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THE LAW OF VALUES An Exposition of the Primary Causes of Stock and Share Fluctuations BY SEPHARIAL
Author of "A Manual of Astrology," "A Manual of Occultism," "Cosmic Symbolism," "The Silver Key," etc. FIVE SHILLINGS NET. London: W. FOULSHAM & Co. 5 Pilgrim Street, Ludgate Hill, E.C. INTRODUCTION. _____ In the following pages I have given some valuable hints to those who are able to invest their money and take their dividends. They will be able, with the assistance of my book, to buy cheaply and to clear out before prices recede from the highest. It is not to be supposed that I give away any of my keys which constitute the "Arcana," and which can only be had under agreement of a binding nature, but the reader will be able to take advantage of genuine information contained in the pages of "The Law of Values," at whatsoever time he is in a position to put money in a lock-up investment. Of the actual working value of this system there can be no doubt whatsoever, for illustrations are given showing the application of the principles involved to the actual state of the markets according to official returns. With these figures there can be no cavilling, and when it is further shown that the same factors are repeatedly followed by the same effects, not in one part of the world only, but in every part whose financial interests are represented on the Stock Exchange, there can be only one conclusion, and that undoubtedly will be in favour of Astrology as the master-key to safe and profitable investment. This is my second contribution to Astrology as a financial science, and I have been induced to write the book in the belief that the sooner we bring

the science down from the clouds, where would-be Esotericists have incontinently hurried it, the sooner it will be gain a proper recognition in a practical world. Later, when it is found by the man in the street to have a body and consistency, and that it can talk his own language, doubtless he will be the readier to admit that it has also a soul and can be studied from an entirely different point of view with equal benefit to the intellectual and spiritual man as it has proved useful to the material and physical man. The point need not be laboured. To those who profess Astrology I would say, feed those who are in the nursery, give them a material grip on the practical side of things, and keep your academics for the forum. What is the binomial theorem to children who can only appreciate what they can see and handle? There is an orderly process of development in thought which should be followed in all our schools, and which passes from science to philosophy, and from philosophy to ethics. Science is what we know about a thing, philosophy is what we think about that which is known, and ethic is the effect of that thought upon our conduct. Before we can profitably make an Esotericism of Astrology, we have to prove that it is a science. It is claimed for Astrology that it is the science of foreknowledge, and the man who cannot turn it to account when he has proved its scientific integrity is not worth troubling about. I have written this book for intelligent and practical men of the world, who are, or will some day be, in a position to employ money, and I have given rules and proofs such as will enable anybody to employ their means to the best advantage. These preliminary notes will prepare the reader for the study of the book itself. SEPHARIAL.

but which in fact has been latterly referred to as the unstable equilibrium – a paradoxical phrase – is to be seen at work in the Stock and Share Market as surely as it is in the universe at large. If crops fail. in fact. The nonapparent and primary cause is the response of terrestrial nature to planetary influence. first of all to determine what countries or interests are related to the several signs of the . a concept that is entirely agreeable to the doctrine of the solidarity of the universe. but in the atmospheres surrounding them. and thus to planetary action. we have to look further than the earth in which they were sown or the air by which they were blighted or vitalized. which is referred to as responsible for the stability of the universe. The obvious law of action and reaction. coffee. whether they be wheat. not only in the bodies themselves. and similarly a depreciation occurs when crops are abundant. is the balance of supply and demand. their conjunctions and oppositions. producing a variety of perturbations and reactions. Before we can rightly estimate the effects of these interplanetary relations. however. the values of such supplies as are in sight are naturally increased. as the case may be. _____ The apparent cause of all fluctuations in the value of any security or commodity whatsoever. which is continuous of the intermolecular ether permeating the earth and all planetary bodies from centre to periphery. it will be necessary to make some research. With this working hypothesis it will be possible to show reason for man’s invariable response to the immediate action of the planets in their various geocentric relations. _____ GENERAL PRINCIPLES. cotton.CHAPTER I. and their occursions to the various signs of the zodiac. Let us take it as a working hypothesis that the planets act and react upon one another. to refer to planetary interaction and those cosmical laws by which the integrity of the system is maintained. But when we come to enquire as to the failure of crops or their plenitude. or tea crops. In this statement I am suggesting the operation of a cosmical law of planetary interaction. We have. Then it will follow that even the brain and nervous system of man are subject to the stimulus of etheric vibration. and in that more tenuous and subtle medium which is called spatial ether.

Chili. delivered certain descriptive charts delineating the countries known to him and indicating the zodiacal sign to which each territory responded. Thus we know that the following countries are ruled by the signs against which they are set: -- Aries: England. Uruguay. Austria. Pisces: Portugal. There are. Leo: France. Gemini: Wales. Scorpio: Morocco. others of no great political or commercial importance being omitted. Virgo: Turkey. the first of geographers in Europe. or when the eclipses fall in them. however. serve for the purpose of the present exposition of the Law of Values. Libra: Argentine Republic. Judea. Capricorn: India.zodiac. Africa. We are fortunately in possession of a fair amount of traditional knowledge on both these points. we find that the twelve signs of the zodiac are related to various territories already defined and well-known to the ancients. indeed. Egypt. therefore. Proceeding along these lines. or form important configurations therein. sufficient to enable us to bring the matter to an empirical test. many other countries under each of these signs. Denmark. the countries related to those signs undergo political changes which affect the stability of . The sign-rulership of various old countries has been traditionally handed down to us. United States of America. and other parts of more recent development have been empirically referred to their respective signs. and next to ascertain the influence of the various planets in these signs. Germany. New Zealand. Australia. some of which are under scrutiny and test. if not. certain planets transit these signs. When. Mexico. of course. Brazil. Italy. Peru. Taurus: Ireland. Sagittarius: Spain. Persia. who was one of the earliest. Holland. The above will. Claudius Ptolemy. Cancer: China. Japan. Aquarius: Russia.

the markets they control. In a subsequent chapter this will be fully explained and dealt with in a practical manner. .

Jupiter brings an expansion of internal resources and industries. It tends to schemes and plots. general prosperity. are briefly as follows: -- Neptune produces democratic disturbances. political advantages. chaos. _____ PLANETARY VALUES. Uranus produces sudden upheavals. It brings about sudden fluctuations in values. But when any sign is occupied by a planet. cheap money. so far as they affect the trend of market values and the stability of those securities controlled by the countries related to the signs they occupy. and cannot be said to have any active influence in the mundane affairs. strikes and insurrections. the opening up of new industries. "rings" and rigging of the markets. But at the same time it incites to warlike feeling and intestine feuds and does not afford a very sound basis for operations. anarchy.CHAPTER II. and nature of the sign it . Mars produces a feverish activity and much enterprise in the country. The specific natures of the planets. _____ As a result of centuries of experience by successive students of planetary influence in human life. confusion. Saturn brings famines. and tends to bring about a rise in the value of securities and shares. revolutions. we are able to ascribe in the most positive manner certain characteristics to the various planets of the solar system. Its effect on the market is to produce a marked depression or deflation of security values. and has a disturbing effect on securities. Its effect on the market depends on its aspects. failure of crops. disasters of various sorts and national depression due to political reverses and general want or popular discontent. good trade and new flotations. The signs of the zodiac affect nothing of themselves. that body becomes a focal centre for the collection and distribution of cosmic influences. The sign occupied by it at the same time gets "coloured" or affected by the planet.

wherein they may be verified. and small but rapid fluctuations attend the influence of this volatile planet upon the markets. with the Node. it induces a war. and thus creates an element of danger which is repeated on the markets by a fall in the value of stocks and shares. various rumours (according to its aspects) and a sense of instability. one that depresses the market. its effects will be detrimental to the financial interest of investors in such securities or shares as it may control. But when badly aspected by any other planet. quiet development of internal resources. with few or no fluctuations. that is to say.occupies. plentitude of crops. i. scalping. and a "bull" tendency. and good security. Quick buying and selling. Its effect on the markets is to produce a period of quiet inactivity. active buying. Venus gives a peaceful condition of the country. When falling in eclipse signs. . We may now bring these general principles to the test by reference to published records. and for that purpose I have extracted my figures from the Stock Exchange Intelligencer. and also by the circumstance of it being in its own sign. may be rendered inoperative for the time being by good aspects from other planets.. but generally it induces to a brisk market. A planet that is intrinsically evil in its effects. e. much unrest. inconsequent talk. Mercury brings a condition of nervous activity.

Writing of the malefic planets in Sagittarius in the pages of my journal. A single load of wheat carried a profit of £1. and named May 3rd as the date at which the market would be against him if he continued to inflate prices.. 1720. which means a fortune to any who were able to utilise this foreknowledge. I specifically predicted this conflict between Spain and America. Coming Events. which is about 15 years. now unfortunately out of print. 3d. there is a graphic entitled. in fact. when the "corner" so cleverly engineered by Jos. From like causes we argue like effects. If it produces marked effects in one half of the zodiacal circle it will do so in the other half. Junr. collapsed owing to the appearance of the Spring crop rushed forward by Armour. _____ It has been said that Saturn produces a depression in the value of securities controlled by the sign in which that planet is placed.CHAPTER III. At that time I wrote to Leiter and warned him of the futility of operating against celestial influences. Leiter. [On p. The Government security on the open market is "Spanish 4% Sealed Bonds. to 11s."] To go back then to the year 1898. and that in this instance the price per cental rose 4s. when the planet Saturn was in the sign Sagittarius. 27. Spain found herself suddenly plunged into a most unfortunate and. 1898. Let us see if this be the fact or not.. per cental.800 Imperial Quarters. from 7s. in April. 6d. and after the war at 30 – a fall of about 50 points per centum. it will be seen that the forecast of this war was a thing of no small commercial value. disastrous war with the United States of America. and was caught in the trap he had set for others. and continued to rise by daily and hourly leaps. "INDICATIONS OF THE BURSTING OF THE SOUTH SEA BUBBLE. When it is understood that 1d." Now. The history of that sensational . He dared it. against which we find the country of Spain indicated. Its immediate effect on the markets was to cause a slump in "Spanish Fours. _____ EFFECTS OF TRANSITS. per cental rise means £20 profit on a load of 4." Before the war they were at 79. American Wheat went up with a bound.020. 9d. It is not necessary for the purpose of this enquiry to go further back than the half circuit of Saturn. from April 10th to May 3rd.

