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“Here’s How To Approach ANY Girl Without Fear…”

Destroy Approach Anxiety
A Step-By-Step System For Absolutely Destroying Approach Anxiety and Losing Your Fear of Talking to Girls in LESS Than 33 Days!

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Approach Anxiety is NORMAL.
Yes, you read that correctly. Approach anxiety is normal. Every single guy has some form of approach anxiety, also known as “AA”. Approach anxiety is that feeling or fear you get just before you approach a girl you don’t know. Anyone can EASILY beat approach anxiety. But before we get into that, let me first introduce myself. Good Morning Gentlemen, I’m Hunter Riley. I’m kind of a “no nonsense” dating coach that specializes in psychology, social dynamics, self-improvement and of course… to pick up girls. You bought this system to learn how to ABSOLUTELY DESTROY that little bastard of a feeling that sometimes causes you to freeze up with fear and not introduce yourself to a girl who could be PERFECT for you. This little bastard of a feeling I’m talking about is approach anxiety. Before getting into the system, let me first give you a slight warning…….I don’t EFF around. This means that I like to get straight to the point as quickly as possible. I create my eBooks and systems using only the information that is essential to get the job done. Because of this, my eBooks are very short and direct. They also happen to be very cheap ☺ So if you’re looking for some pick up “guru” that’s going to fill his eBooks with 500 pages of cool graphics, hot girls, fluff and bullshit, return this eBook right now, I’m not your guy. I also believe that learning pick up really isn’t that hard and therefore shouldn’t cost you a ton of money. My simple systems are all you need. You will not find any $100 plus eBooks or $1000 plus coaching programs from me and you’ll also be able to try each one of my products for $1. What learning pick up does take however is a little bit of effort and work. You must be willing to put in a relatively small amount of work to succeed. You must ACT on this information and actually complete the system. It’s hard to believe, but about 70% of guys NEVER do the work! So I want you to commit


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yourself right now to taking action. beating approach anxiety is the hardest thing to learn in pick up. And the best thing is that once you destroy approach anxiety (which this step by step system will show you how to do in 33 days or less). But compared to learning anything else outside of pickup its easy! Learning how to ride a bike or learning how to speak French is much harder than learning how to beat AA.destroyapproachanxiety. you’ve learned the hardest part of pick up! Everything else is 3 ©2009 Smarter Living Media . So. Here’s the thing. let’s get started with learning how to destroy approach anxiety…… www. You can become a pick up master in less than a year. If you aren’t willing to take even a small amount of action then save your money and return this eBook right now.

....................... .....10 Chapter 5: Approach Anxiety Extra Credit .................. 2 Chapter 1: Exactly What is “Approach Anxiety”..............................................................17 Chapter 6: PUA Secrets for Destroying AA 4 ©2009 Smarter Living Media .... 5 Chapter 2: How to Create a Habit ......destroyapproachanxiety..................... .........Table Of Contents Introduction . 20 www.. 8 Chapter 4: The Destroy Aproach Anxiety System....... 6 Chapter 3: Destroy Approach Anxiety Overview ............

imagining all the things that could possibly go wrong. Approaching a stranger or someone’s mate could get you smashed over the head with a club. feeling inadequate in some way. This causes you to feel all sorts of crazy things before going up to a girl like getting all nervous. The problem is that you have a natural tendency to stay in your comfort zone. heart pounding. turning into a pussy. www. If she doesn’t approach you (which is what happens most of the time). It’s important first realize that these “things” exist only in your mind. Approach anxiety is also the result of years bad social conditioning that says that hot women are these perfect human beings.destroyapproachanxiety. Breaking out of it takes a little bit of effort. built in fear of approaching and talking to strangers. Deep down inside. approach anxiety also comes from the fear of loss. Approach anxiety is a combination of a few different things. First. 95% of guys have approach anxiety. some of you don’t approach because you want the girl so much. pulse racing 5 ©2009 Smarter Living Media .Chapter 1: Exactly What is “Approach Anxiety”? Approach anxiety is the pickup community’s most common problem. not much though. Talking to strangers also pushes you outside of your comfort zone. You think that if you do take action and approach her. And finally. So you take the easy road and just sit there and hope she approaches you. AA is simply the natural. you could lose her. then it’s easy to just write it off and say she wasn’t your type anyway. This probably came about a long time ago when we were cavemen.

