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moles birthmarks

moles birthmarks

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eir Signification


in and




C. K.









Right Left .



consider." LORD BACON. nor to believe and take but to weigh and granted." LORD BACON. Canst thou bind the sweet . 33. i . of the Pleiades. influences ."There " is superstition in shunning superstition. 31. " for Read not to contradict and refute. . or loose the bands of Orion? Knowest thou the ordinances of heaven?" JOB xxxviii. nor to find talk and discourse.


on the subject. and every part thereof. seeing Physiognomy the is nothing else than discovery of the affections of the mind. or a knowledge arising from the consideration of the body in general. being a subject of the same nature by reason of its affinity.PREFACE few PERHAPS Doctrine the " persons of know " that their Moles and signification the was regarded as a science in And an old seventeenth century. and principally the . asserts that the Doctrine of Moles is a part of Physiognomy. writer whose work was published in 1653.

manifest the therefore knowledge of Moles appertains Physiognomy. are scattered principally throughout in and gather the face do we the qualifications It is and affections of that the the to mind. As the is interest in Palmistry and Physiognomy is widespread. moles the which body. but if anyone shall more thing. although in very deed it may seem a wonder and far remote from nature and reason . also we be a parasite and might affirm a man lips having huge round or swelling full to be addicted to the same vice. no particular class of a short work on the Doctrine of to ." So much and for this writer.viii PREFACE. confined society. "So from the face. attentively he shall and exactly consider this perceive it no less worthy affirm to of admiration to lips a man having a mole on the as glutton.

I the signification attached to and to moles as their birth marks. It ix only feel will me to say that I shall much indebted furnish to those readers who of me on with the their own personal moles. Moles may remains for also prove acceptable. now has of offer to the reader's consideration. . experience all influence communications to be directed to the In conclusion let publishers. reserving my own judgment or till experience influences confirmed the stars.PREFACE. falsified the M. me the say that planets. W.




INTRODUCTION MOLES faith being at the planets birth. that be cut the hair should before the moon . signature of the those who have astrology will at advantage of a thorough their to in once see the knowledge of significance. why the influence of other planetary bodies should be ridiculed. Since the influence of the sun and moon on our earth it is is hard to see indisputably established. especially with reference marriage. Not only does the moon regulate the but her influence extends to the tides. been told. vegetable world. at Most of us have probably some time or another.



length is desired, and when the moon is at the full if thickness is preferred. When the moon is on the wane it is not

the growth favourable.







supposed to be less Perhaps the most curious and


powerful influence the moon exercises is that she holds on lunatics and somnambulists.

Indeed the very word lunatic is derived from the word luna, or moon-struck person,


affect the

being considered to demented. It is a very


notion that

of the

common moon should

not be allowed to rest on a sleeper's face for fear of evil consequences, distortion of
the features being particularly feared.
fact that


regards somnambulists, when the moon

it is

an acknowledged
at the full they


disposed to walk in their sleep, and to seek the light of the moon. I am personally acquainted with


a young lady who has long been addicted



her sleep, and on one occasion, at full moon, she was seen walking on the narrow ledge of the roof, to which she



had climbed out through the attic window. Great terror was naturally felt when her

as in

was discovered







nambulist escaped from a danger which in her waking hours would most likely have



In the face of these curious evidences of
the moon's power,

would seem unphilo-

sophical and premature to deny the influence of the other heavenly bodies on our planet,

and our limited knowledge of the worlds

beyond our own should make us slow to accept or deny possibilities and probabilities
relating to them.




are told to " prove obviously the only
at the truth.


method of arriving

The most

facts of

Nature were


one time denied, and those who held them


as heretics, foes alike

to religion

and morality and yet the modern
cherish are but the acceptation of



past heresies.



read with a smile the curious

conceptions of sixth-century monks, notably those of St. Augustine, as given by John William Draper and other great modern It was affirmed by St. Augustine, writers.
that "according to the true orthodox system of geography the earth is a quadrangular
plane, extending four

hundred days' journey

and west, and exactly half as much that it is enclosed by north and south
; ;

mountains on which the sky rests that one on the north side, higher than the others,

by intercepting the rays of the sun produces night and that the plane of the earth is not



horizontally, but




with a slight hence the north

Euphrates, Tigris, and other rivers running southward are rapid; but the Nile, having to

which are ascribed both by ancient and modern astrologers to the influence of the planets at birth. run up current.INTRODUCTION. xvii has necessarily a very slow We ities laugh at these and other absurdso tenaciously held by our forefathers may from the height of our superior knowledge. man While the medical science has explained phenomena known as mother's marks of birth-marks it commonly has not as yet offered any natural explanation of the origin of moles. because not yet established on a scientific basis or demonus strated by Euclid." hill. but it is equally certain that future gener- ations will in turn marvel at the slowness of spirit and dulness of perception which debars from accepting truths. more and books would ! If less. men studied Nature how many hidden themselves to this truths reveal It is better to read one generation than a dozen books. There are few persons .

Dark evil badly posited they mitigate while the confirming good. And further it we are told that as regards marriage is essential for mutual happiness that certain planets should be friendly. it points to a lack of power in the planetary influences at birth. and particularly if black in moles. are not favourable. and when is the case. Generally speaking for honey-coloured moles are the most lucky. who agree with any not under the dominion of will Those born under Jupiter may also marry anyone.xviii INTRODUCTION. as even the when evil. except such persons as are ruled by the planet Mars. Those born under the influence of Apollo the sun is person Saturn. Mars a planet that has only one other affinity is . this without any mark of this kind. while on the other hand a great number of moles mark their powerful influence but whether good or ill must be judged by their colour and location. colour. Indeed. as they intensify indications.

persons who contemplate marriage should have one planet in common. and those which differ should be friendly to . Apollo. The Moon not harmonise with is Saturn or Mars.INTR OD UCTION. In any case. Mars and Saturn subjects must never enter into the marriage union. but is at variance with Saturn and Mars. A subject has a wide choice of friends and lovers. Jupiter. or Apollo. or Apollo. xix Venus. Saturn alone excepted. in The friends of Saturn would be found persons dominated by Jupiter. so that persons ruled by Mars must seek a kindred spirit amongst subjects of the Venus type if marriage is to prove a success. Jupiter. Venus. as Saturn is opposed both to Mars and Venus. or Mercury. Both these two disposed to subjects influenced planets can will ill accord with others. Mercury is well by the Moon. as all the other planets accord with her. for these Venus planets are all favourable to Saturn. but well adapted to combine with Venus.

and the reader will also find this subject fully treated of. to most unusual for although it is not impossible. discover what moles conflict with theirs .xx INTR OD UCTION. anyone be solely under the influence of one planet. . would be of greater practical utility. In the next chapter my readers will learn what parts of the body are influenced by the different planets. It is each other. as affecting temperaments and colouring. and may therefore readily would harmonise or but from the nature of the case the knowledge of planetary influence.