wheat deal would afford material for a drama. Thus on all sides and in all directions the influence of Saturn was marked by disaster. In 1897 the 3½% Gold Loan stood at 103. and in 1907 at 61. but so far as the internal resources of the country were concerned. the chief being that of public representation. The financial status of the country was not seriously affected. also predicted by me to the Financial News. From Capricornus. in 1906 at 90 only. The reconstruction of the National Debt. the planet Saturn went into Aquarius. there was a fall of from 30 to 60% in the value of securities. when the Russo-Japanese War broke out. Now when we turn to the financial effects of Saturn’s influence we find that between 1897. Then followed the Insurrection and the terrible Red Sunday disaster. In 1898 the 3% Bonds were at 96. the 4% Bonds stood at 105 and in 1906 at 71 only. To paraphrase an old saying: "Never speculate unless you know!" We see. Thus in 1897 the 5% Loan stood at 154. that Saturn gave Spain a serious time. to force important reforms. Saturn was in this sign in 1905. they were undoubtedly at the very lowest point. . The disgrace into which the Government had fallen by the overwhelming defeat at the hands of Japan gave the democratic element in Russia the opportunity for which it had long waited. therefore. when the Government securities stood at their best. If thousands were ruined it was because they were ignorant of the Law of Values and were goaded on by their cupidity. inasmuch as it was guaranteed by the British Government. the first indication of Reform in the annuals of the Bureaucracy. and 1906. against which we find Russia indicated as being responsive to this sign. which lasted until (in August) Senor Sagasta signed the Peace Treaty. and resulted in the creation of a Mansion House Fund for the relief of the starving millions in India. in the course of which Russia lost its fleet and was forced to a treaty with its foes. In 1896. loss and depression. Saturn passed into the sign Capricornus in the year 1900. and this was accompanied by the great famine which threw the whole of the native industries into confusion. which had the ultimate effect of establishing the Duma or House of Public Representatives. took place under the influence of the conjoined planets Uranus and Jupiter in Sagittarius in January following. when Saturn was affecting Russian affairs. and in 1906 it had fallen to 60.

since they have in many instances nothing but money to think about. . when the course of events gave them a curious value and interest. Consols. My readers must not think that it is put there to square with the facts. or 12 points below par. I was able to say. which was immediately followed by a general revolution and the deposition and banishment of the young King.From Aquarius Saturn passed into Pisces. considerable rioting. Wales. and even more frequently. against which we find Portugal. and the following years showed a succession of "lowest records" in the value of the prime security." In 1898 they stood at about 112. Persia meanwhile was in a state of insurrection. not only that prediction is scientifically possible. or 12 points above par. and Egypt. It is thus seen. Apropos of this the reader may note for himself the interview of The Daily Mail with the writer in the year 1898. In 1890 they were at 88. but I did in knowledge of that fact specifically predict the trouble that was to follow. and my predictions of revolution and violence were quoted by most of the leading newspapers. traceable to the direct influence of Saturn in the different zones related to the several countries said to be ruled by them. regarding the first week in February. when it was said that in the following year Consols would be "as much below par as they were then above it. In effect. The entry of Saturn into Taurus gave rise to the disturbances in Ireland over the Home Rule policy." The tragic event took place on February 3rd. Writing in anticipation of the King’s assassination. It is thus seen that there is a consistent record of misfortune and loss. that "the feature of the week will be the fall in Portuguese Stock. but also that it may at times be made exceedingly profitable. What I have myself succeeded in doing. Its transit through Gemini will be reflected in America. others by the same method have done. Saturn in Pisces brought about the unrest in that country which culminated in the assassination of the King and Crown Prince. I did not myself make the discovery that Portugal responded to the sign Pisces. From Pisces Saturn went into the sign Aries. the Monarch being deposed and exiled. In 1906 Portuguese Stock was at 72. and a depreciation of land values. an almost unparalleled amount of crime. and Saturn’s influence in the sign Pisces was such as to bring it down to 58 in the year 1908.

During the Russo-Japanese War referred to. Japanese Stock showed no such depression as that which affected Russian securities. and as these latter have an appreciable effect upon the fortunes of the various countries ruled by the signs in which they occur. leading to a general expansion of business. that this state of affairs is not likely to last. while the latter position fomented the democratic upheaval in China. and hence 1914 should be a year of useful expansion and financial reform for Russia. It has already been indicated that the position of the Node is of importance in tracing the occurrence of eclipses. however. I have thought it advisable to give the place of the Node for some years to come. inasmuch as the planets Saturn and Uranus form their opposition in 1918-1919 from the signs Aquarius and Leo. It is to be observed. Meanwhile.We may trace the same expansive effects due to the transits of Jupiter. In 1906. and when Jupiter entered Libra in 1910 they rose to 102. United States of America. the Mexican outbreak coincided with the transit of Uranus through the sign Capricorn in opposition to Nepune in Cancer. the 4½% Bonds were at 97. Nevertheless the conjunction Uranus and Jupiter in the Spring of 1914 will have time to operate before these latter influences come into play. the transits of Uranus and Jupiter through the sign Aquarius should be followed by financial reforms and development of trade in Russia and other parts ruled by that sign. and a rise in the value of securities. Similarly. The countries governed by Gemini are Egypt. the highest point touched since the date of issue. and one example will serve for all others. while the eclipses begin to fall in these signs in 1915. . in all of which the depressing influence of Saturn will be felt in industrial and financial circles. and Wales. increased confidence.

Node. Libra 8 Virgo 18 Leo 29 Leo 10 Cancer 20 Cancer 1 Gemini 12 Taurus 22 The approximate place of the Node for any month can be found by multiplying 1º 36’ 40" by the number of months from January 1st. Year. Aries 8 Pisces 18 Aquarius 29 Aquarius 10 Capricorn 20 Capricorn 1 Sagittarius 12 Scorpio 22 Descen.LONGITUDE OF NODE JANUARY 1ST. there will be an eclipse of the Moon. If a Full Moon occurs within 12º 24’ of the Node. and the magnitude of the eclipse will be in inverse ratio to the distance. If within five degrees the eclipse will be total. If a New Moon occurs within 18º 36’ of the place of the Node. Node. there will be an eclipse of the Sun. 1913 1914 1915 1916 1917 1918 1919 1920 Ascen. . and subtracting the amount from the place shown in the above table.

depress stocks and share values. Saturn and Uranus in conjunction produce wars and feuds. Neptune and Jupiter produce unsound flotations. Uranus and Mars bring about insurrections and revolts. Saturn and Jupiter together bring about useful reforms. thus depleting securities and deflating the markets. Neptune and Uranus. and produce national calamities. _____ Except where the inherent natures of conjoined planets are mutually antagonistic. their influence is reflected in a strong "bull" tendency. the creation of bogus funds. and frequently produce the creation of funds. Mars and Jupiter bring about strong enthusiasms and demonstrations. strife and upheavals." Neptune in any configuration is to be mistrusted. _____ EFFECTS OF ASPECTS.CHAPTER IV. Saturn and Mars bring wars. highly speculative buying. fraudulent schemes. or Mars and Jupiter. as witness the recent oppositions of Uranus . and "rigging. reconstruction of stocks and new share issues. as it tends to produce "wild-cat" schemes or downright frauds. So far as the markets are concerned. as Saturn and Mars. Uranus and Jupiter bring about reforms and financial revisions. and always tend to depreciate securities. constitutional changes. we may consider the conjunction as being beneficial in its tendency. The opposition of the planets are uniformly evil on their effects upon securities. and a run on stocks and shares governed by the sign they occupy. and a fall in the share values is always to be seen when the major planets oppose one another. and disturb the existing order of things.

The positions of the eclipses can be traced by the longitude of the Node. "DIAGRAM OF SIGNIFICATORS AT OUTBREAK OF THE HISPANO-AMERICAN WAR APRIL 6TH. contrary to the order of the signs. [On p. for if the Moon’s Node is in Aries. whether of the Sun or Moon in the several signs. then. new developments and flotations. But we lay chief stress upon the nature of the planet occupying a sign. England. the limit of . Mercury: Nervousness or confidence. evil in their effects. Consequently the eclipses pass from Aries into Pisces. and its motion is retrograde. Venus: Equable buying and selling. the simple natures of the planets in their action on the markets. Ireland. have a detrimental effect on the value of securities governed by the sign in which the eclipsed luminary is posited. the securities related to that sign will not advance. according to its aspect. Italy and Morocco. of course. that is. The current eclipses falling in the signs Aries and Libra are calculated to bring trouble upon Japan. Argentina and Austria. even though Saturn may be well aspected. 47. there is a graphic entitled. Jupiter: Expansion. 1898. The motion of the Node is about 19º every year."] The quadratures are. as the trines and sextiles are good. it will be seen that: Saturn produces depression. unless the Node is less than 12º 24’ from either beginning or end of the sign. for if Saturn be in a sign whatsoever. Eclipses. Mars: Activity and enterprise. and then to Aquarius. The recent eclipses in Taurus brought trouble upon Persia. For an eclipse of the Moon cannot take place unless the Sun is within 12º 24’ of the Node. Peru. and such interests as were financially represented on the markets suffered in consequence.and Neptune in connection with the stocks and industrial shares of those countries under the influence of Cancer and Capricorn. Taking. while an eclipse of the Sun may occur when it is within 18º 36’ of the Node. the eclipses will fall in Aries and Libra during that year.

influence being 18 months in any sign. I have endeavored to make the location of them as simple and clear as possible. . As eclipses have considerable effect upon the various territories denoted by the signs in which they fall. and consequently have a great deal of influence upon the price of stocks vested in those territories.

where the Sun is about noon. It is a matter of empiricism as to what degree holds the meridian.CHAPTER V. London St. and consequently the horizon of various places. Petersburg Paris Tokio Berlin New York Calcutta Bombay Sydney Rome Peking Cape Town Midheaven Gemini 9° Cancer 9º Gemini 11º Libra 29º Gemini 22º Pisces 24º Virgo 7º Leo 22º Scorpio 10º Gemini 22º Libra 6º Gemini 27º Ascend. _____ There are two great circles called the meridian and horizon. The degree of the zodiac occupying the midheaven or meridian and that occupying the horizon. The horizon is that great circle which defines the limits of visibility. Virgo 14º Libra 6º Virgo 14º Capricorn 7º Virgo 24º Cancer 14º Sagittarius 2º Scorpio 20º Aquarius 16º Virgo 23º Sagittarius 16º Virgo 25º . are sensitive points. when one is standing with his face to the South. and stand at right angles to one another. passes immediately overhead from North to South cutting the horizon at right angles. which are related to the longitude and latitude of a place. It is found that the transits of the planets over these points are productive of very marked effects which influence the financial world to the greatest possible extent. The following list may be taken as the result of experience. The meridian is that great circle which. _____ SENSITIVE POINTS.

began on December 18th. and the Government was defeated. 11th. Saturn was then in Gemini 9º. which is the ascendant of Bombay. 1855. On January 25. the opposition of the midheaven of Cape Town. 1899. [On p. which is the midheaven degree of Tokio. when Saturn was in the midheaven of the horoscope of London. therefore. Gladstone’s horoscope shows Saturn in opposition to the midheaven of the London horoscope. took place in 1884-5.It may be well to illustrate the working value of these observations. . in direct opposition to the midheaven of London. when Uranus was stationary in exact conjunction with London’s ascendant in Virgo 14º. 1884. shows Saturn in Gemini 9º. 1905. The Crimean War broke out on July 2nd. with the death of General Gordon. Mars and Saturn forming an opposition in Libra/Aries 28º. and caused the deaths of many thousands of victims. "MALEFIC CONJUNCTION INDICATING THE RUSSO-JAPANESE WAR. which is the midheaven of Cape Town. In the year 1896 the malefic planets Uranus and Saturn were both in transit over the 20º of Scorpio. one or two instances of the influence of transits of the major planets over these sensitive points of the zodiac. there is a graphic entitled. and on that date we find Neptune in Pisces 27º. and I may take. published by William Lilly. and there began a most disastrous outbreak of Bubonic Plague in the Presidency which utterly demoralised trade in that important commercial centre. Saturn being in Gemini 9º in April. and Mars in Sagittarius 9º. when Neptune was in 14º of Pisces. in exact opposition to the ascendant of the London horoscope. and the Chino-Japanese War was then in full play. while at the same time Saturn was in Sagittarius 27º. the midheaven of London! The Transvaal War. The Egyptian campaign and the fall of Khartoum. The Boer War was begun on Oct. the Crimea scandal was ventilated in Parliament."] The reverses in Natal during the early stages of the Boer War. while the map for the execution of King Charles I. of 1880. 57. were accompanied by the transit of Uranus over the opposition point to the midheaven of the London horoscope. The year 1894 found Saturn 29º Libra. 1853. of 1899.

trines and sextiles. quadratures.We cannot doubt. that Lilly was right in saying that the sign of Virgo was the ascendant of the British Monarchy. i. together with their oppositions. From this observation of William Lilly we see that a complete system of polarisations can be deduced. and great crises always attend the stay of a planet in a sensitive degree. therefore. a degree occupying an angle of a horoscope. .e. that the stationary positions of the major planets in these degrees are far more effective than mere transits. however. It should be observed. and the student of planetary influence will find that the great commercial centres of the world are influenced by the transit of major planets through the degrees occupying the midheaven and ascendant of the horoscopes.