you will have conquered approach anxiety…the hardest part of pickup. days 20 to 30. Even though you bought this system to learn how to destroy AA. Creating a habit out of it is how you are going are going to destroy your approach anxiety. creating a habit is easy. Keep going. You might want to quit. You may not want to do them. This habit will now become part of your life! So when you’re doing the approach anxiety exercises. 6 ©2009 Smarter Living Media .destroyapproachanxiety. things will get a hell of a lot easier. By day 30. You’re almost done. for a very small percentage of you. However there will still be a bit of resistance in your mind and that little voice in your head may still be trying to convince you that what you’re doing is crazy. but for the other 80% of you it’s going to take about 30 days to create a habit that will stick. You may actually even find yourself looking forward to doing the exercises. remember that the first 20 days may be hard to do mentally. During the first phase which lasts about 10 days. Again. This is exactly what you are about to go through. you’ll actually start to like building the habit. There are three phases to creating a habit that sticks.Chapter 2: How to Create a Habit The easiest way to learn pickup is to create a habit out of it. Your mind will do its best to convince you that this system is never going to work. but don’t give in. You’ll find things starting to get a little easier to do. Things will be much easier to do than they were at first. Then prepare to boggle your friends minds because becoming great at picking up girls is all downhill from there. the work will be very hard for you to do. In the 3rd and final phase of building a habit. you may feel a strange urge not to complete this system! The key is to know in advance this is how you’re going to feel and push through it! The next phase in building a habit comes in days 10 to 20. Don’t! Realize that this is just how your mind works and if you can just get to that 20 day mark. You will feel very little resistance and this won’t feel like a “chore” anymore.

html 7 ©2009 Smarter Living Media .By the if you’d like to use the exact same time management and habit building software that I use to put my pickup learning on light speed. you can get it for free by going to: www.

Wake up in the morning and “visualize” for 2 minutes. We start out with slow and simple steps that don’t feel like much but they add up to destroy approach anxiety in the end. You can go out with your friends and whatever. for the next 30 days. While you’re on your walk. Here are the rules: RULE #1: If you have a serious case of approach anxiety. 8 ©2009 Smarter Living Media www. If you throw a frog into a pot of boiling water.Chapter 3: The Destroy Approach Anxiety System Overview & Rules Ok. Anyone can easily do it! You get better by practicing a little at a time each and every . You must go for a walk in an area where there are tons of people. Overview of Your Daily Exercises • • Step 1. But is you put the frog into a pot of cold water and slowly heat the pot. Walking in the deep forest or some disserted hallway doesn’t count. Step 2. If you can’t walk for a half hour. but the only pickup related training I want you to do is this approach anxiety exercise. try to make it two 15 minute sessions. This is the beauty of the system. he’ll never make it out alive because the changes that take place to the water are so subtle.destroyapproachanxiety. RULE#2: Try to take a half hour break each day and get out of the house. I want you to do nothing but this exercise. you become a social person and destroy approach anxiety through experience. he’ll jump right out. It’s just like working out to build muscles or boiling a frog alive. out of class or out of work and take a walk. complete your exercises.Get out of the house/work/school and walk around for a total of at least 30 minutes every day.

destroyapproachanxiety.Always “SWW”. Smile while walking. say hi to at least three living people that speak your language. Destroying approach anxiety is really that simple.Keep track of your results each day for 33 days. Step 4. I want you to remember these words and say them out loud. Step 7.During the first half of your walk.Do a visualization before you go to bed each night. but first let’s take a look at these steps in detail. and feel it when you say it……YOUR PAST IS NOT YOUR FUTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!! You may have been a mental pussy in the past. there is some extra credit that you can do to accelerate the process. Of course. but that all ends today.• Step 3. I want you to have a huge effin grin on your face for the entire 30 minutes of your walk. And mean it when you say it.Say hello to the first girl you see after you’ve said hi to three 9 ©2009 Smarter Living Media . Oh…and for you guys who have really bad approach anxiety. Doing this for 33 days will break down the social barriers that are deep within you and crush your approach anxiety. • • • • That’s it. www. Step 5. Step 6.

