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Peace Corps Program Assistant

Peace Corps Program Assistant

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Youth in Development

Youth in Development

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Published by: Accessible Journal Media Peace Corps Docs on Dec 27, 2012
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Program Assistant
Scope of Work
Reports to: Coordinates with: Evaluated by: Program Manager Programming and Training (P&T) staff Director of Programming and Training (DPT)

Position Summary: The Program Assistant (PA) is a fulltime contracted position in the Peace Corps office in Bangkok. The PA is responsible for providing office and field support to the Program Manager (PM) and the Program Training Specialist (PTS) for the Youth in Development (YinD) project. The PA is responsible for program support matters, administrative and logistical support, as well as safety and security. S/he is also an important contact and resource person for YinD Volunteers. The PA occasionally travels to the field and acts as on-site coordinator for in-service training events. Major Duties and Responsibilities: Coordination Peace Corps Thailand closely collaborates with Royal Thai Government (RTG) agencies; Thailand International Development Cooperation Administration (TICA) and the Department of Local Administration (DLA) ensure that the YinD project meets the expressed needs of our local Thai partners. The Program Assistant’s duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following: 1. Assist Program Manager (PM) and Program and Training Specialist (PTS) in contacting and maintaining positive relations with RTG agencies on programming and training matters. Maintain up-to-date contact list of all RTG liaisons and partners. 2. Handle all correspondence between the Peace Corps community development program and RTG partners; write/translate official letters, prepare letters for PM, DPT, or CD’s signature, and ensure that all correspondence is sent in a timely manner by email, post, or fax. 3. Submit updates and reports to appropriate RTG offices, in a timely manner, on changes of Volunteer status such as early termination, advance of “close of service – COS” date, extension, and transfer. 4. Help PM compose periodic reports to RTG partners on project and Volunteer activities. Such reports may include email updates, letters, flyers, brochures, or other publications.

Programming Support The YinD projects are designed and implemented so that Volunteers and Thai community partners collaborate closely on shared goals and objectives. The Program Assistant plays an important role in helping the PM and PTS ensure continuous improvement and innovation in the


Updated December 2012

quality of the projects. Programming duties and responsibilities of the Program Assistant include, but are not limited to, the following: 1. Maintain current and complete project files and records. Update the Volunteer Roster and database in VIDA (Volunteer Information Database Application). 2. Help to maintain up-do-date files on all site development documents. Assist in the dissemination of Site Development Handbooks and materials, collect and file Volunteer requests, and maintain files on all potential sites. 3. Translate program documents from English to Thai and Thai to English, such as the Site Development Handbook, Supervisor/Counterpart Handbook, site development surveys, and correspondence, as needed. 4. Help to manage and coordinate the travel schedule, lodging reservations, meeting appointments and calendar updates for all Programming and Training staff. Provide general administrative support in the office and backstop Programming and Training staff when they are in the field. 5. Compile electronic copies of the Volunteer Report Form (VRF) tri-annually and import to VIDA. 6. Compile statistics from all Volunteer Quarterly Reports into one table for use in creating the annual Project Status Report (PSR). Assist in the preparation of the PSR as requested by the Programming and Training staff. 7. Manage mail distribution. Prepare and disseminate correspondence, updates, and other materials to both Volunteers and Thai partners, as needed. Assist with collection of information for and distribution of program newsletters. 8. Support other units as needed. Be open and flexible and take on additional tasks not prescribed in the SOW during busy times or times of need. Training Support Peace Corps conducts extensive pre-service training to prepare Volunteers for their technical assignment, as well as various in-service events that provide Volunteers and their Thai partners updated knowledge and skills in technical and other areas. The Program Assistant’s duties and responsibilities in the area of training include, but are not limited to, the following: 1. Assist in the preparation of technical training information and materials for various training events. Collaborate with training staff to ensure that they have all necessary program materials for their sessions and activities. 2. When needed, act as on-site coordinator for PST Reconnect, handling all logistics, meals, transportation, communication with RTG partners and Counterparts and guest speakers, etc. Ensure that the event runs smoothly and be available for any emergencies that might arise. 3. Assist the Training Assistant (TA) in managing the resources in the Information and Resource Center (IRC).


Updated December 2012

Volunteer Support Volunteers are provided quality training and ongoing project support that equips them to be selfsufficient and to have a productive and fulfilling experience at site. The PA is an important support and contact person for Volunteers. Volunteer support duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following: 1. Help distribute, collect, and file all materials related to Volunteer site visits. Act as backup in the office when PM and PTS are in the field on site visits. Participate in site visits whenever possible in order to gain a better understanding of Volunteers’ realities in the field. 2. Provide feedback in a timely manner to Volunteers on all email correspondence and phone requests. Encourage Volunteers and offer positive feedback on their accomplishments. 3. Maintain accurate and up-to-date files on all out-of-site requests. Track annual leave and other absences from site using VIDA. Answer requests from Volunteers on out-of-site policy and annual leave balances. 4. Help Volunteers complete Description of Service (DOS) report. Prepare report on letterhead for CD’s signature.

Safety and Security Every Peace Corps Thailand staff member has duties and responsibilities directly and/or indirectly associated with safety and security. The duties and responsibilities of the Program Assistant, particularly as they concern Volunteers and Trainees in their projects, include, but are not limited to, the following: 1. Assist the PM in fulfilling assigned Emergency Action Plan (EAP) duties and serve as the Alternate to the PM in the event the PM is not available at the time of an emergency. 2. Work with programming staff and the Safety and Security Coordinator (SSC) to keep updated the communication systems, the Volunteer and Trainee Roster, as well as EAP system. 3. Receive calls from Volunteers reporting incidents (non-assault and assault), and either refer the call to the SSC or, as appropriate, document needed information for use by other staff.


Updated December 2012

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