He will then buy and hold until after Jupiter has made his transit of the sign and sell at the best price obtainable in the open market. That no transit of Saturn. _____ Taking it for granted that the reader has thoroughly tested the foregoing principles and has found them to be true in substance and fact. 2. search should be made on the following points: 1. and sells after the transit of Jupiter. So that whether a man is a buyer or seller of stock he has only to keep his eye upon the major planets and the eclipses and thus secure the best results. Presuming that he holds some Peruvian Stock or Shares. It is in this latter operation that he may look for his greatest profits. His primary object will be to find a market in which he can buy at the lowest price with a fair degree of security.CHAPTER VI. He can then sell at the highest price that is likely to be touched during the space of 12 years. let us suppose that he has money to invest. First of all he should enquire whether the security is well founded. it is obvious that he should clear these by selling them the moment Saturn enters Aries. and readily dealt in on the open market. That no eclipses occur in the ruling sign of the stock during the period for which investment is proposed to be made. Uranus or Neptune occurs in that sign during the period. taking his dividends in the meantime. 3. Thus. Having taken up his stock. an adequate interest. This information he can get from any broker or bank. and an opportunity of selling out at an advantage. It is necessary that before buying Stock. he will hold it until after Jupiter has made his transit through the same sign. He must look to Saturn chiefly for depressions of the market . _____ HOW TO INVEST. He thus buys at the lowest and sells at the highest. That Jupiter will pass through the sign during the period. To buy cheaply he must find a market which responds to the sign through which Saturn last made transit. he buys after the transit of Saturn.

These have reference to secondary causes and constitute the master-key to the Stock and Share market. or preferably of the specialised faculty of a financial agent. The man who desires to speculate will have to abandon the sober rules of procedure given in these pages. when properly understood. whether in shares or produce.and to Jupiter for inflation. will instruct a man what to do and when to do it. So far we have looked only on the problem from the point of view of the investor. which. . but always considering the paramount effect of eclipses. may be accurately foretold. which my correspondents make use of. I have contented myself in this place with the simple statement of certain primary laws. and will have to avail himself either of his own intuitive acumen. so far as investment is concerned. It is not proposed to disclose in this place the means whereby the daily fluctuations of the markets.

Each of these has then to be divided by the number of years to get the highest and lowest averages. the price per £100 being thus £84. The process is to take the highest and lowest prices of a Stock or of Shares for each year during a period of seven or more years. a man may buy £1. and should it recover to £84 he can sell out at a profit. there is a graphic entitled. "INDICATIONS OF THE PORTUGUESE REVOUTION. _____ When using the word average."] Now this system of averaging can be usefully applied to the matter of investment in such manner as greatly to reduce the chances of a faulty investment. and he thus reduces his buying price for the £2. These may be taken from the Stock Exchange Intelligencer. or any other authorative record. The seven highest prices are then to be added together. we mean a point of value as nearly as possible between the highest and lowest prices of buying or selling. as also the seven lowest prices. The results are then added together and divided by two. One or two examples will doubtless be of service: Consolidated Annuitites (Consols) 2½% Stock. Between 1895 and 1907 the highest was 114 in the year 1896. and the lowest was 80¾ in the year 1907. whereas otherwise he could not have sold for more than he gave. which gives a true average. Should the Stock thereafter fall to £82.000 worth of Stock for £840.000 of Stock at that price.CHAPTER VII. The average is thus for 12 years: Highest … 114 Lowest… 80¾ ____ 2) 194¾ Average… 97 3/8 . _____ HOW TO AVERAGE. Thus. 69. [On p.000 worth of Stock to £83. he may average by buying a further £1. below which it is safe to buy under all normal conditions of the market.

it is safe to say that even this low average is not a safe buying point. 1912) = 72¾ _____ 2) 161 1/8 Average 80 9/16 In the abnormal conditions in which the British Government is working. The fact that it is not a safe investment at such a price is seen from the low record of 72¾ in the year 1912. a detrimental effect upon British securities. 1908) = 88 3/8 Lowest since 1910 (October. Highest 1895 to 1906. 3 1/8 _____ 2) 206 1/8 _____ Average 103 1/16 Highest 1907-1910… 225 7/8 Lowest " " … 107 11/16 _____ 2) 333 9/16 _____ Average 116 3/4 . To correct for any given year we proceed as follows: Highest since 1907 (June. and in view of former experience of its dire influence. Union Pacific Railroad Company. do…. inclusive (12 years) 203 Lowest do. it is positively certain that British interests are to be jeopardised even more than they have been during the present regime. and will continue to have. It will be observed that Saturn will be in transit over the midheaven of London in 1913. and that recent eclipses in Aries and the transit of Saturn through that sign during 1908-10 have had.This price would therefore be the true average value of Consols under normal condtions.

however. . over a period of years. can be had on application. is particularly nervous and "panicky. so that investment is not to be recommended. and produce a heavy fall in the price of Stocks and Shares. under varying conditions. the process of finding investment buying and selling averages. The above examples will show. Any assistance that may be required by readers. which." The forthcoming transit of Saturn through Gemini will disorganise American industries.Thus we have the following averages: For 12 years 1895-1906 = 103 1/16 For 4 years 1907-1910 = 166 ¾ For 16 years 1895-1910 = 135 This is a fair average buying price in the present state of the market. either concerning the interpretation of influence or the application of these principles to the exigencies of particular cases. however.

"] I look with considerable apprehension upon the trend of modern politics. All that I have sought to show in these pages is that a very definite effect upon the values of securities can be directly traced to the effect of planetary influences. who in his quatrains links the destinies of England with those of Spain. and although in his day no alliance had been made by England with the predominant power in Europe. that England rose to a . yet it was by the alliance of the British Throne with Philip II. but as a mother lives again in her children. there is a graphic entitled. or chalk from cheese. [On p. or a tree in the fruit of its branches. _____ Passing in review the various principles herein laid down for the guidance of investors. I have also given some well-tried rules for the guidance of investors. The signs of the times are dead against the ascendancy of insular British prestige. so the United Kingdom may continue.CHAPTER VII. It is confidently affirmed on the testimony of those who have followed the speculative method. It is possible to extend this instruction indefinitely. that exact prediction of the in and out daily fluctuations of the markets can be as accurately foretold as the more extensive periodic depressions and elevations of values. _____ CONSIDERATIONS. and the most stringent methods of tariff reform. and having in view the great cyclic law of periodicity. I have completed my task and there is nothing further to be said in the matter. Michael Nostradamus. but if I have succeeded in placing the Law of Values on a sound cosmical basis. "INDICATIONS PREFIGURING THE MEXICAN OUTBREAK AND THE CHINESE REVOLUTION. it should be first of all particularly noted that they apply exclusively to the problems of investment and not to the exigencies of successful speculation. whereby the rise and fall of the great civilisations of the world have been hitherto determined. 75. In this view I am sustained by the greatest of astrological Kabalists. the extension of a preference system. The rules for this latter are as far sundered from the present method as horary astrology is from mundane. of Spain. I am disposed to think that hereafter the greatness of our Empire can only be preserved by encouraging the closest possible relations with our various colonies.

Great Empire to the English arms shall be In fullest force three hundred years or more. therefore. . My reasons for this advice will. cannot pass unhurt. I think. and it goes without saying that Great Britain. to clear all Government securities and invest in Colonial-Stocks. will join with me in these beliefs. Certain indications. and consequently in that of planetary influence in human life. and I am convinced. My advice to investors is. moreover. who view the facts displayed in these pages. be a continual source of benefit to them. in the fact of interplanetary action. sufficiently appear from a consideration of the principles expounded in this short treatise. but will.position of the first power in Europe. specially mentioning New Zealand and Canadian. I venture to believe that others." is limited to a period of something over 300 years. too numerous and recondite to embody in an exposition of this sort. and incidentally they will serve as a praxis from which the student of the Law of Values may know how to regulate his judgment. from experience. and that Spanish influence in Europe would proportionately decline. as a credit nation. that their adherence will not only be well-founded. yet he sufficiently indicated that the period when "Her armies vast shall pass by land and sea. and although Nostradamus affirms that Grand empire sera par l’Angleterre Le Pempotan plus de trois cents. In such hope and belief I commend this treatise to their indulgent consideration. As a consistent believer in the solidarity of the universe. which have come to my notice. and Mexican among the International securities. lead me to believe that the year 1913 is destined to bring about an international and political crisis in Europe.

according to the season of the year. thus producing an eccentricity of its apparent motion about the earth. also to the Midheaven. which is the controlling center of their interactions. and so on continuously. Moon. they form aspects to the radical places of the Sun. . the indications arising in the second day affecting the second year. Thus the influences arising out of the movement of the bodies in relation to the Sun will influence successive years of the Company. This is due to the fact that the apparent orbit of the Sun is not concentric with the earth but is slightly removed therefrom. but in the course of their progress from day to day at this uniform rate. or average motion. and ascendant of the radix. AND THE SUN REQUIRES 365 ¼ days to complete the circle of 360 degrees we have a mean motion of 59 minutes 8 seconds per day. SOLAR MOTION: THE APPARENT MOTION OF THE SUN AS SEEN FROM THE EARTH is slightly variable. under the laws of the country the promotors are given powers to form the company and proceed with business. The measure of TIME IS ONE DAY FOR A YEAR. The RADIX of a Stock Exchange IS THE NOON OF THE DATE OF FOUNDING. The charts for New York and London are attached hereto and will serve as examples of all others. those forming on the third day influence the third year. and to the Moon r. and this may amount to as much as one degree and fifty six minutes either way. The other planets are in the same way carried forward through the zodiac at the same rate as the Sun and maintain their radical relations with the Sun thereby. The Sun’s MAN MOTION IS 59 minutes and eight second per day. as compared with its mean. FROM THIS RADIX or root figure of the heavens a variety of influences are by natural process of celestrial motions indicated. which is 59 minutes 8 seconds per day. whereby. These are found to depend altogether upon the Sun. Midheaven. This amount is multiplied by the number of years from the radix or date of registration and added to the Sun’s place in the radix (called the Sun r).THE ARCANA or STOCK AND SHARE KEY BY SEPHARIAL The RADIX of any company is the noon of the date and place of registration of that Company. It has been found in a great number of tests that the MEAN MOTION OF THE SUN IS THE CORRECT MEASURE TO BE OBSERVED.

