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Overview of IO, RAID, Disk subsystem: Storage component: Ex.

: server A VMware ESXI Server B windows 2008 there are two typess of loops: 1.FCAL-Fiber channel Arbitatedloop 2.FC interconnected loop SAn: DAE: dsik array enclosure DAE managed by controllers 1.Server requirements: HBA WWN number: 64-bit hardware address 2. FC cable 1. standard connector--10km 2. Lucents connector--travel 300mts FC switch controller: contains: os emc flare management port fc ports storage process database LCC logic volume--after the raid type set volumes called as Logical volumes. RAID group: grouping the drives considering RAID level. storage group: RAID level: LUN: logical unit number: LBA--logical block address: holds 512bm data NAS--piler SAN--LUN HBA--2gb storgage switch and port speed should be same