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CM602 AutoCAD: AutoLISP Programming
Course length: 3 days Prerequisites:
This course requires a comprehensive set of prerequisites. Please contact MicroCAD for details.

Topics Covered:
Part 1 • Reading and handling the AutoLISP syntax code • Understanding the structure and concepts of AutoLISP • Setting values for the AutoCAD system variables • Create one and two keystroke command shortcuts • The defun function to create AutoCAD commands • Using the get functions to get AutoCAD and user data • Data Collection Functions: getstring, getinit, getdist, • Integration of AutoCAD Menus and AutoLISP programs Part 2 • Learning to use the AutoLISP mathematical functions • Coordinate Geometry, finding points and values • Relational Geometry: distances and angles relationships • Conditional & Iteration Functions: While loops Part 3 • Writing and reading data files into and from AutoCAD • Data Types & Conversion Functions • Selection sets functions, and association Lists • CONS Functions and DXF Table Functions Please contact for group rates and on-site training options. Main office and Watertown training center 617-923-0500 For a current class schedule visit our site at

Designed for:
Experienced AutoCAD users who wish to automate their most repetitive drawing tasks with advanced programming tools. Course plan: This course is designed for the working CAD manager or AutoCAD “power user” who wishes to learn the structure of the AutoLISP programming language. Students will learn how to create short command macros as well as advanced macro programs, as well as how to write AutoCAD commands and AutoLISP functions.