Some one has destroyed the robin’s nest and stolen the eggs Jane said she leaned into the hedgerow beneath the streamlet and parted the branches her voice choked as her fingers poked about the damaged nest you stood watching behind her over her shoulder watching her fingers move who’d do such a thing? you asked all gone not an egg left she said in saddened tone you leaned near her smelt lavender water she wore her dark hair pinned back with metal grips why destroy?

she said why steal? you sensed her sadness felt her ache and how it would feel she withdrew her hands and wiped them on her dull grey dress and looked along the lane and back at you again who would do such things? you asked she looked at the hedgerow that now concealed the damaged nest and said father says such are humankind that seek and take and leave all fouled and lost and leave to nature or to God to mend and count the cost I saw the nest and eggs last time we came you said the beauty of the eggs and nest made neat

Jane walked on along the lane and you walked beside her her dull grey dress swaying as he walked her hand reached out for yours her fingers slim unpainted nails her thumb rubbed against your hand’s skin the sky watercolour blue with puffs of white just the countryside sans eggs and nest and Jane and you.

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