Of course. modern thought and ridiculed the ancient modern wisdom have belief in when men and to offer astrology. would it observed on not be well to wait and pause a moment c ere we condemn 21 . very close observers and though scientific without adequate means to form fluence of the stars conclusions. Egyptians r anfc I JL ^HE Egyptians of were Nature. they clearly recognised the in- on the universe and on mankind.CHAPTER I. But since the has been scientifically asserted that Indian famine was due to the spots the disc of the sun. although they in have nothing it their stead. for we live in an age are eager to destroy past beliefs structures.

spatter it. into contact with any book. belief of in an ancient which we know so little. declare that or thing vituperate to book. to " all We are all that is above our understanding : the rule which runs thus Whenever you come person. on the animal as well as on the vegetable kingdom. be immoral. it. the inimitable Story of an African Farm. is that we are difficulty in all Perhaps the main apt to forget (very few indeed ever having . or opinion of which you Be- absolutely comprehend nothing. person. against strongly insist tJiat is any man or woman harbouring it both. Do you lies to annihilate that book." granting the influence of the planets. or opinion.22 MOLES. person. and which our superior wisdom ? we have not troubled to examine too apt to apply the rule of the unlettered Bonaparte Blenkins in ignorant. or Carefully all that in abstain from studying it. a fool or a knave.

superstition in Bacon " says. " Canst thou bind the sweet influences of the Pleiades. and Bishop Jeremy make predictions of contingencies" I n the Old Testament we have the assertion that "the stars in their course fought against Sisera.THE EGYPTIANS AND ASTROLOGY. of an infinitely vast system." and again the bands in Job we read. or loosen of Orion? Knowest thou the of heaven " ? ordinances But we are all more or less habituated to the modern con- . to the myriad vast bodies revolving fail We to comprehend that we are part. There to is shunning superstition. an infinitesimally small part indeed. We should bear in mind that one of the philosophers the world has ever cautions us against rash conclusions known." And the Taylor. as to the truth or fallacy of what we have greatest not investigated. referring " studies of the ancients remarks. realized) 23 is how infinitely small our world compared in space. That they might leave their influence upon us.

interpreters of the stars. by which all passages in the Bible. before the Flood. the and astrologers came from the East demned by God. also the discoverers of this and on that account were con- The astrologers were cast But wise men as were their angels. were curious art. therefore.24 MOLES. " One says. venient theological system of orthodoxy. of the old Christian fathers. earliest astrology knowledge of all acquired by man. . are at once proclaimed as "figurative" so these passages and others of the like nature are at once dismissed as meaningless. out. were the first to announce the birth of Christ. which do not commend that themselves to our understanding. (Tertullian). admits that the stars could be successfully interpreted when he who forsook God." According to must rank as the this authority. Those angels lovers who were of women. consistency since With so natural practised the striking into bigots of any it was .

modern writer. has carefully collected facts of Egyptian " Science now regards the lore. James Bonwick. as not so very If an effect on health. after plainly asserting that the art was condemned by God. this 25 old Christian father. why not improbable.THE EGYPTIANS AND ASTROLOGY. persuasion. on fortune? on empires?" If on an individual. at once tells us that through the wisdom and piety of astrologers the birthplace of Christ was discovered. Egyptian Belief is and Modern Thought. and information it so full of interest on the subject. Mr. why not His work. great physician Hippocrates has so lively a faith in the . stellar influence on health. especially on the A who development of animalculse. that we strongly to the perusal of those who are desirous to obtain the light of the past on the present inquiry. remarks. To this writer that " recommend we are indebted for the information an astronomer and the contemporary of Hippocrates wrote.

" . animated beings and on their maladies. that he very expressly influence of the stars on recommends not to trust to physicians who are ignorant of astronomy.26 MOLES.

lips. while Mercury controls the 27 feet.CHAPTER <>n planetary II. The men. and the left in women. which according different birth. and legs are governed by Saturn. right ear. muscles. cartilages. The blood. and backbone are subject to the influence of Jupiter. bones. with the arms and arteries. veins. lungs. . the right side in Sun . ribs. heart. to signs indicate the astrologers of the planets as shown Astrologers affirm that each portion of the human body is under the direct influence of a particular planet. are under the influence of the right eye. The teeth. ON at nearly every human body certain marks called moles are found.

But though . apoplexy. Hence. each maladies attributable To Jupiter. and lower portion of the body. the right ear. and a disposition to hypochondria.deafness ulcers. croup. the lower portion of the back. to Venus is said govern the throat. . influences the brain. hemorrhage. and blood disorders. The Moon eye. Those born under his influence would also be subject to catalepsy. The bladder. palpitations. when his influence unfavourable. and the the left ear. planet to their according has certain influence. in spasms. membranes. sore throat. cancer. hands. nerves. the stomach. paralysis. To Saturn gout. are subject to Mars. vertigo. the left the intestines. and nervous diseases. tongue. reins. spleen. convulsions.28 MOLES. pleurisy. and the organs which distinguish the sexes. and the matrix. is to astrologers. ligaments. are attributable such diseases as dysentery. toothache. are ascribed quinsy.

a doubtful boon in the eyes of To Mars are ascribed malignant inflammation. kidney jaundice. as The Moon is they pertain to Mars. and all maladies which distinguish the sexes.ON PLANETARY INFLUENCES. and fevers. But apart from their influence over the human body. many. in the left eye. 29 the influence of this planet is always deemed unfavourable. and madness. diseases of the affections. reins. syncope. indigestion. but not those of a violent nature. in the left ear. catarrh. and deafness or pain is Mercury of said to control mental maladies. it is considered conducive to longevity. imbecility. paralysis of the face. To the influence heart disease. delusions. dropsy. for diphtheria. the Sun are attributed defects of vision in the right eye. bilious troubles. considered as the cause of epilepsy. fevers. debility. and defects of vision Venus is held accountable disease of the veins. astrologers are recognising their general effect agreed in on mundane .

pestilences. from the Sun's action attributed in Venus good influences. Earthquakes. and conflagrations are further attributed to this fiery planet. Luna assigned manifests her storms and and are influence rainfalls. are tempests. regarded as the active agent. atmosphere supposed to while to abundance are purity of fish of the are . fruit The blighting of plants trees. causing mildew other The and result Sun and as Venus both deemed beneficial. some readers to stones are Perhaps may interest know that to all the precious planets. To by Mercury heavy evils. When fish abound Jupiter in is the rivers.30 MOLES. as drought and influence. both nearly all the animal and it vegetable world. to the attributed malign influence of Saturn. and and fruit is plentiful. are ascribed to his Nor is Mars considered barrenness propitious. matters. assigned particular . whether due to unseasonis able weather or other causes.

of woe. Sunday being dedicated to Apollo. Friday's bairn is loving and giving. is born on the Sabbath-day. and pearls to the turquoise. good and gay. and are believed 31 to absorb their influence. agates and ore to Saturn." . quicksilver and chalcedony to Mercury jasper. gold and carbuncles to Apollo. sacred to the Moon Tuesday. the Saxon god of war. crystals. Wednesday's bairn is full And And Thursday's bairn has far to go. the name day of Tui. Accordingly we find sapphires and amethyst belong to Jupiter. Monday. Saturday's bairn works hard for a living . But the bairn that Is bright and happy. emeralds.. and the loadstone . .ON PLANETARY INFLUENCES. and coral of the week a curious fact that the days are derived from the planets. . tite. It is Moon . lapis lazuli. of grace. etc. hemato Mars silver. corresponding to Mars. the Sun. which may perhaps account for the curious old rhyme : " Monday's bairn Tuesday's bairn is fair is full of face. to Venus. diamonds.

Before describing the outward forms and appearance given by the planets to individuals. with large bright eyes. and it remains for us to find the key which reveals The mysteries of Nature. fine eyelashes. thick eyelids. and each therefore modifies the qualities and tendencies of the other. Every distinguished by a form particularly suited to reveal his own individuality. arched eyebrows growing . Nothing exists that does not bear the child of is man signature of its most innate nature. Apollo. Jupiter fair and fresh complexion. and Venus promotes a with reference to the appearance and character of individuals.32 MOLES. we wish to impress clearly on the is minds of our readers that no one sub- ject to the influence of a single planet alone." proper study of mankind will first consider the influence of the to us the " We three favourable planets Jupiter. thick hair. but to the combined influence of two or more. is man. long.

