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The house in Singar Nagar, Lucknow, where Bhagwanji was lodged in mid-1950s.

He was evicted by the owner for not paying rent. Courtesy: Alokesh Bagchi

This ruined Shivlaya on the banks of Gomati river near Lucknow became refuge for the mysterious saint after he was thrown out of the Singar Nagar house. Courtesy: Alokesh Bagchi

The temple complex at Neemsar, where Bhagwanji moved in 1958. This picture was taken in early 1960s by revolutionary Amal Roy who established contact with Bhagwanji around the same time Dr Pabitra Mohan Roy did. Courtesy: Rajkumar

A close-up of the temple at Neemsar. Courtesy: Alokesh Bagchi

Inside the temple complex, Bhagwanji stayed on the first floor of this building. Leela Roy, Samar Guha, Shaila Sen and Dr Pabitra Mohan Roy visited this place in March 1963 . Courtesy: Alokesh Bagchi

In 1964 Bhagwanji came to Darshan Nagar in Faizabad and lived

"Shahistha kothi" in Basti where Bhagwanji moved in 1965. When the Khosla Commission's inquiry was on, some people would come here from Kolkata and discuss the commission's work with Bhagwanji . Courtesy: Alokesh Bagchi

Around 1975 Bhagwanji left Basti for Ayodhya. Here he changed as many as 4 houses. "Lucnow Hatta" (in the pic) was perhaps second. Courtesy: Alokesh Bagchi

Next year, Bhagwanji shifted to this house in Brahamkund in Ayodhya. Courtesy: Alokesh Bagchi

"Rambhawan" at Faizabad Civil Lines, where Bhagwanji lived fron 1983 to 1985.