AXIOM ONE Planets in transit over the radical places of the SUN. Thus.These aspects are called DIRECTIONAL ASPECTS and they INFLUENCE THE AFFAIRS OF THE COMPANY OR THE BUSINESS OF ANY EXCHANGE ACCORDING TO THEIR SEVERAL NATURES.C.C. NEPTUNE r) and SATURN was in CANCER in square aspect to VENUS Midmonth in November 1857. 1865. THE PRIME SIGNIFICATOR OF ANY CHART IS THAT PLANET WHICH RULES THE SIGN IN WHICH THE SUN IS FOUND. progress to Leo 2:34. was in Aries 8:40 and therefore exactly on the place of the Moon radical. The ascendant was therefore in opposition to Venus radical. URANUS was in transit over M. and Venus therefore becomes PRIME SIGNIFICATOR. Asc. AND THE ASCENDANT UNDER THIS M. FIRST. radical. The New York Chart is set for noon on the 17th of May. Refering to the ephemeris for 1865 we find that on that very day Neptune. is opposed to SATURN and in conjunction with NEPTUNE. MIDHEAVEN. The Asc. M.C. to be a period of 73 YEARS ONE MONTH. Time 65 years 6 months. MOON. Now at the tragic assassination of President Abraham Lincoln we find the years from the above date of founding to the date of that event. This sign is ruled by Venus. the Sun is in the sign Taurus. AND ASCENDANT OF THE CHART have influence on the course of events according to their natures. In November 1857 there was a considerable panic (financial panic) on the Exchange. is the 5th of SCORPIO. the author of plots and schemes. . This at the rate of 59’ 8" per day (year) is 72 degrees 2 minutes and being added to the radical Midheaven of Taurus 28 we come to the 11th degree of the sign LEO. 1792 as shown in the map herewith. in the chart for the New York Stock Exchange. The use of these significators will be given further on in this exposition. let us look at the mothod of DIRECTING which has been found to be a guide TO THE GENERAL MARKET OUTLOOK. and so effect the VALUE OF SECURITIES. THE SECONDARY SIGNIFICATOR IS THE PLANET WHICH RULES THE DECANATE IN WHICH THE PRIME SIGNIFICATOR HAPPENS TO BE PASSING THROUGH IN THE COURSE OF ITS DAILY MOTION IN THE HEAVENS as shown in the emphemeris for the current year. APRIL 14TH. VENUS was then in the end of LIBRA (CONJ. in Libra 27.

URANUS USUALLY BRINGS IN THE GOVERNMENT BROKER AND SHOWS OFFICIAL MANIPULATIONS OF THE MARKET. of the chart had progressed to Virgon 28. Mars is here the cause of the excitement and Saturn that of the Depression. The Railway Strike of August 1890 at 98 years 3 months from the foundation of the chart shows M. AXIOM THREE The ephemeris aspects to the PRIME SIGNIFICATOR WILL DEFINE THE PROBABLE TIME FOR THIS DEPRESSION. AND ASC. OR TO THEIR PROGRESSED PLACES. Mars was therefore in transit over the MC. EFFECTS OF PLANETS. and in bad aspect for selling. and causes heavy selling for profits when in bad aspect. OR SQUARE OR OPPOSITION – by transit – to ANY OF THE RADICAL PLACES OF THE GENERAL SIGNIFICATORS.AXIOM TWO DIRECTIONS OF THE GENERAL SIGNIFICATORS. MOON. It deflates what it previously had inflated.. Saturn was then in transit through that degree of the Zodiac. WILL CAUSE A SERIES DEPRESSION. in Virgo 5. In good aspect it makes for buying. M. . ITS GOOD ASPECTS ADVANCE VALUES FROM THE SAME CAUSES. RADICAL AND PROGRESSED. AXIOM FOUR Saturn IN CONJUNCTION.C. JUPITER enhances values by its conjunction or good aspects. SATURN steadies the market when in good aspect.C. In August 1914 Saturn was in Gemini 28 in square to Mars in Virgo 28. NEPTUNE in BAD ASPECT CAUSES BEAR SALES AND HIS ACTION IS GENERALLY DUE TO "RINGS" AND PROFESSIONAL COMBINES MOVING FOR A LOWER BUYING LEVEL. At such times keep one eye on URANUS and the other on the Government Broker. SUN. The MC. but greatly depresses it when in evil aspect to the SIGNIFICATORS. TO AFFLICTING ASPECTS (SQUARE OR OPPOSITION) OF MALEFIC PLANETS WILL CAUSE GREAT DEPRESSION OF SECURITIES. Progressed and Saturn was in square to it.

MARS stimulates the market and in good aspect causes sharp rises and a brisk market. In bad aspect it causes a flat and lifeless market. AXIOM All planets in good aspect enhance values according to their several natures. the major planets being more powerful than the minor. but Venus has not the same power in transit as in Direction. have the greatest power for good when in good aspect. Jupiter. while being subject to the general tone of the . THE DECANATES Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagit Capri Aquarius Pisces 0 to 10 Mars Merc Jupiter Venus Saturn Sun Moon Mars Merc Jupiter Venus Saturn 11 to 20 Sun Moon Mars Merc Jupiter Venus Saturn Sun Moon Mars Merc Jupiter 21 to 30 Venus Saturn Sun Moon Mars Merc Jupiter Venus Saturn Sun Moon Mars These decans are parts of signs each ten degrees in extent and their rulers are set against them. When the PRIME SIGNIFICATOR is passing through any decan it is the guest of the ruler of that decan and is subject in some measure to the aspects affecting that ruler so long as the PRIME SIGNIFICATOR remains in that Decan. VENUS in good aspect gives equable values and a steady rise in values but is not enduring. Neither are enduring. These can be found in the ephemeris from week to week throughout the year and FORM THE BASIS OF "FLUCTUATIONS". Mars and Venus. In bad aspect it causes quick in and out buying and selling with balance against values. while in evil aspect it causes sharp depressions. MERCURY causes rises when in good aspect by ‘reports’ and market talk and makes for brisk but small improvements.

NATURE OF ASPECTS The good aspects are the trine of 120 degrees. AXIOM ALL PLANETS IN GOOD ASPECT ACT TO ENHANCE VALUES. Here are adequate causes for predicting a severe set-back. Progressed in Virgo 5 and in square aspect to Mars. the conjunction of Jupiter and Venus and the PARALLELS of these also. The bad aspects are the opposition of 180 degrees. the sesq of 135. while Uranus was in transit over Jupiter’s place in the radix on the cusp of the third house (Railways). and near to square of Neptune in Gemini 6. AXIOM A PLANET IS JUDGED BY ITS OWN indicated by the DIRECTIONS of the general significators and the major transits over them. then in Sagittarius 5. AND MARS. WHEN BOTH ARE WELL ASPECTED THE EXTENT IS DOUBLED. . AND AN ASPECT BY ITS OWN NATURE. It is usually terminated by a change of decan. and the semi-square of 45. where Venus is guest. NEPTUNE. The Secondary Significator is Mercury.C. the sextile of 60 degrees. Also the conjunctions of SATURN AND ITS PARALLELS. BUT JUPITER IS THE GREATEST EXPANDER. the square of 90. The planets URANUS. which rules the last decan of Virgo. ALL PLANETS IN BAD ASPECT ACT TO DEPRECIATE VALUES. AND SATURN THE GREATEST DEPRESSOR OF THE MARKETS. the PRIME SIGNIFICATOR. we find Saturn in transit over the M. ACT VARIOUSLY WHEN IN CONJUNCTION AND ARE LARGELY UNDER THE DIRECTION OF PRIMARY INDICATORS CURRENT AT THE TIME. was then in the end of Virgo and not in aspect to any planet in the heavens. Now we find Mercury was then in conjunction with Saturn in Virgo 5 and therefore square to Mars and square to Neptune in the heavens at the time. But venus. A BOOM on the market is produced from a succession of good aspects to the PRIME SIGNIFICATOR OR ITS DECAN RULER. if not sooner by a break of benefic causes. For example: At the time of the railway strike in 1890.

which is the transition point between Saturn and the next aspecting planet Mercury. The direction for 122 years 3 months is 120 degrees 29 minutes and it will be seen that if we add this amount to the M. Here it forms another transition point and proceeds to the sextile of Mercury. we have further indication of Mercury conjunction Neptune at that time. At this time the market turns and begins to be talked down. of the radix (Taurus 28) we arrive at just this same position in the zodiac. On the 11th is sextile Saturn.A SLUMP is caused by a succession of bad aspects to the Significator and its Decan Ruler TRANSITION POINTS are formed midway between a good and a bad aspect to the same indicator. After the 2nd of August the planet venus meets the conjunction with Mars in Virgo on the 5th. On the 30th it is semi-square Nepture. Therefore we should expect a fair amount of selling or realizing of profits. So we have good reason for anticipating a considerable stir in the markets of the world and a great depreciation of values. DAILY FLUCTUATIONS CAN ONLY BE FOLLOWED WITH SUCCESS by those who are on the spot and watching the clock and ticker. On the 20th it is semi-square Mercury. C. about the 9th or 10th. Taking the Sun as indicating noon position. Thus at the beginning of August 1914 we have Sun opposition Uranus. The heaviest point . the change of Decan taking place on August 2nd and changing the good influence of Mercury to that of Mars (war). This would be followed. being then in the last decan of Virgo. Venus. Thus: Venus on the 8th of the month is opposition Jupiter. ruled by Mercury. namely Virgo 28. showing a state of chaos. by a steadying influence under the approaching sextile of Saturn and Saturn would give a steady upward trend until the 15th-16th. it will be seen that some planets precede the Sun and others follow it. and under Venus semi-square Neptune it continues down to the 28th. on the 2nd of the month. which it reaches on August 2nd. For it will be found that the course of the market follows the MERIDIAN TRANSIT of the planets and the aspects formed to them by the other at the time of their transit. These aspects are formed in July 1914. and then goes to the square of Saturn. which is occupied by Mars and Venus in square aspect to Saturn in Gemini at that time. followed by the Sun semi-square Saturn on the 6th.