Much devoted to their own family and personal friends. The most characteristic fea- tures of Jupiterians are. a graceful proportioned neck. fond of all forms of amusement. As a rule Jupiterians have a loud. sociable. and hate . and large teeth. though this with them is apt to take the form of veneration for ritual. they are also drawn to religion. the chin rather deep and often indented. a big mouth. In character they are self-confident. dogmas. cheeks are firm but thin. Their manners are suave. well- fleshy hands and feet. that though naturally hirsute they become bald at an early age.ON PLANETARY INFLUENCES. thick 33 a short nose of medium The lips. size. closely together. and the external observances that are popular. large shoulders. proud. powerful voice. and clever. ambitious. A surer sign of Jupiter's influence is that the pores of the skin perspire very readily. and by nature they are lovers of peace. especially just below the hair at the top of still the forehead. generous.

ears standing close to the head. lips of equal thickness protrude slightly. generally of a hue. the nose disproportionately short. and has a dull appearance. teeth of a healthy colour rather than dazzling white. a round somewhat prominent chin. eyebrows are arched Further characteristics are a thin straight nose. the Sun. The in influence of Apollo. In that case the skin is of a dead white. The lashes have a tendency to curl upwards. a mouth of a medium size. firm cheeks. When the influence of Jupiter is unfavourable the reverse must be expected. the teeth are irregular and discoloured. cornea of the eyes very clear and the eye itself brown large and brilliant. the lucid.34 MOLES. the and well traced. hypocrisy. the lobes highly that coloured. a long muscular neck well covered with . is seen a good figure slender and very wellThe proportioned. forehead is rather low but well formed. a skin of a yellow hue.

clear-sighted. and intelligent. severe very susceptible to the influence of the opposite sex. gives a more nature. amiable. Their eyesight is seldom very good. rather critics. ful. eloquent. senting a transparent delicate appearance they have small figures. vain. effeminate appearance and fine Those subject to her have soft white and pink complexions. Jupiter and Venus are very similar in their and are therefore readily apt to be But Venus mistaken one for the other. plump cheeks with .ON PLANETARY INFLUENCES. but without the of faculty making true friends. flesh. and in old age they often lose their sight altogether. 35 a full broad chest. influence. of affectionate natures and likely to suffer very much in their affec- tions. and elegant lower In character these persons are quicktempered but easily pacified. They are very fond of Nature and beautiful scenery. cheerlimbs. the skin pre. The unfavourable influence of this planet gives a sickly yellow skin and bad eyesight.

compassionate. well-pencilled eyebrows. small ears with fleshy lobes. a full In chest. spontaneous. narrow sloping shoulders. thick. large moist eyes with large pupils. the nostrils distended and the voice hoarse. pink gums.36 MOLES wavy hair of a dimples. white even teeth. When the influence of is Venus is unfavourable the skin unnaturally white. nose with open nostrils a small mouth and the lower lip being particuthick red lips . brown blue shade. a well-formed . obliging. easily deceived and very confiding. round thick blue -veined eyelids a straight . In this case the figure would be stout and coarse. a round plump chin with a dimple in the larly thick centre. and very pronounced hip bones. and of most engaging manners. . forehead with transparent veins long. sweet-tempered. the eyes very deep set. character they are gentle. thick. long. fond of society and of dress. a white round neck. charitable. fond of repose.

large bones. more pronounced than the upper.ON PLANETARY INFLUENCES. dark eyes with a mournful expression. the lower jaw inclined to advance. a long pointed nose with fleshy nostrils. bad teeth that readily decay. a large mouth and thin lips. very hair. heavy jaws. The most characteristic features shoulders. thick eyebrows which often meet. broad chin. the lower one beingyellowish hue. a long. the planet whose influence is always considered as malignant. and high Other signs are thick. a large thin muscular neck with large veins showing. the cornea of the eye of a dark-brown or black high cheek-bones. compressed nostrils. a narrow hairy chest. though in combination with other planets it may even advantageous. pale gums. 37 Leaving the favourable planets we now pass on to Saturn. Saturn is ascribed a face. coarse. and a long of such subjects are large ears. In character such persons D . bony arms and thin hands. be To tall the influence of slight figure.

a round short face and high forehead. the skin liable to dark. The most is mark of this planet's influence is the colour of the skin. which of a reddish- brown as though sunburnt. most independent of interference or control. fond of research especially with reference to occult matters. sceptical.38 MOLES. . and the persons are very be born is is with some deformity. economical. melancholy. often close-fisted. a hard dry skin of a reddish-brown. fond of solitude. fond of argument. abstemious. curious. cold-hearted. though this not necessarily noticeable. are distrustful. yet self-distrustful. slow to think and act. The ears are generally small. When Saturn's in- fluence is most adverse. prudent. positive. particularly red near the ears and side of the manding figure. and indifferent to marriage. After Saturn the planet Mars is usually sig- ranked as nificant least favourable. but stand far out from the Other indications are a tall comhead.

proud. a large hooked nose with a pronounced ridge as wide. the cornea of the eye more or less bloodshot. and in walking they take In character. selfconfident. a small mouth and thick lips closely pressed the under lip being usually thicker together. devoted to the opposite sex. thick short hair either 39 of a carrot red or a darker hue. large sparkling bold eyes that have a steady fixed look. large shoulders. The un- favourable influence of Mars gives a very red . mous. a short thick muscular neck with the veins standing out like cords. open nostrils. fond of military service and of physical exercise. in the Roman type. eyebrows that run close to the eyes in a straight thick line. than the upper.ON PLANETARY INFLUENCES. teeth. The movements of such persons are very brusque. active and energetic. high cheek-bones. yellowish a prominent chin. face. easily provoked. magnanilong quick steps. liberal. and a full chest. red audacious. courageous even when face to face with death. gums.

deep-set eyes of a gray or brown colour that move quickly. thin lips. small a mottled complexion.40 skin. very prominent drooping ears. is very that characteristic of their is Mercurian youthful usual with subjects they retain appearance much longer than . a yellow skin of a fair appearance which changes colour rapidly. flat nostrils. figure. and also somewhat teeth. the upper one advancing a lower. long thin arched eyebrows. a pointed chin beyond the thicker. and the corners of the mouth to so as lend an ill-tempered expression. an angular eyes. a plump broad chest. MOLES. contracted eyebrows. and a weak It voice. fine eyelashes. Mercury the intellectual planet gives a small well-proportioned figure. the cornea of a rather yellow colour. supple wavy chestnut hair which grows slowly. large shoulders. small even little and a firm plump neck. a long straight nose round at the tip.



In character tfiey are vivacious, spontaneous, intelligent, and possessed of considerable intuition, astuteness, and tact.


are of an inventive turn of

mind and fond

of study.

The combined

influence of Saturn genius.







by Being naturally light-hearted and readily amused they prove agreeable
pleasant companions.




Mercury gives a dark spotty complexion, hair of a nondescript colour, and a


then very deep-set,

eyes are and their voice weak







Moon's influence


seen in a

figure with large, flexible

The complexion
slightly relieved

of a dull white,

a soft skin;

round head well

by a pale pink a out above the temples

fine, long, fair hair; large,








lighter than the hair a round tip a small

eyebrows, generally a short nose, with

mouth with






yellow, irregular teeth,

which decay


an early age

pale gums,

a plump chin, which usually recedes a little ears lying very close to the head a plump,

long, white neck


large, fleshy shoulders


pliant hips


large, fat

hands and










melancholy, and averse to domestic life, fond of travelling and of the mysterious,

phlegmatic their intuition much developed, In somnambulists and dreamers. love,

devoted and very yielding, but inconstant


perseverance, always wanting and dissatisfied, easily fatigued, and usually







favourable, the influence of the

great superstition and untruthfulness. They are liable to have epileptic fits, and

do not


the fact

that cleanliness

to health.







a position the matter




and the


of moles. In

matters of this kind



very imthe





a position




or falsehood of such indications.







second-hand, and the maxim


knowledge Prove all

cannot be too often impressed on The same test should be applied readers.

