Entryway, all the way, into a conscious life Progress to go back into time Mindless lyrics, eloped to engage

and drive Forward but not before, I die Engaged but not all the while I wait, to see your face With a tuneless voice, that spits at your grave you died and hopefully gone to heaven I died and erased my mind to remember but my heart is totally disgraced in form Empty and cold as I laid my nonexistent form Sweet pickles in the morning fog like a summer day at the farm where you and I played miss match propositions of talking to our imaginary children you hoped and prayed to be with me again but I told you to leave and there is that door pointing my finger at your heart you didn't want nothing to do with those words so let yourself out as I force myself to understand as I get down on my knees To internalize my creation from gods indecision's of my conception

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