Wellness Strategies to Improve Employee Health

Steven Aldana, Ph.D.
CEO WellSteps

Troy Adams, Ph.D.
COO WellSteps

¢ Review

the Business Case ¢ Why behavior change is THE key ¢ Three essential strategies

Review the Business Case

Medical Costs per Person per Year



Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

Medical Costs per Person per Year




Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

Why are Costs Going Up?

Portion of Health Care Costs Caused by Chronic Diseases

Chronic Diseases:The Power to Prevent, The Call to Control: At A Glance 2009

Why the Increase in Chronic Disease?

Lifestyle Associated with CD

Nurses Health Study

Lifestyle Reduces Risk of CD

36% 50%

83% 91%

Study in Germany

Arch Intern Med 2009;169(15):1355-1362

The Cause Behind the Cause

Unhealthy behaviors

Health risks

Chronic disease

Employeerelated expenses

Doing the Wrong Thing

Recommending the Wrong Thing

Case Study - Law Firm
F s i a re lu

Rather KnotelGetts Houd
m o C et l p W e

es ln

How Can You Know What To Do?

Review the Literature?


What is the goal?

Improve Employee Health


Change Employee Behavior

Behavior Change Process
Policy and Environment Skills and Tools Motivation Awareness and Education

40% 25%



Activity Centered or Results Oriented?


Total Studies


The Impact of a Healthy Culture
Supportive Worksite Cultures Reduce Risk

2.5 X MORE

J Occup Environ Med. 2008;50:633-641

The Impact of a Healthy Culture




1. Culture change is huge

Helping People Change Behavior

Health Coaching

Medical Model


Medical Model?


Population at Risk

High Risk are High Cost
Coach the High Risk

Coach the High Risk who are Ready to Change

There has to be a Better Way

¢ Dr.

Hans Diehl ¢ Group-based ¢ Community oriented

Fruit and Vegetable Servings

Whole Grain Servings

Grams of Saturated Fat

Diastolic Blood Pressure Reductions mm/Hg

Glucose Reductions mg/dl

Which works better?

Group Participants

more likely to be off tobacco at 4 weeks

Physical Activity
Group Participants

Larger increase in Physical Activity

About the same
Blood Pressure Cholesterol Weight loss

2. Good Things Happen in Groups

Helping People Maintain Behavior

Woodard & Curran
One Year Results

Engineering company q 350 employees q WellSteps Turnkey Solution for 2 years q 65% participation

Days of Exercise per Week (increase of 23%)

Minutes of Exercise per Week (increase of 53%)

Fruit Servings per Day (increase of 15%)

Vegetable Servings per Day (increase of 9%)

3. Simple is Sustainable

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