other so-called occult sciences, such as

Spiritualism and Palmistry. People are apt to jump to hasty conclusions either for or

against a


theory, whereas reason


justice both demand that an impartial and thorough investigation should be made

before any proposition




. and where women are concerned it is stili less likely to be taken into account.44 MOLES. unfortunately reason plays but a small part in the counsels of most men.

it and when it rises above the skin simply announces that he will be greatly loved by the fairer sex.CHAPTER tbe III. i) shows that be felt for the opposite A man gives pride and caprice to a woman. especially If honey-coloured. MOLE of posited high up in the centre the forehead. announces in in life. it is less unfortunate. mole in the centre of the forehead. above the line of Saturn. forebear A A sex. a prudent disposition and success mole below the the centre of the forehead line of much interest will It Saturn (No. with this mole will be subject to bad fortune on account of women. if the mole be black. A 45 .

part. if 2). A mole in the centre of the forehead. good fortune and he will have a very good digestion and excellent health. A mole in the centre of the forehead. but if honey-coloured he it man will be loved his it in spite of his churlishness. he will have good judgment. it points to an indifferent If sensuality. but should the mole be black he may also commit murder. line of Jupiter below the a woman's a (No. If red. and honey-coloured. and idleness on particularly black.46 MOLES. general misfortune will be his portion. arrogant disposition in a woman. below the line of . she is likely to commit murder. In shows the same ignorance and want of culture. below the line of Mars (No. announces a haughty and If black. ignorance. but if temper will be ungovernable. If black. 3). When raised above the skin. signifies great stupidity. In a man. and act wisely. red. rises above the skin he may be in fortunate his affairs.

his disease will be very grievous. 5). is a sign in a woman. indications somewhat more favourable to a man. which being black will have a man it announces been inherited. Although of a sensuous nature and fond of the pleasures of the table he will be very eloquent. and excel as an orator. and is particularly liable to catch contagious diseases. When black. and The die by violent means. To sickness of an incurable nature. the skin he will recover. 4).ON THE FOREHEAD. If honey-coloured in and flat he may be danger of im- prisonment. mole in the centre of the forehead. Apollo (No. shows . A mole in the centre of the forehead. arising from If raised above impurities of the blood. 6). signifies 47 a want of honesty If and morality if in a woman. will honey-coloured a relation of hers black he will are be seriously ill. line of below the in of internal weakness the event of its Venus (No. A below the line of Mercury (No.

48 MOLES. If honey-coloured a near the line of Saturn (No. signifies to a woman general good fortune. . This applies to man and woman alike. and a woman. but if black he will lead general good luck. below the frivolity Luna (No. To a man it gives eloquence. that the sudden death of a parent will occur. in 7). a rich marriage and money from relatives. signifies If petulance black she will be forward and very careless. gives fortune by legacies. and she will find him hard to A mole to the right of the forehead. an unsettled life. woman If red expect agricultural success. to a 8). A mole on the right side of the forehead. To a man it foretells long life and a fortunate alliance. on the line of Jupiter (No. 9). but if black in colour she will be very avaricious and experience changes of fortune. Should he marry he will man may rule his wife please. A mole in line the of centre of the forehead.

When and will black it is virtue. A mole line of to the right of the forehead. will be very solicitous to please her husband. and . o of Venus (No. indicates excellent woman in all her undertakings. 49 A mole line of to the right of the forehead. red he will gain military honors. but probably a short life and some trouble from the malice of evil tongues. 12). on the fortune to a If black Apollo (No. 10). n). honey-coloured a man will be if successful in anything to do with horses If . on the announces good fortune. on the Mars (No. she must be careful what she says. It announces honours to a man. but if black it threatens danger from a quadruped. shows to a woman a good and rich husband and money from her parents. To a sign of great modesty a man it shows a rich and happy marriage. or she may A mole line to the right of the forehead.ON THE FOREHEAD. She bring trouble to herself. When honey-coloured he if be very fortunate in his friends.

below the Luna (No. coloured she will marry a foreigner and if black her husband will travel a good deal. foretells by marriage to a woman. with long life If black she must be and good fortune. the the right scientific re- skin all his actions will tend to success. points to ingenuity and wit in a woman. If honeycoloured his success will be assured if red . Should the mole leaving her often alone. To a man it .5o MOLES. If honeyline of . likely to be irrepreis When fill raised above the skin he positions of great trust. he will acquire searches. and will acquire fortune by his own skill and merit. and money through when raised above. below the line of Mercury (No. It shows that a man is industrious. 13). be raised above the skin she will probably accompany him on his travels. 14). A riches mole to of the forehead. on her guard against calumnies. moral character will black his hensible. A mole to the right of the forehead.

sex good fortune from is superiors in rank.ON THE FOREHEAD. dications If raised the in- are still more fortunate but if black the good fortune will be subject to change. announces success in 51 mercantile business. mole to the right of the forehead. close to the hair. A announces to either sex that by their wit they will gain the respect and friendship of many. 21). When raised above the skin wealth and happiness will accrue but if black they . A mole to the right of the forehead. and this fortune likely to continue without interruptions. by the line of Mercury (No. When above the skin a happy marriage will follow. also fortunate journeys. on the either line of announces to Venus (No. . 20). near the line of Luna (No. unless black. close to the hair. when raised he is liable to be cheated. close to the hair. 19). must be circumspect in their speech. . A mole to the right of the forehead. points to a rich marriage.

52 MOLES mole near the right temple (No. a happy marriage. 22). This is particularly A the case when honey -coloured. inheritance If red . shows much love of luxury and material pleasures in a woman. he will gain money by his industry and talent. fore- A mole tells to if on the right temple (No. not be so fortunate will the mole In any case he the fairer sex. He will be a great favourite with women. but a second marriage will follow and prove equally happy. will A man with this mark so accumulate make long journeys and If wealth. especially Should it be black she honey-coloured. If a little below the right temple. a woman be a widow. To a man it signifies that he will attain to an honourable position amongst his fellow men. To a man will it shows riches and success. is He black. he if gains will an unexpected and raised he will be witty and if intelligent. honey-coloured he acquires riches . be much attracted by 23).

but if honey-coloured he right feeling. E . 24). owing to his If red he being surrounded by enemies. below the line of Jupiter (No. 53 if red his relatives will leave it Should be black he will come to want. black she will be married twice. by marriage him money. his certain amount of will If conduct be open to grave censure. and act in an imprudent and reckless manner. but neither marriage coloured will it is happy. probable that a prove If man will honeybe imprisoned for a slight offence. but if black he is Should the mark be likely to die in prison. shows that a woman be very extravagant. below the line of Saturn (No. 25). A man will with this mark will also be sensuous and very lavish.ON THE FOREHEAD. soon be discharged. . shows that a woman will leave her native land and if . A mole to the left of the forehead. will raised he will prove more fortunate. will show a red. A mole to the left of the forehead.

announces great misfortune and poverty to a woman. In a man it points to the probability of his committing murder. A to the left of the forehead. below 26). line of on or under the Apollo (No. coloured all his labours will be in vain. a vindictive and violent temper in a woman. signifies the line of Mars (No. To a man misfortune will arise. 27). and will be unlucky in love. with women mole red he gets himself into trouble and if black he is treacherous and malicious. and if black . will and in be of an unruly nature. the evil indications are When some- what modified. If . from his If honeygiving offence to his superiors. raised he will not be without redeeming qualities. She is likely to meet with an accident. A mole to the left of the forehead. Should it be black the evil is very great. badany case he Should it be tempered and a grumbler.54 MOLES raised. If red poverty will be his portion .

