Christ And Human Nature Of Christ.

Christ is the 2nd Rational sUPPOSITUM [person/hypostasis/hypostase] in the Divine Essence [ Nature/Sustance/Form] of God namely Godhead. The difference between Christ and logos is that after association / absorption/assumption of human nature with/by the 2nd hypostatic person was also named as Christ. Thus christ is not the human nature but the second Hypostasis in the DIVINE ESSENCE WHICH IS A BEING. The difference between Son and Logos is some what problematic. They are not 2 distinct hypostasis in the Godhead of the BEING GOD, as First Hypostasis and The Second Hypostasis are, rather there are a number of different explanations. Perhaps the best one is that Son and Logos both are the two names of one and the same Hypostasis ; the second hypostasis in the Divine Essence. The human nature of the Second hypostas[i.e Logos or Son or christ] is is:1]Individual 2]Complete 3]Incommunicable to first and third hypostases. 4] COmmunicable to the second hypostasis by assumption and incommunicable to the second hypostasis independent of assumption. 5] is not a substance /essence /form since it is not perse subsistens. 6] It is not a suppostum / person / hypostasis. There is an unidentified posative mode of subsistence/subsistens in a contingent/possible substance and contingent/possible person missing in the human nature of the second hypostasis which makes it fall short o f being A PERSON / SUBSTANCE/ SUPPOSITUM/HYPOSTASIS/ESSENCE. This mode what so ever it is makes the difference , and makes the contingent/pos sible suppositum/essence/substance/person/hypostasis capable of recieving the esse/existence/being/beingness with out existing in Alio eg Divine Essence, Divine Esse, Divine Substance etc. The Human NATURE OF THE SECOND HYPOSTASIS does exist by the esse and essence of the second hypostasis through the second hypostasis and not through the first and the last hypostases in the Divine Essence/Divine Substance/ Divine Esse/Divine Form etc. It may be noted that the DIVINE NATURE OF THE SECOND HYPOSTASIS NAMELY LOGOS IS NOTHING BUT Esse ,Essence,Substance,Form namely , which is also the common SUBSTANCE,ESSENCE,ESSE,FORM OF ALL THE THREE HYPOSTAS ES IN THE DIVINE BEING. But the human nature of the second person /hypostasis is not a Human substence,H uman Essence HUMAN FORM etc. Concluding that the human nature in the second Divine hypostasis is not a hypost asis not a suppositum and not a substance.

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