will follow the specific indications belonging to and derived from that chart. On that date Mercury passed over the MERIDIAN 19 degrees. but also coming to the square of Saturn in Gemini. But each set of indications must be taken account of in THIS ORDER: 1. This would be about 3:50 P. will form a concatenation or depending series of influences which will inevitably lead to correct estimate of the TREND OF THE MARKET. Then cam the Sun at Noon in Opposition to Uranus and approaching the semi-square of Saturn. which being duly noted. PRIMARY INDICATIONS. if offered on the open market. All of these. Midheaven. 2.should therefore be on the 4th. etc for the current year. Asc. 4. or mid-distance between the aspects. derived from directions of the Midheaven. THE CHART OF ANY PRIVATE COMPANY OR SYNDICATE is to be judged by exactly the same set of indications. in opposition at the time to the Moon. Moon. About 24 minutes later Nepturne passed the MERIDIAN. Having decided to buy or sell. the latter being the more important in relation to the current period. and it then became a pressing question as to Peace or War – Mars or Venus – question that would serve no market any good. enter the market WHEN THE MERIDIAN TRANSITS ARE AGREEABLE TO THE CURRENT INDICATIONS FROM . TRANSITS OVER THESE PRIMARY POINTS – Sun. as the case my be.M. ASPECTS FORMED TO THE RULER OF THE DECAN THEN HELD BY THE PRIME SIGNIFICATOR. It is followed by the transit of Jupiter over the lower Meridian at 12:28 or 28 minutes after noon.. 5. or 1 hour 16 minutes before noon. Here we have the big depression. both radical and progressed. Local Time. Then comes Mars and Venus. and the share values of such company. in close conjunction in Virgo 23-24 degrees in sextile to Mercury in Cancer 22. Then there is a lot of selling done. subject only to the general indications of the Exchange Chart and the ephemeral transits as already set forth. ASPECTS FORMED TO THE PRIME SIGNIFICATOR in the ephemeris from day to day or from week to week. 3.

which is the ruling sign of the USA as a Republic. It will be observed that there is a line of sympathy between the New York and British Charts in that Venus is the common PRIME SIGNIFICATOR. The Sun being in Leo . S. Consequently there is much sympathy of action between the two markets. which is given for the second and third day continuously throughout the year in any good ephemeris. In the British Chart (London) Venus is elevated in the Sign Gemini. This is the whole business of stock and share trading by chart.. It is not inappropriate either that the Moon in the NY Chart should be in the . The Sun being in Libra or Taurus – Venus is P.Moon is P. and Saturn had a succession of bad aspects all through the first three weeks of that month. so what is to be done? Experience says. The Sun being in Cancer . AND ALWAYS ZERO ARIES... S. The Sun being in Sagit or Pisces – Jupiter is Prime Sig. as happens from Midsummer Day onwards for a month. it is obvious that we cannot trace primary indications from the ephemeral aspects of so fast and variable a body as the Moon. SIGN RULERS The Sun being in Capri or Aquar – Saturn is Prime Sig. The node thus becomes a very important indicator.WHICH YOUR DECISION WAS MADE. IS ONLY IN THE SAME LONGITUDE AFTER A PERIOD OF 19 YEARS. BUT THE NODE OF THE MOON FROM WHICH ITS COURSE BEGINS.. When the Moon becomes the P. S. Merely trace the node as if it were the Moon itself and the rest follows in due sequence. A few tests of the early July charts will show how this works out. and the coincidence of the midheaven degree is remarkable. The NODE OF THE EARTH IS ALWAYS THE VERNAL EQUINOX. so that Cancerian Charts were under evil aspects at that time. But it was then in the Decan of Saturn. S. At the beginning of August 1914 it was in Pisces 7 and had no aspects. Watch the position and aspect of the ASCENDING NODES of the Moon. In the New York Chart it is strong in its own sign Taurus and this perhaps accounts for the strong Hibernian affinity.Sun is P. S. The Sun being in Virgo or Gemini – Mercury is P.. through the Sun being in the sign Cancer.

land explorations. clothing. corporations. equipment. developments. surveying. equity. BULLION IMPORTS. conservancy. is THE CHAIRMAN. etc. RETURNS. THE SEVENTH HOUSE rules accountancy. chemicals and nitrates. building and upfitting. THE FIRST HOUSE governs the PUBLIC in which is vested all forms of enterprise and development.. medical accessories. telephone. THE SIXTH HOUSE SHOWS THE EMPLOYEES. degrees and minutes of the zodiac. bridges and transports as well as postal service and all means of communication. theatres. TRADE. i. ETC. canals. THE COMPANY. THE SECOND HOUSE relates to PRICE OF MONEY. its P. . THE ASCENDANT DENOTES THE SHAREHOLDERS. petrol. cinemas. dredging. omnibuses. S. probate. tramways. upholstering. THE THIRD HOUSE rules railroads. THE FOURTH HOUSE rules real estate. C. in the ruling sign of Ireland. aircraft. BILLS OF EXCHANGE. benzine. THE EIGHTH HOUSE controls waste products. outfitting supplies. art. SPECIFIC HOUSE INDICATION. IT IS MEASURED BY LONGITUDE. exchanges. parafine.e. produce of raw material from the soil.ruling sign of England. THE 11TH HOUSE DENOTES THE DIRECTORS OR BOARD OF CONTROL. locomotion. valuations. furnishings. crops. FORTUNA indicates the POSITION OF THE MOON AT THE TIME OF LOCAL SUNRISE FOR ANY SET DATE. and Fortuna in the ruling sign of Scotland. banking. discounting. traction of all sorts. THE FIFTH HOUSE shows educational matters. mines. THE SIXTH HOUSE governs foodstuffs. In the case of the a company. amusements and schools. the M. contracts.

affecting all securities. THE CHART OF THE HEAVENS FOR LONDON. was bought into line with the eclipse which immediately preceded the Great War. THE TWELFTH HOUSE rules launderies. Here we see how the meridian line of the Exchange horoscope. for the London exchange for the year 1914. there was an exlipse of the Moon which fell in Virgo 21. 26 min. Thus 59" 8’ daily mean motion of the Sun. multiplied by 113. C. Incidentally. This being added to the MC of the radix.THE NINTH HOUSE is connected with insurance. These considerations determined the prediction of War and the date was defined by the transit of Mars over this triple combine of Virgo Pisces meridian. either radical or progressed. and how both were brought into line with the meridian of the ex-Kaiser’s horoscope. in Pisces 21. On the 31st a state of war was declared in Germany. 21 degrees. electric and gaslight companies. cables. who declared war on Russia on the 31st or 1st of August and invaded Luxenbourg on the same date. French territory being invaded on August 2nd. THE ELEVENTH HOUSE rules the Exchequer. Taurus 28. This war and the exact date of it was forseen by "Sepharial" and notified by him in print throughout the country as early as July 1913. wireless. the years elapsed since 1601. liners and foreign affairs. . radiographs. Now Mars passed over the line of the eclipse in Virgo 20 on the 28-29th of July of that year and war was declared against Serbia by Austria on the 28th. fisheries boot mfgrs. hosiery and COLD STORAGE. gives 111 deg.. 26 min. gives Virgo 20 on the MC for 1914. or 3 signs. bonds. the government and political activity generally. But what is more pertinent to our present study is the fact that Virgo 21 was the progressed M. government loans. This is introduced in order to display the influence of ECLIPSES when falling on the places of the significators. THE TENTH HOUSE rules state affairs. On the 12th of March 1914. publishing. C. it happened to be in opposition to the ex-Kaiser’s radical M. breweries.

while Fortuna had come up to the sextile of the progressed M. The ascendant at this time being past the opposition of the Sun and the trouble done and over." When for the last time in the period of 4 years (duration of eclipse) Mars was in transit over the same point. It will last until 1932. when. and had considerable influence on stock and share values. and under this meridian in the latitude of Longon we find Scorpio 29:24 to be rising. on March 21st. and this was followed by the 60 of the Sun to the place of Jupiter and the Moon. Virgo 20. Fiscal troubles began to arise between America and Great Britain in 1928 on the question of War Debts. "Sepharial" fixed the end of the war in these words: "The war will be Titanic and will last until 1918" --. and its effects could be traced right through to 1918. M. 1918. America was then well represented at the front and brought new blood into the conflict which was steadily wearing out the reserves of Germany. T.The Hohenzollerns will bite the dust and gather the DEAD SEA fruit of an inordinate ambition. Germany launched its last great offensive. July 1930 and October-November 1931. T. Date: March 2nd 1792 . T. Adj. Therefore we have reason to regard the action of eclipses as constituting a major influence upon the VALUE OF SECURITIES. 5 P. [Charts that accompanied print version:] NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE HOROSCOPE May 17th 1792 @ 12 Non: New York city S. Calc. we reach Virgo 24. It was then said: "Hostilities will cease in November of this year. at the opening of the WAR. This is in 60 degrees aspect to Jupiter. 1914. Gr-noon 3-43-11 S. as early as August 1st. critical dates from the source being November 1929. C.The fiscal troubles which have dominated all British politics arose from the eclipse of the meridian degree for the year 1914." By adding the increment of mean motion for 4 years (1914-1918) to Virgo 20. at birth 3-42-57 G. with a following 60 of the Moon in the radix. The total eclipse of May 19 fell on the meridian of the two charts. M.

LONDON STOCK EXCHANGE HOROSCOPE May 18th 1801 @ 12 Noon: London. T. at birth 3-42-57 G. M. 12 Noon Adj. S. Date: May 18th 1801 . T. Calc. Gr-noon 3-42-15 S. Eng. T.