his 55 imprudence raised will When his bring trouble on him.ON THE FOREHEAD. honey-coloured these will arise from the . shows black careless conduct in a woman . red his the mole is honey-coloured his friends will bring these troubles if if on him . will will suffer A If man from quarrels and lawsuits. man with this mark must expect troubles If and sorrows. A mole to the the line of left of the forehead. line on or under the of Venus (No. envy of others his own part . on or 29). and if A she will sacrifice her honour and self-respect. misfortunes will be al- leviated. He will be less afflicted should the mole be raised. black own relations will injure him women will be the cause of but his misfortunes. Mercury (No. 28). unless when she will sacrifice her honour. red from hasty actions on and if black from deceitful if . foretells below that a black. woman be twice married. . A mole to the left of the forehead.

come through his own black. be raised he may mend on or his fortunes. shows that travel a good deal after black be in peril at childwill marriage birth. line of will below the woman . Luna (No. Should it conduct. affairs. hard. 31). . If black she will prove most unlucky. She will be exposed to accidents from falling. will he He will A mole at the left far end of the line of Saturn.56 MOLES. when he is likely especially if to be imprisoned When raised the evils are mitigated. not live long. signifies poverty and distress to a woman. 30). to the of the forehead (No. and meet with disappointment when she hopes the most. and if gain from commercial If black but his health will be poor. If it is raised her lot will be less To a man trouble and poverty will fault. A man probably take some long journeys. A a mole to the left of the forehead. and his marriage is not likely to be a happy one.

points great extravagance part. property. 57 A 32). if black he has is no common-sense. A man be quick to resent will also be very . in money matters and If if red he be addicted to drink. mole to at the far end of the line of Jupiter. law- and much trouble from the opposite sex. and If foolish prodigality on a woman's black she will always imaginary prodigal will slights. to the left of the forehead (No. warns a woman to expect trouble and sorrow from a . A mole at the far end of the line of 33). to the left of the forehead (No. A mole end of the line of Apollo. man If or woman to expect quarrels. and luxurious. honey-coloured. raised he very Mars. relations will cause the annoyance if red the subject will be to .ON THE FOREHEAD. warns either suits. If black they it will ruin their own will Should at the far be raised the man have a reputation for courage. 34). blame. the to left of the forehead (No.

will be her portion it if the mole feeling black. 35). threatens ill-health both to man and woman. Extreme misery is man. honey-coloured they will be troubled with indigestion. will If black she If receive the censure she deserves. line A mole the far end of the left of of the forehead (No. to the punishment due to her conduct. A mole end of the line of Venus. if red they will indulge too freely in spirits. To a man threatens ill- on the part of if his employers. suffer though well off in his youth.58 MOLES. he will want in old age from his own proat the far digality. shows that a woman will probably escape the Mercury. If honey-coloured . a spendthrift reverses in raised. 36). honey-coloured a man will be hated by his . he will be red he shall meet with If life and come to poverty. If to the left of the forehead (No. suffer from liver complaint and . and also imprisonment. If raised they at will enjoy better health.

. Should be raised the tions are modified. to the left of the forehead (No. and a life embittered by the unkindness of her husband. . A mole on the left temple (No. own people because red he is 59 If of his bad conduct. and probably accused of murder. intelligent and witty. raised the evils are mitigated. If black enemies her. threatens severe sickness to if man or woman black they are likely to come to an Should untimely end by a fall or drowning. will bring grave charges will against be greatly perseIf cuted. If black he must it expect danger from the sea. A mole at the far end of the line of Luna. 39). 37). honey-coloured or red he must be watchful of his A man own relatives. and will if black his unprincipled conduct it bring reproach evil indica- on him. threatens an early death to a woman. it be raised they will die a natural death. 38). Should be A and mole above the left temple (No.ON THE FOREHEAD.

and brave. points to the influence of Mars. meet a violent death. and therefore the subject would be self-willed. and have delicate health. left temple foretells good but misfortune in love matters. health. in the hair at the back. die before fifty. her conduct.60 MOLES. A man will have a If black he will long and perilous illness. A A mole near the mole on the head itself. espeIf black she may cially as she gets older. . hot-tempered. announces many travels to a woman after She will be too impulsive in her marriage.

<>n tbe Eyebrows.CHAPTER IV. near the temple. mole on the outer side of the right eyebrow. that he will be very susceptible . But if announces troubles from servants. A MOLE to a - woman a on the right eyebrow signifies and rich husband . A mole just between the eyebrows shows a petulant temper in a woman and to' a man. a man it gives riches and honours. 61 . points to a virtuous black. it A and also happy existence. if honey coloured she will also receive money from an unexpected source. will To He have an affectionate and devoted wife.

shows that the subject will suffer very much from the far foretells a person of the opposite sex. if red his reputation will he will be poor and if black his married life will suffer . a woman it Should very unhappy marriage. woman's he influence. . be black she will not be true It to her husband. in also signifies misfortune If honey-coloured marriage to a man. To a man it portends a violent death. . nor his health good.62 MOLES. at end of the to left eyebrow (No. if otherwise much travelling which black. She will many journeys after her marriage. above the left eyebrow. eyebrow of a woman her tongue. His marriage is not likely to A mole just be happy. a 61). If raised to above the skin will be a good business man. industrious and to able. will lead to success. mole on the inner left A side. left A mole on the her will warns health bridle Her take be very poor.

As the ancient astrologers maintained that Physiognomy and the signification of Moles were kindred readers to sciences. and when they present a rufHed appearance it is a sign of short temper. Straight eyebrows indicate a masculine firm temper. whereas the arched eyebrows so often noticed in a woman's face The express weakness and artistic taste. is indicative of shown by the Temper is also eyebrows.ON THE EYEBROWS. When raised above the skin he will be very prodigal with his property. own A on it. but not health. it may interest know that the eyebrows have an important bearing on character as revealed by the face. mole near the shows good eyebrow. further they are removed from the eyes the less tenacity of purpose does the subject possess. be full 63 of discord. but the risk of left accidentally dying a violent death. If they run far from the eyes . artistic The taste arched curve or talent.

Indeed. at the outer corner a great love of enjoy- ment is displayed. the eyebrows are very characteristic. physiognomically.64 MOLES. also be discovered from the outline of the brows. . bushy eyebrows announce penetration and forethought and other traits may . Overhanging.

of false however. mole on the white of the right eye. but they will be cured. especially the pupil of the eye is grey. will receive If bad wounds. it likely to terminate fatally. mole in the corner of the right eye announces a rich marriage to a woman. suffer from the slander friends. 65 If . shows to a woman in much danger is childbirth. n tbe A if MOLE in the right eye itself signifies 2~\ marked intellectual ability. and from the dishonesty of her servants. A near the corner (No.CHAPTER V. If black. red he will suffer pain in the head. A She will. 71). if honey-coloured. A man with this mark.

she will let nothing interfere with the gratification of A her desires. will obtain money through If if the influence for of women. 70). announces general bad fortune to a woman. and red he will suffer their life. She will be fortunate. but much loved. If honey-coloured . If black. She will be of a very luxurious temperament. near the temples. black he will lead a wild mole under the middle of the right eye of a woman (No. shows she is proud and vain. To a man it announces a happy marriage but a short life. sake. and much interested in the opposite sex. variable. if honey-coloured.66 MOLES. black indigestion will be the cause of his His fortunes will be very sufferings. man with this mark. but if A black her servants will prove dishonest and she may unintentionally cause the death of some one dear to her. A mole on the white of the right eye. and lose all self-respect.

