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~ Office Me ‘ lum * UNITED | To + DIRECTOR, FBI (62-91,080) pare: 10/8/56 FRO} C, SAN FRANCISCO (105-4760) - A BaILET susject: THE HUBBARD DIANETIC RESEARCH FOUNDATION 5-UVOY INTERNAL SECURITY - X ALL 2. CONTAIN ERE: TFTED,, ) GME. 3,-(o-8/ BY Se2 rere Re Bulet dated 9/4/56. 3/1896 SPACLELIS Inasmuch as the Bureau, Baltimore, Denver, : and Kansas City advised that they had no subversive information regarding "The Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundation" or LAFAYETTE RON HUBBARD, the pamphlet entitled; *Brainwashing" "A-Synthesié of the Russian " ing returned to and no further conducted by this Office. westigation 18 being (2)- Bureau (62-94080) (Reg.) 2 ~ San Francisco (1 - PUM ce ia * g) 8 OCT 15 1851 prez 7 a “Office Memorandum * UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT To. “+ DIRECTOR, FBI pate; 11/9/56 ALL INFORMATION CONTAINED oe ct ASSTRIED - a fl BY Se STARE DM ‘set [Eumnishew, SA With efing, « Synthests ofthe Russian Textbook jficbies wiih be abesed fomach vee ‘the perky ot) advised be a are employees of his, br cha pisk thar upre sttepting to convert @ third euployee who id not nema ei wes not involved. when the third perty left mploy, he left’ this a is desk, an took ite urnished this Dookiet Tor whatever use TORI wake of it, but requested it be returned to when no longer needed. pooklet is being forwarded herewith, end the Bureau requested to determine if it is of eny velue in any gation’ being conducted by this Bureau. If copies dgeired, it le requested thet it be rhotokreshed to, Thoenix go that it may be returned to “Bureau (Enel, ) REGISTERED (/2xaosune L JZ -0 — Bs acne) * woexts 2102-2 - eff BR . (ta in 34 aK ae — a BAC, Phoentz (105-117) Director, FBI (62-94080)— RECORDED-39 . « THE HUBBARD DIAWEETC RESRARCT TAS INPEWAL SICILY © Reurlet dated Wovenber 9, 1956. The booklet "Brein-Vashing, A Synthest2 o Ruaston Textbook on Phychopolittca” to detng return as the Bureau has copies of some. Bufiles contain no information of @ subveratve nature regarding captioned organizations . xa, TuORMATION com inghobyiré ye 2 BRL betel 2h sfaraeoen “OL