It should take about 2 minutes. Step 2) Your 30 Minute Daily Walk Whatever you do. asking her name and maybe making small talk with her.Chapter 4: The Destroy Approach Anxiety Step by Step System Step 1) Your Secret Morning Visualization This is super easy and super effective. Really make this picture vivid in your mind. it was nice meeting you” and imagine her saying “It was nice to meet you too” and that’s all you have to do. all you have to do is imagine or visualize yourself on your walk. Do this each morning when you wake up and make it as vivid. Each morning. introducing yourself. Maybe ask one of them for the 10 ©2009 Smarter Living Media . Every single top athlete in sports does visualizations every day. Then imagine yourself saying “Hey thanks. you can use this visualization technique to become better at anything you want. For the first 33 days. Just about two minutes of visualization in bed will do the trick. Imagine yourself saying hi to 3 people and them smiling and saying hi back. They imagine themselves hitting the winning shot or making the perfect pass over and over again. If you’d www. AFTER the 33 days are up. try to take your 30 minute daily walk every day for 33 days! If you have to break it up into two 15 minute walks that’s ok. before you get out of bed. You just have to imagine yourself being good at whatever it is you want to become better at. with a big smile on your face. positive and real in your mind as possible. This is based on a very effective and proven psychological principle. just visualize or imagine yourself doing the 30 minute walk each day. Finally. imagine yourself smiling and walking up to a girl you see on your walk.destroyapproachanxiety. Your mind can’t really tell the difference between something you imagine and something you actually do.

try to force yourself to smile. how people feel towards you before you even meet them! Always smile! The second thing that happens when you smile is that any normal girl will feel as though she has to return your smile. can you? Now put a huge frown or scowl on your face and try to think those mean. This makes her. she is already smiling back at you because you are smiling at her. First. give you a good response! So make sure to smile early and often. Even if it feels weird. right? Well. This crazy phenomenon affects how you feel and. beaches. because she is now smiling. Put a big smile on your face and try to think nasty or mean thoughts and really mean it. I’ll wait. shit eating grin on your face. positive thoughts when you’re frowning. it’s going to be hard to think any happy. If you don’t like to smile (I don’t). almost automatically and uncontrollably. campus quads or 11 ©2009 Smarter Living Media . smiling changes your energy and your mood. that’s ok too. www. more importantly. Indoor or outdoor malls are great. nasty thoughts. You can go for a walk indoors or outdoors. the same thing will happen to her and therefore anything you say to her is going to be much more acceptable than if she wasn’t smiling. so are parks.destroyapproachanxiety. just make sure you walk in an area with a lot of other people. isn’t it? At the same time. town squares or centers. It’s almost impossible to smile and think or feel a bad or mean thought at the same time! Go ahead. It’s much easier. A couple funny things happen when you smile. So before you even say a word to her. try it right now. boardwalks. You remember the neat trick above about what happens to yourself when you to take a walk that lasts longer than 30 minutes. Step 3) SWW: Smile While Walking! I really want you to always have a big. You can’t do it.