ON THE his EYES. announces virtue A and modesty in a woman. If it rises above the skin he will realize all his wishes. She will enjoy long life and prosperity. unless black. 84). If honey-coloured he is red he marries a wife of very good family. middle of the announces good fortune and comfortable means to a woman. . gives genius to a man. 83). will A the man acquire riches live by his ability and industry. means he becomes If most fortunate. 67 own intemperance he will if will hasten his death. If red lead a very unsettled and black he may A mole at the side of the take poison. and if raised he will be very rich and occupy an excellent position. If black right eye (No. and by this rich. she will be troubled by servants or thieves. when she It is likely to spoil her own good fortune. will long unless mark is which would detract from his good fortune. mole by the side of the right eye and close to the ear (No. life . He black.

unless the mole be which would imply troubles from her servants. If but will escape their plots against him. his wife Should the mole be black he and will often fall out. and on a level with the tip of the ear close to the hair. flirt. man will lead a wild life. If black the subject will be a widow or widower. and if black he red he will be betrayed . A mole in the inner corner of the left eye. and if honey- coloured he will be surrounded with enemies. She be wanting in self-respect A and must beware of hydrophobia. shows woman to be a great life She may expect a fortunate black. . A man will succeed is in his pro- fession or business. A mole near or under the a right eye. announces a fortunate marriage. shows that a woman in will have much trouble will her young days.$8 MOLES. as he will be very brave. A mole just above the right eye. in the He likely to serve army and gain distinction.

ON THE must be on his his guard. and receive the due punishment of her misdeeds. honey-coloured he is likely to die of wounds. show s licentiousness in a woman. attacks must guard against murderous and if black he will die on the gallows. black she will be brought to justice. . If it EYES. or falls from high places. If conduct will be open to grave censure. man with this unfortunate mark will A If probably cause the death of his wife. and if black she will die early. poison should rises above the skin own mole relations would seek to poison left him. 56). honey-coloured red he will be very will if but above the skin he F . A in the outer corner of the eye with near the temples threatens a woman Her drowning. and If if it rises most passionate. lest 69 be given him. If red he . mole just below the corner of the left eye (No. A r A man cruel will be wicked.

70 MOLES. and if black she will probably die a violent death. and also . shows to a woman much trouble. will near relatives annoy him .coloured. A man will also be greatly worried. She will bring great discredit on herself. 54). and if black his own wife will it be the cause of his anxieties. Should it not be quite as bad. mole under the left eye (No. if honey. will fare better. but also from the opposite sex. danger in childbirth to a woman. left Should be raised he A mole near the eye shows that the subject will suffer many wrongs. not only from A thieves and servants. his to women. and owing If red. will be black he be punished for theft or murder.

but if black she will expect them If honey-coloured only to be disappointed. but if black she will not always be well off. On A he man if will be rich in this world's goods. signifies a rich husband. but he will eventually escape from the outer corner of the upper right eyelid (No. 76). and A MOLE on the middle of the right gain much money. 77). him. gain money with his wife. and will If red honey-coloured marry well. <>n tbe eyelid (No.CHAPTER VI. announces legacies to a woman. If overtake it. and misfortune If raised he will acquire unexpected black undesired will property. but if 71 . a man will have a noble disposition.

credit The on likely to bring dis- their name by being concerned another. honey-coloured. black his marriage will be beset with difficulties. A right mole on the outer corner of the lower eyelid. threatens an untimely death by poison. and to a woman also danger in childbirth. some way with the death of If a woman she will be a great flirt. A mole on the upper right eyelid near if the nose (No. If honey -coloured or red the subject will be immoderately fond of pleasure and ease. points subject to is absurd pride and in vanity. announces every undertaking. Should the mole rise above the skin his matrimonial affairs will prosper.72 MOLES. be black to bear good fortune in The mole must not this signification. mole on the inner corner of the upper A right eyelid. A mole in the centre of the under right eyelid. 75). foretells good fortune by reason of gifts . when black.

loss may be sustained through the treachery of a false friend. If red. will be received and . if 73 from the opposite sex. If black. be black there will be obstacles in the way. announces a troublesome .ON THE EYELIDS. off during the red they will raised. part of their always be fortunate early . if but if they life. in eyelid the centre of the upper left 60). fortune will be much increased. the subjects will be best life . A mole between the corner and middle of the upper right eyelid. If honey-coloured. A mole on the lower of the right eye announces a rich marriage. will close of Should be most prosperous at the it be black they will lid suffer loss. announces good fortune as regards marriage and children. A mole (No. with wit and sound judgment on the part of the subject. an inheritance the good Should it raised. ON THE LEFT EYELID.

to a woman.74 life MOLES. 63). if black. she will sacrifice will A man also suffer much he tribulation. If honey-coloured or red. Should the mole be raised he will always be exposed danger. If black. indicates happiness marriage her troubles will black. threatens discord life. he will catch a contagious disease. . to a woman. perils and also a tragic death. result be part. A upper mole left on in the outer 58). beset with If black. There will be no love on and she will have a proud. A in mole left in or near the inner corner of the lower eyelid (No. her good name. the of misconduct on her it own To a man shows great misfortune and sickness. his life may be lengthened. will will he to have a violent temper and meet with a terrible death. or come to an untimely it Should be raised end by drowning. corner of the unIf eyelid (No. married the woman's side. .

evil conduct. If black she will receive the just reward of her disgraceful conduct. denotes a most luxurious nature which sets all restrictions at defiance. implies disasters to a woman. If black the subject will give way to unbridled licence. 59). and if black she will be treacherous and devoid of all self-respect. mole on the outer side of the upper A left eyelid (No. black.ON THE bad-tempered subject EYELIDS. Relations will prove troublesome. 57). and sudden death may follow. 55). the may commit A mole in left manslaughter. mole near the upper left eyelid below A the eyebrow (No. A man will . If 75 disposition. the centre of the lower lid of the eye (No. If black his offences against morality will be of the A mole near the outer corner of the left eyelid threatens danger from quadrupeds. man will also bring trouble and discredit A on himself by his worst kind. announces poverty and trouble to a woman.

most unreliable and towards A mole on the lower left eyelid. disease. MOLES. gives a weak constitution and delicate health to a woman.76 . . the outer corner. If posited exactly in the hollow of the under left lid a woman will suffer in her reputation and if an unsettled life . black she will have committed a grave sin. To a man and early death. he will be subject to is many infirmities If raised and have an incurable above the skin he changeable. A man will be exposed to great misfortunes. and evil also be of a sensual nature If black manners.

wit and good ability. mole on the right side of the nose (No. danger from treachery. but if black a short life. promises social success. a happy marriage and a long life but if black . To a man riches acquired by his own industry and ability. red he will lead a and she may lose mole to the right side of the bridge of the nose (No. To a man If life . especially if of a dark colour. A A MOLE in the centre of the bridge of the nose signifies to a woman a happy marriage. . n tbe IRose. shows to a woman sorrows and anxieties. 74). A 73).CHAPTER VII. wandering unsettled the use of her feet. To is a man 77 that he has a violent temper and very proud.

lawsuits. She is likely to If black she will be troubled by not live to be old. but if black he will encounter it Should be raised he will prove very fortunate. . Should the mole be just on a level with the eye she will be very proud and conceited. great wealth difficulties. 72). Unfortunately a feeble constitution. signifies that a woman will be very popular with men and marry well and live long. gives great popularity. . mole on the right side of the nose halfit way down (No. To a man it foretells money by marriage but if honey-coloured he If red he will acquire will not gain much. If black she will die of an internal disease. but if raised above the skin he is most obstiIf nate.78 MOLES. . Should it be black he will be a mischief-maker and create much ill-will. and cause dissensions A by trying to rule her husband. A mole on the right side of the nose (No. honey-coloured he is amenable to reason. points to delicate health and 72).

and receive a wound on the right side. success will come. If red his wife brings him his luck. shows that a woman will be ingenious and wealthy. close to the lower part of the right nostril. illness. the face. 66). A mole on the upper inner curve of the . and that all her efforts will only bring down malice in the A mole on her . and if she marries A mole on she will be a good manager of her husband's Should it be raised she will gain property. but if black he will be involved in quarrels. To will if a if red these grievous wounds be encountered for women's sake and . if black she will have a serious . To a man good fortune and . 79 hollow of the right nostril (No. If raised his life will be very happy. great wealth by marriage but if black her own morbid sense of personal dignity will lead to trouble. man black his own wife will be the cause of them. threatens sorrows to a woman.ON THE NOSE.

tion mole just below the 51). To a man a wild life . even endeavour to take his life. If woman black she will plot against her husband. If black she will be assassinated consequence. if black his excesses may bring sickness on him. woman by the that she is . A A mole between the eyebrows. shows love of luxury.So MOLES. too if much opposite sex tation and suffer in consequence. tip of the nose denotes in a ill-feeling and a bad dispositowards her husband. and if . black she will yield to tempTo a man is a false and deceitful nature indicated. which . mole at the root of the nose near the left in in eyebrow (No. and. announces to a attracted right nostril (No. at the root of the nose. will cause black him to suffer acutely from gout and if his life will be shortened. points to faithlessness a woman. A (No. if red of intemperance. To a man great depravity. 62). 65). perhaps. If honey-coloured he will be accused of dishonesty.

