Already Gone Its important toCross the bridgesTo my leftAnd rightThe holesThe Abes neverReturnPromises compromisedThe need for

themIs no moreAnd it was in theWays-You conductedYourselves(I mean there was no mandatebut your conduct,) The wellsHave no qualmsNo prejudiceThey’re withMe, Your saviorSo when you askedFor yourself— Ad nauseousAnd wrongedYour infantsAnd childrenWhen you lazed aboutAnd wanted everyoneCaned-The windowTo the silencesOpen(By my walk amongst youIn the outrages felt,) And though youRead thisWith mal intentFor how many years? Out of timeYour deedsAnd thoughtsHave pulled you inYou’re already gone-- I meanBy the sands I haveFor the kings in the rainhooshang danesh, 2012, All rights reserved

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