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is St.4emnnsS LOCATIONS ft Wea “Improve and maintain the health of children ond their families and enhance the community's eccess to health core, by providing @ medical home offering medical, dental ond mental health treatment for underserved), uninsured and economically disadvantaged persons. DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES =| acency Description DR. LOUIS FRAYSER COMMUNITY CLINIC 5701 S. Hoover Street Los Angeles, CA 90037 | (323) 541-1400 I | (323) 541-1401 FAX ‘MEDICAL CLINIC 1910 S. Magnolia Ave, #101 St John's Well Child & Family Center (SIWCFC) was founded 40 years ogo in responte 10 the (213) 749-0947 ‘Warts riots in on effort to address the serious health disparities and lack of access to health care (213) 749-7354 FAX {or the economicelly dlsadvantoged population of downtown and south Los Angeles. We provide © complete range of hecth care ond social services—primary and prevemtve 6505 S. 8™ Avenve medical, dental and mental health services; disease management and care; pharmaceutical ond Los Angeles, CA 90043 laboratory testing; ond o child & parent resource center. (323) 750-9232 (323) 750-9238 FAX Our Services: COMPTON cunic | Women's Health Services ‘Comprehensive Prenatal Care MEDICALE DENTAL | General Physicals Case Management 2115.N. Wilmington Avenwe | RLCYN Cove, Rictli ard eas ‘Compton, CA 90222 Family Planning Parenting Closses (310) 603-1332 STD Screening, testing & trectment. Monthly Hospital Tours (310) 603-2726 FAX Insurance Enrollment Youth Services LINCOLN HEIGHTS CLINIC ‘Medi-Cal (CHOP, EAPC) General/Sports Physicals MEDICAL & DENTAL Healthy Kids: STD Screening 2512 Alta Street Healthy Families Fomily Planaing Los Angeles, CA 90031 Fomily Pact Pregnancy Tests (323) 441-2139 | Public Private Partnership ‘Medical Specialty Referrals (323) 441-9216 FAX | (PP) Teen-focused Mental Health Program ‘Acute & Chronic Disease Management Children’s Services Adult Servicos Asthma Management General Physicals Vision/Heoring Screening Screening ond treatment for Chronic Dieases: ‘Acute chronic disease manogement Melitue, Diabetes, Asthma, Cholesterol, High Nutrition sereening Blood Pressure, Prostle Concer, immunizations Immunization Dental Care Lead screening ard treatment Fomily Planing ‘Medical Specialty Referrals Free/discounted Medication Program Dentol Core er Well-Child Core | Education/Outreach/Counseling Mental Health Services for Children and Adults Stuehnis Health Presentations Individual SANS Disease Management Grove Parenting Fomily Planning Domestic Vielence Providing Medical and Asthma, Cholesterol, Diabetes, Nutrition, ete Dental Health Services for over 40 vears Child & Family Resource and Development Center Licensed Pre-school for ages 3-5 Parenting Workshops ‘Case Management Resource ond Referral