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Christmas Greetings 2012

Christmas Greetings 2012

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Published by Becky Wagner Bilby

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Published by: Becky Wagner Bilby on Dec 25, 2012
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Becky and I wanted to start off this Christmas letter by letting all of you know the exciting news

that we are EXPECTING!!! I know many of you won’t believe it. Some of you will think that this is awesome and some of you will think, “they are crazy”; but we are excited to announce that we are indeed expecting - expecting a great year filled with lots of challenges, blessings and changes. So we are not expecting another child as many of you may have thought but hey, you have to admit we gotcha there. This last year has been simply amazing. It was filled with a number of events: • • • • • • • • • • Micah, and Caleb had a great time at the Evangelical Free Youth Event called Challenge, in New Orleans. They attended seminars, helped in community service, and were able to sit under Francis Chan’s teaching. They had a great time. Micah continues to work at the Orange City Library. Caleb just recently started working at Don’s, a local grocery store. Caleb and Aaron are preparing to join their marching band as they march New Year’s Day in the Rose Bowl parade. They will be in the 14th position so keep an eye on the band from Orange City, Iowa. You will recognize them since they will be wearing their signature Dutch wooden shoes. Aaron just recently passed his driver’s learning permit test –three – male, teen, drivers – the insurance company loves us. Jada and Chloe are having a great year at school. Chloe still takes piano lessons and has started violin. Chloe loves her teachers and friends. Jada is doing super in school. We couldn’t be more blessed. The family took a week and a half vacation this summer out west – we saw EVERY national park between Iowa and Arizona and some that weren’t even national!! ☺ I think the ending comment from the boys was, “We don’t care if we see another national park for our whole life!!” But we had a great time and loved the family time! Becky loves her job as the director at the Sioux Center Public Library. Joe continues working at Interstates in Sioux Center. Both Becky and Joe continue to direct children’s ministries at New Hope.

• • •

You will have to keep your eyes and ears open to the blog as we prepare for an exciting year. Here are just a few of the things that we are “expecting” this year: • • • • • • The three boys will be heading to Haiti on a missions trip. They will spend one to two weeks serving and ministering with United Christians International. This is a wonderful ministry and God is moving in a mighty way. Their web site is http://www.unitedchristiansinternational.org/ Micah will be starting his senior year in the fall. Caleb hopes to play soccer again this spring. Aaron will take Driver’s Ed. this summer. Chloe and Jada will continue to keep their brothers in line! Joe and Becky hope to maintain a level of sanity AND enjoy having their kids at home before they slowly start to leave the nest.

We pray God makes Himself real to each of you this coming year – Blessings – Joe, Becky, Micah, Caleb, Aaron, Chloe, and Jada

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