The planet Jupiter takes twelve years to perform a revolution in the zodiac. and Jupiter of the Indian and Roman theogonies. have great significance. and Saturn is S'iva. the Creator. Deo-pitar.e. as the name Deo-pitar signifies. and they were highly esteemed in the astrological thought of the ancients. the Destroyer. Thus Jupiter is Brahma. inasmuch as it has enabled us to estimate the disturbance due to their mutual action in the orbits of both planets. This fact has been established both astronomically and astrologically. who discovered it. Consequently. The period at which these perturbations would recur has been estimated at 920 years by Laplace. It may be useful to note that at the maximum the disturbance of Saturn due to Jupiter's action is 49'. Jupiter. if the planets Saturn and Jupiter are acting together from the same part of the heavens at a given date. When. when it was incorporated as a factor in the Nautical Almanac. must be to some extent at fault. as the most bulky of all the planets in the system. Jupiter is found in that part of the heavens which is empircally . This fact has proved of astronomical value. and also as Brihaspati. when calculation is made of their longitudes in orbit. whose reputation for devouring his own offspring is referred to in the classical mythology of the Greeks. But Saturn has a period of thirty years. As the discovery was not made until 1786. and twice this is also sixty years. As cosmic symbols these planets. Such a significance they are found to hold in the concept of modern astrologers. the Lord of Increase or Expansion. as the Deva-pitar. the Destroyer. the spiritual father or God-father. These perturbations form what are called the Great Equations of the planets Saturn and Juptier. assumes a significance only when we have proved the fact of interplanetary action. and that of Jupiter due to Saturn's action is 21'. it will naturally follow that all calculations made from Saturn's position prior to the eighteenth century. We find him as Jupiter-Ammon. they will be together again in the same part of the heavens at the end of sixty years. and five times twelve is sixty years. He is found in the Sanskrit writings as Guru. Saturn and Jupiter. therefore. i. with a small variation due to the actual difference of their periods. early claimed attention and took a foremost place in the pantheon. Similarly. Saturn was Si'va.EXCERPT FROM COSMIC SYMBOLISM BY SEPHARIAL The cycle of Jupiter which is taken at sixty years.

and I need hardly assure the reader that the editors have no association with Astrology. In 1895-6-7 the planet Saturn was in the sign Scorpio. as they have a direct bearing on the practical side of our occult studies. Capricornus rules India. and in 1898 Brazilian Stocks were at the lowest price between 1895 and 1910. and give to the Law of Cycles an economic value. From any astrological book dealing with the influence of the zodiac published prior to the year at which our observations commence. giving the dates of the highest and lowest records of the various prices of Stocks during the last fifteen years. and they show that Saturn is the cause of depression. and in 1906 Russian 4% and 5% Stocks were at their lowest during the period under consideration. Sepharial. pp. The figures that I shall quote are taken directly from this book. there is found to be a period of expansion and prosperity. In 1898 Saturn was in Sagittarius. but Jupiter was also there. but when Saturn is thus placed the country suffers privations and losses. I have before me an Investment Handbook. Aquarius rules Russia. Taurus rules Ireland. During 1906-7-8 Saturn was in Pisces. In 1901 Saturn was in the sign of Capricornus. In 1903-4-5 Saturn was in Aquarius. and the basic principles of cosmic symbolism. a period of fifteen years. During 1911-12 Saturn was in the sign Taurus. 102-105 . destruction of credit and national prosperity. These facts speak for themselves. we do not find any depreciation of Stocks. but the reverse so far as India was concerned. and Irish Land Stock is now (1912) lower than it has been for the past seventeen years. and loss. the mysteries of sound. and in effect.determined to have rule over the destinies of a country or people. Pisces rules Portugal. form and number. Aries rules England. Sagittarius rules Spain. and in 1910 [the British Consolidated Annuitites Stock] Consols as well as Annuities were at their lowest for a period of fifteen years. and in the following year Portuguese Stocks touched the lowest during a period of fifteen years. During 1909-10 Saturn was in the sign Aries. etc. Let us look at some of these instances. the reader may extract the following information: Scorpio rules Brazil. Cosmic Symbolism: being a discussion and exposition of some recondite and obscure points in the art of the Kabalists. and Spanish Fours were then at the lowest between 1895 and 1910.

and is found more or less widely distributed throughout the Tropics and sub-tropical countries. The sugar trade is divided primarily into two sections indicated b y the sort of sugar dealt in. The varieties best known and in most common use are Maple Sugar. In the Hanava Sha’stra of India there are frequent references to the use of sugar. warmth and moisture being the essential conditions for sugar production. and thus . Various descriptions of cane sugar are to be found in the ancient classics of the East and Middle East. As a consistuent of food it represents the ideal heat-producing element. 1420) and thence was carried to Madiera. and show that the industry was in full swing many centuries before it came to be known as an article of commerce in the West. Up to the end of the 18th century it was the staple article. Palm Sugar and Cane Sugar. Cuba and British Guinana.D. it was indigenous to India. The following Key to Sugar Values is based upon the observed action of the planets upon one another in respect to the Earth as the common center of such interaction. where it has been extensively cultivated.20. and this is perhaps the first classical reference to the article in the West. it was found that ideal conditions existed in the West Indies. Barbadoes. So far as European production is concerned. Primarily. THE SUGAR TRADE. and so spread throughout central and south American and the West Indies. -2CANE SUGAR This article is under the direction influence of the planet Mars. the Canary Islands. Coohin China and the Malay Archegpalago. Brazil. sugar appears to have been first imported to Cyprus (A. It is described as the "Indian Honey-bearing Reed" by Strabe IV 1.KEY TO SUGAR VALUES By Sepharial PRINCIPLES. The places of planets are such as are found in the current Ephemeris for the year under survey. The latter is the most considerable industry and controls the chief markets.

and 4. . but in tracing the market fluctuations of price we have to follow the perturbations of Venus. This exactly answers the known qualities of the article. the resultant masscuit being about 126 tons.2% of sugar from the white beet.5% from the red beet. according to their sugar-bearing properities. Intensive culture of beet under Lord Donbigh on his estate at Newnham Paddox. The industry shows a variety of values attaching to the canes. and this is ruled by Taurus. -3The industry soon became very extensive and was carried to France where ideal soil conditions were available. the sugar yield being about 100 tons. BEET SUGAR The industry in this article arose in Germany from the experiments of Marggraff of Berlin.6%. 79% of beet sugar to France’s 11. Of every 1000 tons of canes crushed.5 tons to the acre. its external nature is dulcent. those yielding 7% being valued at 7/9 per ton. But for a considerable time Germany produced 12. The value of the yield in normal times was about £ 8 per ton. its external qualities and its market value is controlled by Venus. in English correctly ascribed to the planet Mars. produced 15. He treated the juice of beetroot with alchohol and extracted 6. the sign of Venus. Beet sugar now largely supplants the cane sugar on the world’s markets and is increasingly in demand. Thus the Ascendant being in Aries it is under the dominion of Mars. In general it may be said that one ton of beetroot is equivalent of one ton of canes. But while the article itslef is controlled from Mars. Those surprising results were reached in the year 1910. as the following figures will show. Therefore in tracing the market in Cane sugar we have to determine the plenitude or scarcity of supplies by the position and aspects of Mars. and those yielding 15% fetching 10/ per ton. mellient and sweetly soothing. but the 2nd House determines its value.5% of sugar juice from a crop of beet averaging 25. Thus canes yielding 6% sugar (mixed qualities) commands 6/8 per ton. some 622 tons is evaporated. for while it is itself a great organic caloric.

the cost of the article diminishes.748.000 tons .000 were beet.000 tons of which 389. It is evidently intended to replace the trade in cane sorts for the reason that it can be produced in temperate climates and does not -4require special climactic conditions. The following figures in relation to BEET trade in sugar by the British Ports are in this respect very eloquent.000 were beet. is bound to assume an ascendancy over all other sorts.. the average price being 48/.285. and is still increasing at this date.000 tons.400. In 1860 the total was 1.000 30/4 per cwt 29/5 16/4 12/10 . In 1880 the total trade was 3.per cwt.000 " 1.659. In 1850 the total was 1.000 tons.000 were beet and the average price per hundredweight was 40/-/. of which 831.000 were beet. In 1870 the total was 2. An article that is grown.000 were beet sugar.per cwt.000 " 1.624. 1870 1880 1890 1900 BRITISH REPORTS 785. the average price being 20/4 per cwt.001. a clear proof that beet sugar is as readily produced as cane sugar and that its working is considerably cheaper. the average price being 32/.THE WORLD’S TRADE In 1840 the total world’s supply was 1 million tons. the average price being 35/.per cwt.000 tons.price 1. worked and sold on the spot where the trade is greatest. of which 1.416. of which 200. It will thus be seen that the world’s production and trade in sugar has increased enormously during the successive decades of the past century. of which 50. But also it is seen that in proportion as the trade in beet sugar increases.899.

Uranus in bad aspect restricts operations of dealers through Government buying or control. Cancer. . or some other action of the the authorities at the ports or the factories. and in good aspect to major planets. cliques and trusts in operation. the controlling conditions being similar to those -5already recited in connection with the nature of the planet in aspect to Mars. Good aspects of the major planets to Mars in the ephemeris show easy supplies. Neptune similarly in aspect to Mars shows rings. Jupiter in bad aspect generally means that speculators have got the supplies in hand. When thus placed and in good aspect to any of the major planets.TRACKING THE MARKET The equipment for this process is an ephemeris of the planet’s places for the current year. When Mars is badly aspected the article will show a corresponding scarcity. The planet aspecting it at the time will generally indicate the cause of the restriction. MARKET PRICES Market prices of the article are controlled by the perturbations and affections of the planet Venus. the price will rise. and correspondingly are restricted when in perihelion in Pisces. and this can be obtained from my publishers. Ltd through any agent or bookseller. or a "corner" is formed in the article. Thus Saturn in square or opposition to Mars will show bad crop reports. This planet is strong in the signs Taurus. Abnormal conditions may of course modify these rules. Messrs Foulsham and Co. Libra and Pisces. and a proportionate increase in value will be noted when the planet is in any of the other signs. Supplies open out when Mars reaches its aphelion in the early degrees of Virgo. Note the position and aspects of the planet Mars through any month and you will find that it repsonds to the market reports as to the supply of sugar.

This forms the base line of supply and greatly influences the market. Hence not only the sign occupied by Venus. -6CHANGES A change from up to down or the reverse is usually indicated by Venus coming into conjunction with the Sun. . Scorpio and Virgo. but the more sure indication is a change in the nature of the ephemeral aspects to Venus. A BOOM A boom on the market is caused by a succession of good aspects to the planet Venus. The aspects of Venus should then be similarly noted and set down against the date of their fomation. any change of sign that may occur in the course of the chart being also indicated. and an estimate made accordingly.Venus is weak in Aries. Venus is in aphelion in Libra 10 degrees and in perihelion in Aries 10. without any intervening bad aspect to break the series. a change takes place when the planet moves from one to the other of them. Good aspects to Venus will not then have the same value as if the planet were in a congenial sign. This is called a transition date. but evil aspects will have a more depressing effect. From these two lines of influences a curve can be set out which indicates the rise and fall of the article on the market. THE CHART The chart of Sugar should be laid down day by day throughout any month or year. Thus if you find a succession of sextiles of trines to Venus and then a series of bad aspects or mixed ones. The aspects to Mars should be noted and set against the day of the month on which they occur. Capricorn. but also the aspects thrown to it by other planets have to be considered.

But this holds good up to a certain point only. these being controlled from political causes rather than from natural causes. SUPPLY AND DEMAND Bring the primary conditions controlling any market and those which determine the price of any article or product. . we have only to note that in normal times prices are in inverse proportion to the supply. and from 1926 to 1931 more especially -7these being well defined areas of world unrest and international war. and are arising from factors outside of the industry concerned. crop failures and other abnormal conditions. but in as much as Sugar is a staple article of food and of great industrial value the fact of its coming under "control" by the Government has the immediate effect of suspending all normal fluctuations. Given peaceful industrial conditions the world over. The best guide to Politicial prediction and forecast of War Periods is my key to Stocks and Shares. counting the number of days and dividing by two. These are refered to as artificial factors. just as the period from 1914 to 1918 was in its turn. and they will invariably be reflected in the sugar chart. must be dealt with as they arise. An interval of at least four days between two sorts of aspects should be allowed so that Venus may clear the last influence by its ephemeral motion before entering upon the next. Similarly a transition date will fall midway between the last bad aspect and the next good one. the world demand in sugar will very soon be satisfied and any surplus will tend to reduce the market price of the article. from 1920 to 1922. War conditions. for supply cannot of itself create demand. which.TRANSITION DATES A transition date is fixed by taking the date of the last good aspects and the next bad aspect to Venus. being added to the first date. gives the date of the transition. For this reason we are able to say that sugar will tend to strong waves from time to time during the next decade (10 years). they have to be sought for from other sources.

