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As is known whenever a person, a family or a country desire to accomplish specific task is needed to schedule every step. Now a days we cannot set about a task without an accurate program in which we define the goals and we describe costs, time, advantages and disadvantages; What I truly mean with this introduction? The impact of American culture and language in my culture (country) had started more than ten years ago. When people apply for a job in majority of enterprises is mandatory to speak and write English fluently, others institutions is demanded 50% of acknowledgement of English Language at least. These enterprises explain that due to interaction with foreign enterprises is needed qualified personnel that can deal, face and work in a different environment. Therefore our society (Angolan) welcomed and received with enormous acceptance some of American values such as: Achievement and Success – The more the country develops our society is becoming extremely competitive, employers and employees have been working for betterments, expansion of enterprises and services, looking for new partnerships and significant innovations for the purposes of reaching great outcomes. Material Comfort – concerning in this aspect Angolan are becoming like Americans when a hard season job wind up they look for passive gratification, drinking, trips, give parties and take a vacation if it’s possible. Nationalism/Patriotism – Angolans people are getting the sense of loyalty to their country, its national symbols, and its history as Americans have been doing. Despite of many governors don’t accept and dislike when Angolans are talking about the these values, they look forward and keep believing that is possible, not to be like Americans but to live better. Finally I have to conclude that efforts are being done so that we can learn English language as fast as possible, we believe it is feasible to change minds of others by explaning them what is really to be succeeded and open minded, the advantages of accepting good aspects of other cultures particularly the American that is a great model for the world. .

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