A mole on the left side of the nose. licentiousness. shows that the subject is A most violent and If black kill will will seriously injure another. honey-coloured his bad temper bring trouble on himself. and if black she will show her bad To a feeling by actions as well as words. man will quarrels with his wife and a nature given If to strife. mole on the inward side of the nose. and probably commit they a member of their side of own family. Should it 81 laws. be black his depravity will meet with tip retribution. just . murder.ON THE red he will defy all NOSE. A mole on the shows that a woman of the nose (No. 64). to the right and below the eye. has a malicious spite against men. 63). A mole on the left the will nose take (No. and if black he is accused of manslaughter or murder. and her To a man marriage will not prove happy. shows that a woman great interest in the opposite sex.

adventuress. To a man black she will be punished. A mole on the it side of the nose. If black his own If kindred will be the ones to annoy him. shows woman position. implies that a woman is peevish A and capricious. . he devoted to material enjoyments. he Should it be will be molested by enemies. raised he will escape some of his difficulties. shows that the subject left lives and is likely to die a violent death. To a very bad character and if black. raised. of a roving. A mole on either nostril always denotes great love of the opposite sex. mole on the left side of the lower part of the nostril. nostril.82 MOLES. about the middle of that a and near the cheek. and probable troubles on this account. restless disIf black she is worse than an is a man. a bad nature and If red. is . above the a bad life. that he will have trouble in conIf nection with women. he will be obliged to seek refuge in a foreign land to escape justice.

The nose is such an important feature in If raised he will summing up that if the character physiognomically. the doctrine of Moles can be estab- lished there would be considerable interest attached to the position of moles on this . and the disease. or of To man much risk of catching an infectious dying a violent death. A end mole on the ridge of the nose. probably be deceived on account of his own credulity. threatens wounds and a dishonour to a woman. and if red great calamity receive a bad wound at the . .ON THE NOSE. if black he may hand of strangers. danger. He may escape with a wound if the mark is honeycoloured but if black he dies suddenly. 83 A mole on the left side of the nose. that his foes shall be those of his own house . To a man if honey- coloured. threatens care to a and sorrow woman. If black she may be the cause of bloodshed through her unfaithfulness in love. in the hollow of the nostril. near the to the left side of the face.

more significance than any other feature. easier to . This may seem a strange statement to those who believe that the soul lies in the expression of the eyes . but.84 MOLES. as a matter of fact. it is much dissemble the expression of the eyes than to control that of the mouth. the mouth alone excepted. Indeed the nose has feature of the face.

but If black the if raised he danger becomes deaf not be in one ear. also risks of falls. averted and . not only of falls. A mole in in the middle of the right ear. To a man many enemies. dissensions and danger of suffering from the scandal of false friends.CHAPTER VIII. <>n tbe A to MOLE on the upper part of the right ear (No. If black he will either be G 85 . To will a man of much danger drowning. If black her own conduct inspires contempt. announces loss and sorrow a woman family quarrels. near the outer rim. 81). threatens trouble to a woman defending her own property.

If black misery. announces trouble her love affairs and black a violent death. a man that he will commit murder on a temper is woman's account.88 MOLES. will follow. bad fortune. ill-health. mole behind the in left ear. little A A if mole a above the lobe of the left ear announces troubles and difficulty to any subject. To a man. If red his un- governable if black he will cause the death of more than one person and if raised the . announces death or at least great delicacy. and a violent . near the hair. subject is likely to die a violent death. mole above the left ear. that he may A poison someone by mistake. to a woman . .

near the lobe of the ear. 89 . and a long life. But if black the subjects' fortunes are likely to change.CHAPTER IX. denotes ingenuity. indicates some troublesome disputes. a woman she be greatly loved and happily married. announces money by marriage. 69). n tbe Cbeefcs anb A will MOLE on the upper part of the right cheek (No. The subject will be inIf dustrious and live long. which will lead to wealth. A mole on the lower part of the right cheek (No. 67). and in old age they will experience the reverse of what they A had in their youth. but good fortune in marriage and business. mole on the right cheek. Either subject will enjoy good health.

and a violent will follow. A mole above the left ear.88 MOLES. If black misery. near the announces death ill-health. if black he will cause the death A A if mole a little above the lobe of the left ear announces troubles and difficulty to any subject. If red his un- governable of more than one person and if raised the subject is likely to die a violent death. hair. announces trouble her love affairs and black a violent death. or at least great delicacy. . . mole behind the in left ear. a man that he will commit murder on a temper is woman's account. bad fortune. that he may poison someone by mistake. To a man. . to a woman .

The subject will be inIf dustrious and live long. indicates some troublesome disputes. A mole on the lower part of the right cheek (No. 67). Either subject will enjoy good health. A will MOLE on the upper part of the right cheek (No. <S>n tbe Cbeefcs anb 3aw$. a woman she be greatly loved and happily married. and in old age they will experience the reverse of what they money by and a long life. near the lobe A of the ear. 89 . But if had in their youth. but good fortune in marriage and business. 69). announces marriage. denotes ingenuity. mole on the right cheek. black the subjects' fortunes are likely to change.CHAPTER IX. which will lead to wealth.

announces bad fortune to a woman a and disaster love matters. threatens fortune in love to a life. honey -coloured hi* temper is bad and if black he Hies a violent death. A mole on the middle of the left . the interference of others and trouble. life. woman (X) and a short To a man. and misrepresentation of false friends. A mole on the upper part of the ball of the left cheek (No. If danger of accidents. much travelling. To a man. If black violent death threatens in consequence of her If very close to the disgraceful conduct. much annoyance from If . left A mole on the cheek. at the base of the ear. if red. 53).90 MOLES. announces bad fortune cheek to any subject and wounds. A mole on the left cheek announces misear. and a short black he will come to a violent end. A mole on the in left cheek. ear she will have poor health and be liable to catch infectious diseases. just below the danger by water to any subject.

it water. in any case. left side of the jawbone. announces to any subject a marriage with a person of a higher social standing. 52). JAWS. A mole just below the right jaw. love of material pleasures in a violent death A mole on the shows much any person. 91 any subject constant changes. life She will happy with him and have many life children. the Since the jawbones. and the liability to signifies to catch diseases. is To a man a long and happy awarded. an early death.ON THE CHEEKS AND (No. denote amount of materialism developed in the . A mole on the left jawbone announces difficulties and a anxieties. and probable. To will woman is also and danger by shows that her conduct be open to grave censure. A mole on the right jaw indicates that she will will to a woman and he lead a marry the man she loves distinguish himself.