In other respects and in normal times this key will be found of great value to the dealer in buying or selling forward. Sepharial .

The Map for the event is simply set by adding to time of the event the SIDEREAL TIME at noon. Correct the result by adding or subtracting Local Time. Subtract for West, add for East, of Greenwich. Find the sign and degree from the Table of Houses for the Midheavean or 10th House of your map. The other Cusps will have the same degree of the successive signs upon them so that the Sigsn are equally distributed through the Houses. This is called the Universal Key or Horoscope. Put in the places of the Sun, Moon and Fortuna, to the nearest degree. Planets Places These are only required when they happen to fall exactly on the cusp of a House, or in the degrees next that which is on the Cusp. Thus: If the Cusp be 23° of a Sign, then any planet that is 23 to 28° of a Sign, must be placed in the Map according to its longitude, which is only required to the nearest whole degree. Cuspal Indications It is found that the Cuspal Indications are the strongest positions and any planet that is on or near the cusp is capable of figuring in the result of a race, hence they are called Indications. BUT, inasmuch as events are usually decided some minutes after the time for which they are set, a planet that is applying to a cusp and within 5° of it has more to do with the result than one which is on the cusp at the set time, for every four minutes of time will bring a new or different degree on to the cusp and one that is exactly on the Cusp at the set time of the race is usually waning, or getting weaker by the time the Race is run, whereas a planet that is coming to the cusp will be at its full strength at the finish or decisive moment. Consequently you must look for a planet that is coming to a cusp of a house, and if there be more than one, take the one that is nearest. The Sun, Moon and Fortuna, are to be regarded as planets in the sense that they may be on or near a Cusp and thus be Indicators.

Note that when there is a planet exactly on a cusp, and none other within orbs of a cusp (5°) then the Cuspal Indications must be taken. This rule seems to hold good even when the race is many minutes late in starting. The fact appears to be that all competitiors or horses must be out of the paddock at the official starting time. Therefore the SET TIME is that which determines the event and not the time of the finish. Astrology is supposed to see the end from the beginning. Support is given to a significator when it is in line with another planet, especially in line with Fortuna, by being in line is meant either in conjunction or in Mundane Parallel – that is the same distance from the Midheaven or horizon – thus Mars on the cusp of the 11th house would be in line with Fortuna on the cusp of the 3rd house, in parallel to another planet on the cusp of the 9th house, and of course, in conjunction or line with Fortuna, this seldom fails to indicate the weight of the winner. When planets are in opposition – that is – in the same degree of opposite signs or nearly so, they produce: Transverse Polarity If we find a planet on the cusp of the 3rd house, in opposition to a planet on the cusp of the 9th house, they produce a Polarity between them, and a Transverse Polarity between the cusps of the 6th and 12th houses, which are at right angles to them, the cusps have to be taken as if the planets were there, and the indication measured. While if there be actually a planet where planets in opposition from the Midheaven and Nadir throw off to the Ascendant and a planet which is then rising or setting will indicate the winner, but if there is no such planet to take up the Polar of the opposing Planets, they have to be taken as cuspal Indications only, and being opposed, they are weak, so that if there be a single other indication, it can win off them. The Measure. The scale is the difference between the top and bottom weights reduced to pounds. The measure in every case is one sixth of the scale of weights and this is the weight due to each of the houses above and below the horizon.

Distribution. The extension of the scale of weights is thus applied. The Ascendant shows the top weights, the 4th house the middle weight and the 7th house the bottom weight. By Alteration… The 7th House shows the top weight the 10th the middle weight, and the Ascendant the bottom weight. The same rule holds good with regard to the other houses, hence it will be seen that each house denotes two weights, one which is as much from the top of the scale as the other is from the bottom, and these two weights added together, amount to the sum of the top and bottom weights, consequently, if we distribute the scale evenly through the houses, marking the cusp with the weights to which they correspond in the scale, we shall find that any indicator on or near a cusp shows two weights and these weights are found to be the same, or the nearest to the weight carried by the winner, and placed horses in over 80% taking both. This is from a sustained analysis of results extending over 11years. These are all the rules to observe, and how easy to apply and how convincing in effect, may be judged from examples of past racing. It is, of course, open to the student to trace results through past racing results with the aid of the Ephemeris for any year, and by careful study of the examples given here. EXAMPLES Example 1 27th March, 1906, at 3:20 p.m. Taurus is on the Midheaven. None of the Planets are within orbs of and applying to the cusps. The Moon was in Taurus 5° and the Sun in Aries 6°, therefore Fortuna is seen to be 29° from the Ascendant, and applying to the cusp of the 2nd house.

Top. Saturn and Venus applying and within 5° of the cusp. Measure 7½ lbs. Example 2 19th March. Scale 12st 7 lbs – 9 st.3 we get 8 st. Lincoln H/p. 10 st. Scale 9. The Great Metropolitan Stakes. The Winner was Ob. Deduct 6 lbs from 8 st 8 lbs.3 – 6 st. One sixth of 42 is 7 lbs. and taking this from the top weight 9. 8 stone was the nearest weight to the indicated weight. 8 lbs. 1907 at 3. Fortuna being on the cusp of the 2nd house is 6 lb. The Midheaven was Taurus 18°. The Midheaven was 19° Uranus leaving the cusp of the 6th house. making 6 st. top 8. Add 6 lbs to 6 st. or 7½ lbs. 2 st. which carried 8 stone at 100 to 7 against.20 pm. difference 45 lbs. They are nearly in conjunction and setting. added to bottom weight gives 10 st. leaving 8 st. 8 st. 6 lbs. 8 st.0 or 36lbs. 6 divided by 36 = 6 lbs. = 36 lbs. Fortune was 122° from the . who won this event last year. Moon 18° approaching the cusp of the 12th house in Cancer. . Fortuna 64° from the Ascendant and therefore leaving the cusp of the 3rd house. Example 4 23rd April.The scale of Weights. Hence Saturn and the Moon were supporting one another being at equal distance from the Midheaven.bottom 6. 0 lbs. therefore its progress through the houses is in the numerical order of the houses. Example 3 23rd March 1907 The Grand National. 8 lbs. Mars was 5° from the cusp of the 5th house. 1 lb. 9½ lbs. Difference 42 lbs. This is one house. 2 lbs.15. The price was 25 to 1. for top and bottom weight of the runners. Nearest was Eremon. Saturn 19° approaching the cusp off the 8th house in Pisces 19°. and both at the distance of one house or 30° from the Horizon. 6 st. Note the progress of Fortuna depends on that of the Moon in relation to the Sun. which is the Measure of one house. 7 lbs. and one sixth of this is 6 lbs. Bottom. 2 lbs. 3.8. The nearest weight was Ob. Midheaven Gemini 20°.

Ascendant.40 Manchester. Leo 23° was on the Midheaven.15 pm. Saturn and Neptune were nearing the cusp of the 9th house in Leo 5° and the Moon was leaving the cusp of the 5th house in Aries 1°. Scale 9 st at 0 lbs – 6 st 10 lbs. Example 6 Manchester. Saturn and Venus applying to the Cusp of the 7th House.5. Top weight won. 4 lbs. Scale 9 st. and Velocity coming on behind jumped over Kolo and won. 2 lbs. Raced 2. Winner Father blind. and therefore operative. City and Suburban. 17 lbs. W. This added to the B. Virgo 3 degrees. gives 8. and only 4° from the cusp of the horizon. Hence we say Top or Bottom is due to win. This added to . 11 lbs. Scale Mintagoe 8 st. the average of this is about 80° to 81°. Winner Velocity 6 to 1. therefore the Moon. they were two houses from the horizon. August 4th 1917. 20 to 1. Saturn and Neptune were acting together. Velocity 9 st. summer time. 4 lbs. 7 lbs – 8 st. Example 5 24th April. 2 lbs. being at the same distance from the Angles to within 4°. 2 lbs. T or B to win. Top or bottom to win. The Sun and Moon are working together. The Measure of each house is 3 lbs. here we find Jupiter setting.0 – 7. August 4th 1917. Winner Op 3 to 1 8 st. Midheaven. No Planets are on the cusps. August 6th. Mercury held the Midheaven in opposition to the Moon. Example 8 Manchester. 3. Father Blind 6 st. Race 1. The Sun’s distance from the west horizon is 79°. Virgo 6° on the Midheaven. 81° gives 7 lbs. Difference 32 lbs and the Measure is 11 lbs for two houses. Example 7 Race 1. Kolo making the running fell.0 pm.40 pm. therefore leaving the cusp of the 5th house while the above planets were applying to the cusp of the 7th house. Kolo 6 st. These threw off polarity to the cusps of the 1st and 7th house. and the Moon’s distance 83°. Diff.12 equals 16 lbs. Scale 9.

The Moon was 70° from horizon and Fortuna 72° – hence they were acting together. 11 lbs. Example 11 16th April. Scale 8 st. which ran second (White Nile). 0 lb.the bottom weight gives 7. Virgo 15° on the Midheaven. 2. 3 lbs. 9 lbs. BUT NOTE that the Sun was 52° from the Midheaven and Saturn 50° on the other side of it and both above the horizon and therefore parallel. This system is deemed to be the final work in Racing Systems. No planets on cusps. Example 10 15th August 17. Race 2 o’clock.15 pm. 9 lbs carried by the winner. Mancester Cup. There are no planets to take up the Transverse Polarity and therefore. This clearly shows that planets in parallel work together. Blue Danube. Difference 22 lbs. Sun on the cusp of the 9th house opposed to Uranus on the cusp of the 3rd house – hence we look for polarity to the cusps of the 6th and 12th houses. 1 lb. the winner carried 6 st. Midheaven Gemini 18°. 6 lbs. Puro. 13 lbs. we regard them as single indicators. which gives 8 lbs. 1918. the exact weight carried by the winner. and two houses gives 7 lbs which taken from the top weight gives the weight of the winner. The average gives 51°. – 7 st 1 lb. Another light weight carried 5 st. – 7 st.50 pm. Scale 9 st. The Sun and Saturn were in this case nearer to a cusp than the Moon and Fortuna. Two houses from the horizon will therefore be the Measure. Difference 24 lbs. . Nearest to this weight is 7 st. which when added to the bottom weight gives 7 st. No planets applying to cusps except Uranus in Aquarius 22° on the cusp of the 3rd house. and for two houses. Example 9 Manchester August 6th 1917.7. Wallrock. Race 3. It embodies the result of 11 years of observation and research and is itself the easiest and most reliable of the many attempts that have been made to fathom the profundities of racing problems and it is claimed that the Master Key leaves others behind and gives the best results. Midheaven Virgo 23°. and the nearest to a cusp wins. This gives two houses from the horizon. which added to the bottom weight gives 6 st. This gives 8 lbs. My Ronald.

