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Snowmaking Calculation for Wet Bulb Temperature Insert Temperature and Relative Humidity value into appropriate block under parameter & enter . Fahrenheit Calculation Temp (F) RH (%) 21.2 50 -6 Centigrade Calculation Temp (C) RH (%) -6.0 50

Wet Bulb (F) 17.5

Wet Bulb (C) -8.0

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Absolute humidity (gm/cu. Density (kg/cu.m) . Dew point temperature (deg. Relative humidity (%) Outputs i.m) x. m/kg) viii. Dry bulb temperature (deg. Specific volume of air (cu. C) ii. Saturation Vapour pressure (mm Hg) iii. C) ii. Wet bulb temperature (deg. Enthalpy (KJ/kg) ix. C) vii. Humidity ratio of saturated air (kg/kg dry air) vi. Air Vapour pressure (mm Hg) iv.Inputs i. Humidity ratio of air (kg/kg dry air) v.