ABSTRAK External and Internal Factors Influence the Development of Mudaraba Deposits (Case Study of Bank Syariah Mandiri

Muhammar Amin ( 20091221006 )

This watchfulness is to detects factors everything that influence deposit mudharabah. Besides this watchfulness also done to give what input is promotion, bagi hasil, value of SBIS, rate and inflation influences deposit development mudharabah. This watchfulness uses to approach quantitative, has descriptive, stastistic, done in certain time period and done at area Jakarta, especially at region JABODETABEK, in 2006 s/d 2011. Sample that taken Bank Syariah Mandiri internal data and data from Statistical Agency Republic of Indonesia and Bank of Indonesia. And factors everything dominant influence deposit development. With will see need consumers at that time about deposit mudharabah, so that Bank Syariah Mandiri can compete with banking other. Sample total that be taken in this watchfulness 48 months. Total accustommed with limited watchfulness time. Data collecting technique is done by using watchfulness instrument shaped program spss version 16 and microsoft exel.

Processing with program spss will produce factors that influence deposit development mudharabah, that is internal factor and external factor. And last pemograman SPSS will produce factors dominantest will influence deposit development muhdarabah.

Keyword: Internal Factor And External Factor, Sharia Deposit

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