You will find that the Master Key is really simple to work and requires only a surface knowledge of Astrology. .

These points of nines are positive and negative terminals called "Nonal Degrees. Call the answer lbs: take from the top weight and add to the bottom weight. To get the 1/10th of the scale of weights – move the last figure to a decimal point: then multiply the 1/10th by 1. 4.) . The positive degrees are: 72° 54° 36° 18° Root 81° Zero 0° The negative degrees are: 63° 45° 27° 9° Therefore the standard values are for practical purposes. called a "Node. (1/10th x 1 = 18.THE GOLDEN KEY By Sepharial The basis of the system (without an astrological map) is the relationship of 40° to 360°. 1/10th x 4r. 1/10th x 2 = 36. The proportion of the scale is one tenth. so are generally ignored. 2. 3. 18° 36° 72° 81° with an eye on 0° = bottom weight. or 81). The 40th part of the circle is equal to 9°.5 (four and a half)." The nodal measure at which the influence vested in that measure becomes operative. 1/10th x 3 =54. is the extent of that measure. 4. (9 times 9.5 = 81 Nodal." In practice the negative terminals only account for 20% of winners. 1/10th by 4 = 72.

The top half is called the "Heavy Fulcrum. Heavy Fulcrum 9st 9 9 10 10 2lbs 7 10 1 4 Light Fulcrum 8st 8 8 7 7 12lbs 7 4 13 10 +5= +3= +5= +3= -5= -3= -5= -3= ." 4. Divide the scale by 2 and call it the "Fulcrum Weight. If the scale of weight equals an even number. an even number." the lower half the "Light Fulcrum. deduct 5lbs: 3lbs: 5lbs: 3lbs until the bottom weight is reached. To the Heavy Fulcrum. If the scale of weights is an odd number." Example: 42lbs is 4+2 = 6. deduct 3lbs. Take this from the top weight and add to the bottom weight. add 5lbs: 3lbs: 5lbs: 3lbs until the top weight is reached. ie 42lbs therefore scale = 42lbs Divide scale by 1/19th = 4lbs So from the above we have 10 weights – though they may not all fit a weight carried exactly. bottom weight = 7st 7lbs 10st 7lbs – 7 st 7lbs = 3st. 2. then proceed to the next check method: 1. The first check method is as follows: 1. 42 – 4 = 38/2 = 19lbs leverage. 19lbs to 7st 7 = 8st 12 lbs Any weight confirming exactly a weight found by the first process is the selection. 3. If more than one is exact we proceed with a check method to reduce these to one weight.Example: Top weight = 10st 7lbs. 19 lbs from 10st 7 = 9st 2lbs. If no single selection is found. 2. deduct 4lbs. To the Light Fulcrum.

then adding 3lbs: 4lbs: 3lbs: 4lbs successively until the scale is covered and note which of these weights confirm the Nonal weight. Thus by these check methods the weights are often reduced to a single selection. This system is based on the numerical value of planets to astrology without the necessity of drawing and judging a map. proceed to the next check method: 1. That point is developed or extended by adding to the bottom weight. Add to bottom weight 7st 7lbs + 5 = 7st 12lbs. Halve the scale and call R/2. as in the first check method. 4. To this weight add 3lbs: 4lbs: 3lbs: 4lbs until top weight is reached. Example: 191lbs/7 = 2 and 5 over. Call 5 the terminal. by 4 if an even number and by 3 if odd.If more than one weight is still indicated. Reduct the scale. 3. 2. . From R/2 deduct 7 as often as possible and the remainder (less than 7) gives a number we call 1st terminal point in lbs.

Thus if Leo 23 were on the Midheaven then Scorpio 23 would be rising. the first thing is … Setting the Figure This is extremely simple. it being at the same time obvious to the student that there is no guaranteed continuity. The Sun and Moon are placed in the figure to the nearest degree. It consists merely in finding the degree that is on the Midheaven at the schedule or programme time of a race. To reduce this to practise. take the longitude of the Sun and add the longitude of the Ascendant. The Part of Fortune is also placed in the figure. In effect the Eclipse System is the answer to the outstanding problem of all racing systems. It is calculated thus: From the longitude of the Moon (expressed in signs and degrees) adding 12 signs if necessary for subtraction. The other cusps of the houses will hold the same degree and the signs will be equally disposed throughout the circle. With these simple elements and the weights of the runners you may proceed at once to find the … . of the Part of Fortune. at another the Moon. The result is the longitude in signs and degrees counted from Aries 0. That at once time the Sun may be the Significator of the event. It also shows why at one time the measure is direct and at another. called Fortuna. The Universal Key and the Lunar Key systems that the Sun. and so on.THE ECLIPSE SYSTEM By Sepharial Principles It has been shown in the Golden Key. Moon and Part of Fortune can all be used separately and under certain conditions as a factor indicating the winner. converse. The Eclipse system now determines once and for all when one factor is Significator and when another may be and this by a simple rule.

nearly. Moon or Fortuna) which is NEAREST to the cusp of a house. Now take 6 lbs. Ascendant and Descendant. The Scale … of weights in the difference between the top and bottom weights of the runners reduced to lbs. to be taken from the top weight of runners. By this means we get the indicated heavy and light weights due to the Significator. Heavy and Light … weights are distinguished by the Middle weight. Thus if the Measure were 25 degrees and the Scale of weights were 42 lbs. In this system we use only half the scale which is always equal to 90°. The Measure … The measure of the Significator is its distance from the nearest angle.0 – 6.Significator which is always that factor (Sun. or in other words its distancce from the further angle. But there is an exception to this which will be indicated. The converse method is the difference between the Measure and 90°. then we multiply 25 by 21 (half 42) and divide by 90 which gives 6 lbs.0 = 42 lbs. Proportion … is effected by multiplying half the scale of weights by the Measure and dividing by 90. The Measure of the Significator is applied normally to the top weight to get the heavy weight indication and the compliment or converse measure is applied to the bottom weight to get the light weight indication. As 9. . Nadir. which is always half the sum of the top and bottom weights. from half the Scale and we get 15 lbs to be added to the bottom weight. Weights above it are heavy and those below it are light. the angles being the Midheaven.

Manchester August 4th 1917 1.13 as the . less 10 mins for west longitude – gives 8.Sun in Leo 12° . This being more than half a lb. The scale was 9.0 pm (This is Sun time or Greenwich Mean Time which is one hour earlier than "Summer Time") Sidereal time at noon 8.Fortuna in Gemini 11°.40 as the sidereal time for the Midheaven at Manchester. From these positions we get the cuspal distances Sun 11° Moon 7° Fortuna 12°. then they act together and instead of destroying the significance of the other factor or Significator they reverse its terms so that we have to apply the measure from the nearest angle to the bottom weight instead of to the top and the converse measure to the top weight instead of the bottom. half of which is 8 lbs. B is applied to the top and A to the bottom. But in no case do we ever take the measures from any other than the prime factor which is the Significator.Direct and Converse … measure may now be illustrated.40 and to this we add the true time 1.0 pm and get 9. When the Significator is supported by either of the other factors (Sun Moon or Fortuna) by those factors indicating the same weights or horses. then it is a sure winner.0 – 7.12 or 16. If we call the short measure A and the long measure B. and take it from the top weight. The Moon being the NEAREST to a cusp is the SIGNIFICATOR. and different weights to the Significator. Multiply 8 by 7 and divide by 90. This gives Midheaven in Leo 23° . But in converse or abnormal cases. then in normal cases A is applied to the top weight and B to bottom weight to get the INDICATED weights. thus getting 8. namely 7° and the converse measure is 83°. But when both the other factors (NEITHER being the Significator) show the same weights as one another. we call one lb.Moon in Pisces 0° .50. but those who study the records of 1915 and 1916 will be satisfied that these are not "selected" examples. It’s distance from the nearest angle is the same as from the cusp. Examples The following consecutive events are taken from recent racing.

On a scale of 8. but there was another at the same weight and the odds were too small to back both.6 gives 8.13 in the race but the nearest to it was top weight and run second. There was no 8. Same day at 2. the Sun being on a cusp is Significator. The scale 9.5 in the race but the nearest to it was 8. Note: Always follow the horse nearest the indicated weight. but near enough to indicate the same horse. half is 8½. being only two degrees from the lower Meridian. The Moon is Significator. Example – August 15th at 2 pm where the Moon and Fortuna are pulling against the Sun which is Significator.40.4 TAGRAG.9. who won.4 = 17 lbs. Same day at 2.15. Scale 9. .40 the Moon was Significator being nearest to a cusp and its measure was 28/62.7 MY RONALD winner.0 – 7. It was supported by the Moon and Fortuna so far as the light weight was concerned and they all pointed to BLUE DANUBE who won.5 as the other or alternate indicated weight.4 – 6. On the 6th August at 1. so we pass it over. Thus it is seen that the Eclipse System justifies itself and the confidence of its discoverer. and though they agree together they must not agree with the Significator.15. It shows middle weight to win. Note that the Sun supported the Moon by indicating the same wieghts and therefore it was a certainty. NOTE The Moon and Fortuna are not here pulling together but at a considerable angle. merely showing that the winner was indicated. It won by PURO 7. thus getting 8. In order to produce a reversal of the Measure of the Significator the other two factors must be the same or nearly the same distance from THE SAME ANGLE as one another. Also we find that 8 less one is 7 lbs. Result There was no 8. It won by ROSCIUS. which we add to the bottom weight.7 – 8. the Sun was Significator and its distance was 34/56.6 or 26 lbs. Top weight won namely ELKINGTON. It was supported by the Sun. Same day at 1. nearest to indicated weight.indicated weight.

Libra and Capricorn. 0° Capricorn. Let ¼. ½. ½ and ¾ of the scale represent 0° Cancer. They represent the "angular positions of joint Sun and Moon influences" in the circle. 0° Libra. Take the distance in degrees of longitude from the nearest Cardinal Point – also take the complement of the Lunar distance from the cardinal point Aries. For a check method of selecting from these weights. The top and bottom weights are represented by 0° Aries. . use the Nonal series as instructed in the Golden Key. Multiply the Sun/Moon joint measures by ¼. Generally one of these Lunations will be on a date previous to the race and the other on a date following the race. Add to the top weight and deduct from the bottom weight. and ¾ of the scale and divide by 90. Divide the numbers by one quarter of the scale of weights. Cancer.THE SOLAR LUNAR VALUES By Sepharial Rules: Find the degree and sign held by the Sun/Moon at the previous and next Lunation.

THE SOLAR APEX METHOD By Sepharial Draw the map as usual for the time of the race and place only the Sun’s position. . Multiply half the scale by those 3 measures and divide by 90: Deduct from the top weight and add to the bottom weight. add 45 and call this 3rd measure. To the lesser of the two measures. giving six weights. Note the distance of the Sun from MC nad Horizon Ascendant or Descendant. Call that the 1st measure. Take that number of degrees from 90 and call 2nd measure. Take the BEST FORM horse of those six weights.

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