com 12 ©2009 Smarter Living Media . find the ugliest girl you can and introduce yourself. you’ll see that it is really no big deal. what’s your name? Her: “Hi Hunter. before you do anything else. make small talk or compliment her then say goodbye. stop and introduce yourself to a girl. Chucks Palace of Corn Dogs. Just look three people in the eye. smile. At the beginning of your walk every day. say hi to at least three people you do not know. That’s it! That’s all you have to do. you don’t want her number. but after about 10 or so days of doing this. Smile. ask her name. If this is still a major issue for you. you’ll probably want to stay and talk. I’m Amanda. but you don’t have to. Going up to an ugly. She doesn’t even have to be your age at first. nice to meet you. For some of you it may be the hard part.destroyapproachanxiety.” You: “Ok.Step 4) Say Hi to at Least Three People Saying hi to three people is going to warm you up and get you used to opening strangers.” You: “Amanda. do you know a good place to eat around here?” Her: “Sure. After you’ve said hi to at least 3 people on your walk. You don’t need them to answer or even acknowledge you. its right around the corner. Say “Excuse me…Hi……I’m Hunter. older woman is easy for most guys. Just say hi. Step 5) Meet a Girl This is the fun part. Nothing special here. Here’s what an average interaction will look like: You: See a girl. She doesn’t have to be hot. introduce yourself. Now of course you could stay and talk if you wanted to. and say hi while you are walking. Realize that you’re not trying to “get” anything from her. You don’t even have to stop walking. but after a few days. You could also ask other questions like: “Where are you from?” www. Most guys when they start out say thanks and leave pretty quickly. That’s it. Hey. thanks Amanda! It was nice meeting you”>>>>>>>>Leave. That’s it. I just want to get you used to saying hi to strangers and subconsciously realizing that it ain’t no thing.

I just wanted to say you’ve got a great smile. Give yourself a star for going on a walk.destroyapproachanxiety.” Her: “Oh. You: (smiling) “Excuse me…Hi…I’m Hunter. Whats your name?” Her: “Hi Hunter. and feel free to introduce yourself to more than one girl on your walks if you want.” The point of all this is not to pick her up. Pretty soon you’ll feel comfortable talking and having a normal conversation with any girl. I’m Julie”. Julie. Your AA should be reduced by at least 90%. After you introduce yourself and ask her name and a simple question. See you later.“Do you have the time?” “Do you know where a cool clothing store for guys is?” “Have you by any chance seen the new ____ movie this month?” “Take me to your leader.” You: “No problem. You’ll feel the need to do better. Complimenting her on some unique piece of clothing she’s wearing or something unique about her (like her smile) is also acceptable. you can go. Just print out the results table that I’ve included for you at the end of this chapter and write down your results every day. but just to get your brain used to the fact that nothing bad happens when you talk to strange girls. You: “Hey Julie. It was nice meeting you. You don’t have to. increase your performance and beat your best times if you keep track of your progress. why thank you Hunter. A model that says approaching strange women isn’t scary at all. Oh. but it will speed up the process if you do…… Step 6) Keep Track of Your Results Being able to see the progress you are making in real time is a huge 13 ©2009 Smarter Living Media . a star for each person you say hi to and a star for each girl you www.” Just kidding about that last one. After 33 days of positive interactions. your brain will “rewire” itself and you’ll now have a new model of the World.

destroyapproachanxiety. I would suggest printing out my sheet and using it and at the same time. Doing this will take less than 15 minutes per day and you will learn pickup in 75% less time than it normally takes to taking the Simpleology 101 course and learning how to use their free software. after you complete this 33 day system.html Step 7) Secret Night Visualization For the first 33 days. You don’t have to. Just take two minutes and visualize going on your walk the next Try to do this every night just before you go to bed. This is exactly what superstar pro athletes do. Again. your night visualization is going to be the exact same as what you do in your morning visualization. set up your free account at www. you can use these visualization techniques to get insanely better at any part of pickup you want. but I find it fun to try to beat all my previous best scores. If you have to. 14 ©2009 Smarter Living Media . Seeing your results add up over time lets you know that the system is working and gives you a subconscious boost to complete the system in 33 days. To sign up for the Simpleology 101 course and get the software. You can use my results table to track your progress or you can use the special Simpleology 101 Time Management and Habit Forming Software I told you about earlier. write down what your perfect walk would look like in great detail on a piece of paper and just read and visualize it a couple times to yourself each morning and night.destroyapproachanxiety.

