This professional practicum helped me realize that I need to improve my teaching skills and that I can do so using several

tools and methodologies. I also identified my strengths I have and how I can use these in the class. I analyzed my job and I was very critical of it, the supervisor as well as the guide teacher helped me realize my weaknesses too. In general, I noticed that I am very rigid when I explain something and the teachers told me I wasn’t giving clear instructions so I tried to improve these faults. I started moving around the class and using my hands, I also did some relaxing exercises in order to be more flexible and look more natural. Relating to the instructions, I planned them more specifically and wrote them in the whiteboard. I always thought I was not good at names but before this process started my goal was to remember names of all my students the very first day and I did it. I feel that I succeed and then surpassed my goal when I had to take over another teacher’s class and I remember every name effortlessly. I think I learnt a lot of myself as a teacher than in any other instance, I am a very stubborn person but I changed and received every piece of advice people gave me. I think I still have many weaknesses that I need to improve but I am happy knowing that I can always do better.

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