if he wasnt interested in Africa, she would have to become an old maid missionary to that continent. While dating, each of them heard messages on the needs of Post War Japan and General McArthurs plea to America for 2000 missionaries to help heal the land of Japan. Unbeknownst to either Dale or Mary, they each sent a letter to the other stating they felt Japan was where God was wanting them. After they married, they took a church in Elizabeth City, North Carolina. Soon they signed up for boot camp at New Tribes Mission to prepare for the third world conditions of Japan. At this point in their lives, Mary was still not 20 years old. When they completed boot camp, Mary was considered too young to be sent to Japan under the auspices of New Tribes Mission, so off Dale and Mary went to Japan with support mostly from local Washington, D. C. churches who kept up with their missionary work through Dales fathers radio program, Right Start for the Day. Upon arriving in Tokyo, Dale and Mary and their little boy, David, stayed with the Pietschs home and received extensive Japanese language lessons from the affiliated Tokyo Bible Institute. Within six months Dale was preaching without an interpreter and they made the arduous trek north to Aomori-Ken--a cold, rugged, but beautiful area of Japan. Their first term lasted five years.