Feng’s Classification

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3) Handler’s Classification (1977): is determined by the degree of parallelism and pipelining in various subsystem levels. .Introduction As We know. 2) Feng’s Classification (1972): is based on serial versus parallel processing. there are three classification of computer architectures which are: 1) Flynn’s Classification (1966): is based on the multiplicity of instruction stream and data stream in a computer system.

• The maximum number of binary digits(bits) that can be processed within a unit time by a computer system is called maximum degree of parallelism P.Feng’s Classification • Feng (1972) has proposed the use of degree of parallelism to classify various computer architectures. we have Pi=P for all I and µ=1 for 100 percent utilization.T. Pa is given by • In general. Consider processor cycles indexed by i=1. Pi≤P. The utilization rate depends on the application program being executed. • Let us Pi be the number of bits that can be processed within the ith processor cycle. .3…. The average degree of parallelism. We define the utilization rate µ of a computer system within T cycles is • If the computing power is fully utilized (or the parallelism is fully exploited).2.

7. . P= m.  Slow  Was done first generation Computers 2) Word Parallel and Bit Serial (WPBS):  Called bit Slice processing because number of bit-slices (words having 1 bit) is processing at time.n Some of the commercial machines are classified as in following figure 1. 4) Word Parallel and Bit Parallel (WPBP):  Is known as Fully Parallel Processing (or Simply parallel processing) in which an array of bits is processed at a time. 3)Word Serial and Bit Parallel (WSBP):  Called word-Slice processing because one word of number of bits is processed at a time.Based on the Feng’s scheme.  The fastest processing mode among four. The maximum degree of parallelism P is given by the product of the number of bits in a word(n) and number of words in parallel(m). we sequential and parallel operations at bit and word levels to produce the following classification: 1)Word Serial and Bit Serial (WSBS):  Called Bit Serial Processing because one bit is processed at a time.


y) coordinates. • A more Examples are tabulated in following slide. • A machine is placed at a point in the space defined by these (x. x axis represents the word length and y axis represents the number of words processed in parallel. • The maximum degree of parallelism is given by the area of the rectangle formed by the origin and the point representing the machine. .• In above diagram.  For example: Cray I has of area 64 where as IBM 370/168 has an area of 32.


.Limitation of Feng’s Classification • Feng’s Scheme Fails to project the concurrency in pipeline processors.

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