com 15 ©2009 Smarter Living Media .Day # Walks # of Say Hi’s Girls Met www.destroyapproachanxiety.

com 16 ©2009 Smarter Living Media .destroyapproachanxiety.Day # Walk # of Say Hi’s Girls Met www.

but if you have very severe approach anxiety these three tactics will help you out 17 ©2009 Smarter Living Media . just practice making eye contact with girls as you pass them by. IMMEDIATELY say something like “I see.CALL RANDOM PEOPLE AND GET THEM TO SUGGEST A GOOD RESTAURANT Take out the phone book and pick out 10 random numbers in your area. I’ll also give you a tactic that you should try to do all the time after you complete the 33 day system. Of course.MAKE EYE CONTACT WITH GIRLS AND HOLD IT Before you start saying hi to people on your walks.destroyapproachanxiety. Once you feel comfortable enough doing this. well…Just let me quickly ask you this question because I’m out of ideas……Could you recommend a good restaurant around here?” Be nice and polite the entire time and SMILE while you’re asking the question. Here’s all you have to do. then move on to the next tactic. You could ask your phone friend to suggest a movie or vacation destination or whatever. Choose a number. dial it. it doesn’t have to be a restaurant. This will increase your social skills and decrease your fear of talking to strangers. you have the wrong number”. When someone answers just say “Hi. It’s not required. Tactics to Do if You Have SEVERE Approach Anxiety Tactic 1. Dial *67 if you want (dialing this before you call blocks caller ID). is Mary there?” When the person you called says “no. As you www. The object is to get a complete stranger to suggest a good restaurant to you. Tactic 2.Chapter 5: Approach Anxiety Extra Credit This is the extra credit section.

Complimenting a girl while you are walking past her will force you to “think on your feet” and come up with something to compliment her on quickly. DO NOT look away until she does. the book they are reading. say it and move on. I kind of like to squint my eyes and smile at the same time when I do it. a piece of jewelry. Do this every day on your walks until you get to a point where you can at least say hi. All you have to do is give a sincere compliment. If you’re still freaked out by doing this to strangers. Make sure you smile when you do this otherwise you’ll look like a serial killer. An article of clothing. their accent.are walking (make sure you are smiling). you don’t even have to stop and say hi.destroyapproachanxiety. Don’t expect her to say anything back. It will also slowly let you realize that talking to a girl really is no big deal and you’ll be able to escape if she trys to eat you ☺ Tactics for AFTER You Complete the 33 Day Mission Tactic 1.FOLLOW THE “ARMS LENGTH” RULE This is a very simple rule that will ensure that you are continually developing your social skills and preventing approach anxiety from ever www. just smile. Whatever.COMPLIMENT HER ON THE FLY You don’t have to introduce yourself. the way move. make eye contact with a girl who is approaching you and hold it. Make it a specific compliment like “I love that bracelet you’re wearing” and NOT like “You are very pretty”. Tactic 18 ©2009 Smarter Living Media . Some of you may have to do this exercise for a few days before you go up and introduce yourself to a girl. the color of their hair. Look for something unique about the person and compliment her on it as you are walking by. start off by complimenting girls you already know.

A small percentage of you.coming back again. These secrets are exactly what all the top PUA’s (Pick Up Artists) use “infield” when they get AA from time to time. AFTER You Complete the 33 Day Mission & Extra Credit Now that you’ve completed your 33 day approach anxiety mission. will need to do the walking exercise for another week or two. So go back and do another week or two of the walking exercise now if you feel you have to. do the 33 day mission and then come back here. Just one warning before we move on. If you feel you don’t have to then congratulations for passing the destroy approach anxiety course! But we’re not quite finished yet. I’ve been doing pickup for over five years and every once in a while. don’t read any further. It’s like www. but you must at least say hi. if you don’t follow the “Arms Length” rule or if you just get into your old habit of not being social. I suggest you go back. especially if you stop approaching regularly. I sometimes get AA! It doesn’t happen that often. your AA should be 80-90% less than it originally was.destroyapproachanxiety. Reach out both of your arms like you’re a bird and take a mental image of how far out your arms reach. when I’m out at 19 ©2009 Smarter Living Media . Any time anyone EVER comes within an arms length of you. The “Arms Length” rule is simple. So I’m going to finish off this training by giving you the Advanced Secrets to Destroying Approach Anxiety. never stop and your social skills will become almost unhuman eventually. you MUST say smile and say hi. Do this constantly. The 33 day mission is key. but approach anxiety will come back every once in a while if. less than five percent actually. I’d prefer if you commented on something or made a bit of small talk. If you HAVEN’T completed your 33 day walking mission yet.

