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THE 2003 MARTIN O’MALLEY CALENDAR AS A GLOWING PROFILE in the December issue of Esquire magazine pointed out, Martin O'Malley wears many hats: husband, father, attorney, former assistant state's attorney, former city councilman, rock musician, mayor of Baltimore, “the most popu- lar politician in the state,” erstwhile contender for governor, possible future president of the United States. But why stop there? We're surely not the only ones who have noticed Hizzoner dressing up as a firefighter or a construction worker for photo ops, or designating himself a terrorism expert. Why not Martin O'Malley, gourmet chef? Or Martin O'Malley, crocodile hunter? Thus, City Paper presents O'Malley's March and the other 11 months, too—aka, the Greatest Calendar in America. --Zanyapy __ _, eesnuqay 7 yt at tat Jaga ep stata} a ata] [at a] tt aE tata} 3} ROCK STARE MARCH OPRIG * “Tw TF = a = ; Fy Ta nesioent oF THe pd ‘UNiTeD States: ayaa py bat at aa] america rr a aly a8} By a rd ¥y Y e / a Tron” “TUS CRA CRAWL gy) IMERIED” “ose” ve eeeke & & &§ & & &B ee B