go over some of my opening lines or attraction routines in front of a mirror and even do about 30 push 20 ©2009 Smarter Living Media . All this means is that you have to approach any girl you like within 3 seconds of www. When I get to where I’m going.GET INTO “STATE” BEFORE YOU GO OUT You’ve got to be in the right mood to approach. Every PUA has already gone through the 33 day walking mission or at least the equivalent of it. Doing all this will get you into the right “state” of mind which will make approaching girls the easiest. You need to learn the fundamentals. some guys have a 1 second rule. On the way to the bar or club. Every night before I go out.destroyapproachanxiety. Secret 2. I will just compliment two or three girls before I do any approaches. I say hi to every person I see. You NEED to learn the fundamentals. Secret 1. you should always get into “state”. some guys have an “if she’s hot or not rule”. here are the seven secrets. So before you go out. you’ve got to put in your 33 days before you start using these techniques. This is a simple thing to do.learning to walk before you run. So remember. That being said. it really doesn’t matter. PUA stands for pick up artist. So go back and do it now! Chapter 6: Top PUA Secrets for DESTROYING Approach Anxiety Just in case you don’t know. Basically pump yourself up. The following are their secrets for destroying approach anxiety. Go back and do that now if you haven’t done it yet.THE THREE SECOND RULE Some guys have a 3 second rule. “State” is just another term for mood. I usually put on my favorite music.

So whenever one of these limiting beliefs or negative thoughts pops into our heads. If she’s fun. Then I immediately approach the girl. The key to making this work is to turn it into a habit and always do it. we have to turn it into a positive thought or belief. So if the thought “I’m too ugly for her” pops into your head. We do this because if you see a girl that you think is hot and approach her right away. stay. just accept it! Tell yourself. Secret 3. Let’s face it. Combine this type of thinking with the 3 second rule and you will turn into an approach machine. If she’s dumb leave! www. Focus on why you should approach instead of why you shouldn’t.destroyapproachanxiety. “I’m too short”. drown out that thought with positive thoughts. Your only goal is to find out if she’s fun or dumb. Focus on the positives and forget about the negatives. YOU are approaching her to find out if she is acceptable to you. Imagine how good it will be kissing her. “What happens if she says no?”. if she is fun or dumb. I actually say to myself “Hahahaha……I have approach anxiety…and you know what…I don’t effin care…nothing bad is going to happen because of this……now get your ass moving and approach her”. you flip the tables.seeing 21 ©2009 Smarter Living Media . “She’s too hot for me”. “Ok. Go out for the next 30 days and follow this rule.REFRAME THE THOUGHTS IN YOUR HEAD We all get the same type of negative thoughts. Another type of reframe or refocus is just telling yourself before you start your approach that talking to the girl is either going to be hella fun or really dumb. listening to this nonsense in our head has made all of us not approach at one time or another. I have approach anxiety and I don’t care!”. “I’m too old for her”. So instead of you going up to her and waiting for her to either accept or reject you. Another way to do this is when you first feel AA coming on and your pulse starts racing and thoughts start popping into your head. your mind doesn’t have time to make up excuses not to approach her or get you scared. “I’m scared”. These are called “Limiting Beliefs”.

try staring and thinking about an object WHILE you are approaching the girl. how much it costs. tell an attractive or funny story and basically do anything that will give her a stream of good emotions. create an opener. how much it might weight. you want to playfully tease her. The opening line I use the most is simply “Hey there. turn around and approach the girl! Focusing on the objects will take your mind completely out of its approach anxiety. you need to be doing most of the talking for the first 3-5 minutes of the conversation (this is sometimes referred to as the attraction phase).THE 4-7-8 DEEP BREATHING METHOD The moment you feel AA. think about its shape. whatever. 4-7-8 deep breathing is simply taking a deep breath for four seconds. do four repetitions of 4-7-8 deep breathing. you girls look fun. When you approach a girl in a club or bar. think about its color. Secret Basically. during those first 3 to 5 minutes. IMMEDIATELY after you do this. Your mind won’t be able to get AA because you’ll be busy thinking about the object. you can find out at www.MEDUSA’S STARE When you find yourself feeling AA coming on. Then pick another object close to it and do the same thing. Soooooo. Secret 5. As you’re staring at the object. So come up with what you’re going to say to girls in advance and practice it in front of a mirror until you have it 22 ©2009 Smarter Living Media . If you don’t know what an attraction routine is or you don’t know what to talk about for 3 to 5 minutes. quickly look around the room for any non-living object and just stare at it for 30 seconds to 1 minute.destroyapproachanxiety. holding www. I had to come say hi.” After saying that. Even better.KNOW WHAT TO SAY IN ADVANCE Just knowing what you are going to say in advance to a girl will decrease AA by at least 35%.fiveminuteattraction.Secret 4. This whole process should take about a minute. I do most of the talking for the next 3 to 5 minutes.

com 23 ©2009 Smarter Living Media . Secret 7. you realize that it’s really not that bad and all of the sudden you become super powerful and you approach anxiety will hover around ZERO for the rest of the night. loosen you up. deliberately try to get blown out. CONGRATULATIONS! So that’s it. make sure you do the 33 day exercise/mission. Use the PUA Secret tactics anytime AA ever pops back up. Wear a stupid hat on your head. clear your mind and really invigorate you. Whatever you do. be playfully insulting.that breath for seven seconds and blowing that breath out for eight seconds. approach girls or just be social. You now have all the information you’ll EVER need to absolutely destroy approach anxiety.destroyapproachanxiety. YOU’VE DESTROYED APPROACH ANXIETY. Don’t be completely insulting. Deliberately try to make the girls ask you to nicely leave them alone. The neat thing is that once you get rejected or “blown out”.BLOW YOURSELF OUT This is actually a very fun game to play. Just do this sequence four times in a row and it should calm your nerves down. Once you complete that. gentlemen. AA should never be that much of a problem again. Do whatever you can to get them to tell you to go away. As long as you consistently follow the “Arm Length” rule. For your first approach of the night. walking up and talking to random girls will be no problem. www. make animal noises as you talk to them.

Becoming a master pick up artist is all downhill from here. As one of your bonuses. Please email hunter@destroyapproachanxiety. 24 ©2009 Smarter Living Media .com/Simpleologyy. You’ve just conquered the HARDEST part of pickup. you’ll be able to get 3 times the amount of things done in one day. I’ve set up a special deal for you with the Simpleology team.destroyapproachanxiety. Simpleology is a time management and productivity method based on secret methods used in the U. By learning Simpleology. I highly suggest you take the Simpleology 101 course and use the Simpleology time management software to accelerate your learn process and basically improve your life in ALL areas.html -Hunter Riley www. Simpleology consists of a 30 day Simpleology 101 course and a very cool piece of time management software. really fast is by using Simpleology.So go out and congratulate yourself. It will speed up your pick up learning process by light years. you can try them all for a if you have any other questions and make sure to check out my other products. You can take the 101 course and use their software without ever paying a dime.S. Go set up your account and start taking the class now at www. PS…………The fastest way and my secret method for becoming really good at pickup.destroyapproachanxiety.

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