92 MOLES. The opposed to the spiritual and mental. it is not surprising that a mole on the jawbone should be regarded as indicative of a material love of enjoyment. as subject. lower portion of the face is in direct opposition to the upper. . which represents the mental life of the subject.

red. If happiness and good fortune.CHAPTER X. If red. In both sexes it A lip mole between the nose and the upper To a woman it implies sensuality. tbe flfeoutb anfc A MOLE in the centre 2~\ lip (No. To a great danger. 51). if happiness receive fail many marriage but gifts . and internal maladies. if honey-coloured. he . he will if black he will to obtain good fortune at the last. has a terrible malady. and is likely to be called to account for her predicts conduct. . and intrigues with women. To in a man. he never marries and if black. indicates man of the upper love of trifling in a woman. black she will be idle and impudent. 93 . denotes levity.

she suffer from the scandal of she will false friends. and given to flirtation. long and a man. A mole on the in left side of the upper lip. she is not virtuous. To If a man. honey- coloured he will acquire wealth and success . denotes that a woman is exin mole travagant. shows and interest a woman much love of admiration in the opposite sex. that he will be en- tangled with a woman he cannot marry. If black. A lip mole on the right side of the upper predicts that a woman will be much . who will study to please him in every way. To a man. If honey-coloured have many children. loved and have wealth will but if black. friends. 50). long journeys to foreign countries. She will be of a melancholy disposition though a and will be talked about by false flirt. To will have a very rich and good-tempered wife. careless. that he live A lip the centre just below the lower (No.94 MOLES.

and marry a rich foreigner. loved is likely to A A upper marry a foreigner. that he will be a great perils. She will he probably marry a foreigner. mole on the left side of the lower raised lip. to the A shows that a woman will be greatly by her husband and enjoy much wealth. mole just below the lower lip. and live out of her own country. lip points to trouble in the affections. honey- . If and encounter many honey-coloured he will obtain traveller. mole on the right side of the announces good fortune to a a woman.ON THE MOUTH AND LIPS. 95 from foreigners. and right. To man that by his own If in- genuity he will add to his income. She will be rather coquettish. if red he will beja spendif black he thrift and waste his fortune . A mole on the lower lip announces levity and heartlessness in a woman. will be a thief. wealth abroad. but will if raised above the skin enjoy good fortune. To a man.

loss and sorrow and in any case she will . if his superiors. A mole on the right side or corner of if the mouth. good fortune will come by red. carelessness. man. predicts to a woman But if a rich husband life who will be devoted family. honey-coloured. and great vanity in a woman. To a man. Her reputation will suffer in If black she will have much consequence. and much favour in a their eyes. for If black To he will have to work his fortune. .96 MOLES. A be very free in her conduct. with a long and a large black she will suffer from scandal. mole on the left side of the mouth shows levity. sensuality and intrigues with women. wealth acquired by women's influence or means. by his power of pleasing coloured his his wit . to her.

tbe Cbin anb Gbroat promises a happy marriage to a woman. quick - tempered. To a man that he shall prosper. but low down. and that in the middle. 49).CHAPTER XI. intimates to a woman that her children will cause her shame. luck by and luxurious. A mole on the right side of the chin 97 . if the mark is honey-coloured. but trouble with her children. but if black he will not succeed. To a man good women but a sensuous nature. mole she will be subject to apoplectic fits. on the chin (No. She will A A MOLE be on the centre of the chin impatient. Should it be raised he will have wit and genius.

mole just below the chin in the centre A (No. rash. predicts to a woman man she loves at happy with him. and bad tempered. if red good fortune follows him and if black he will and mystic. honey-coloured he will inherit money. and be If black she will be less talent. 48). If marry the a very early age. in the opposite sex to any subject. be greatly attracted by the occult Should it be raised his good It evinces an interest fortune will be great. signifies that a woman is quarrelsome and restless. unruly.coloured he will be brave in spite of all his other faults. . To a man that he is discontented. If black she will not be able to control her tongue at all. that she will To a man much intellectual . on the right . fortunate. and if black A mole just below the chin.98 MOLES. If red he will be very violent he commits murder. but that she will live long and make a happy marriage. If honey. and may come to grief by her rashness.

to the left side. 99 announces to a marriage. If red his enemies are active against him if black . side. woman much worry from her and bad health to a man also poor A mole in the centre of the throat (No. be very nearly drowned. he dies a criminal's death .ON THE CHIN AND THROAT. To a man anxiety and material discomfort and an uncertain life. love of admiration. also a vain nature and the love of her If black she dies. mole on the left side of the chin shows A flippancy in a woman. If black bad she health. announces to a servants health. 45). A mole below the chin. To a superiors in rank. but if raised . signifies to a woman difficulty in childbirth. and that he will be subject to the thraldom of women. If black he will have much mental cause to dread the law. will and danger by water. To a woman happiness in man literary talent and reciprocated affection. man danger of strangulation.

If red he has several accidents and if black .coloured it will not prove serious. if not killed. threatens danger by water to a woman. he readily takes any and if red he will not epidemic disease If black he will die before live to be old. leads to serious results. but severe indigestion. . If honey-coloured .ioo MOLES. he must expect to fall from a height and be seriously injured. and a also falls from high places to if man an accident on horseback. A mole on the throat to the left side (No. good fortune good in acquiring property. shows a reasonably happy life to a A woman. middle age. meet his death by mole on the right side of the throat (No. but honey. 46). will To a man the of those above him. If black. but danger a fall in childbirth. 44). will above the skin he drowning.

To a man great wit. horse or from a height. threatens H ioj . indi- cates to a woman danger of a If fall from a honey-coloured the danger would be connected with water. shows pride in a woman. A I~\ will MOLE on the right side of the neck.CHAPTER XII. To a man danger of drowning. but she will be exposed to danger of drowning. A mole on the left side of the neck. but premature death from a fall either or drowning. This must be feared whatever the colour of the mole is. n tbe IRecfc ant) Collarbone. and that she be loved by her superiors in rank. opposite to each other. Any subject having moles on both sides of the neck.

but she will not deserve affection. 47). points to a forward A woman who good name. also danger of drowning. 43). A mole on the lower part of the neck. more is bad. To a man trouble and imprisonment. shows that a woman is much loved by those above her in rank. and prove To a man that faithless and arrogant women will control his life and make him a slave to their caprices.102 MOLES. fall under the ban of the They law. are likely to A to mole on the nape of the neck. threatens a woman much loss and trouble and If it rises above the changeable fortune. skin she will be more fortunate. to the right side (No. mole on the lower part of the neck. to the left side (No. and good. but in any case she will have difficulty in childbirth. bad fortune and danger. has no respect for her own To a man that his disposition inclined to evil than .

and exposed to danger of choking fortune. left and incapacity. A mole on the centre of the collarbone laziness. in To his a man that he will be fortunate under- takings. shows good temper. love of luxury. 103 mole on the right collar foretells that a woman will be greatly loved by those of a higher position. A mole on the that a collarbone indicates woman's excessive love of admiration She will of. which love will render her foolishly vain A and self-seeking. have much anxiety and difficulties throughwill cause her to be ill-spoken out life. To is a man that he is a slave to love.ON THE NECK AND COLLARBONE. and changeable .


If red. also a rich marriage and a long life. A MOLE If honey-coloured she will be much beloved by her husband. the wealth may be expected. would probably be acquired rather through commerce. 105 . a woman abundance of riches by inheritance. or through high honours and wealth If black. To a will receive she man. but if black she will yield up her will indiscriminately to him. if honey-coloured. good fortune either as an architect. If raised In this case she will not her good fortune suddenly and unexpectedly. live long.CHAPTER XIII. and be twice married. agriculturist. n tbe Breast on the right breast anounces to jL\.

loved. promises good persons of a higher rank fortune from the interest of . if indulgent husband. A to a mole under the right breast. If red. A mole just above the right breast. success in agricultural undertakings inheritance from the dead. and the probable death To a of a parent by an accident. the influence of friends than by the subject's If raised he will own merit or exertions. live to be honoured as the head of his family. which will last to the end of the subject's life. and a kind. and to a . and if honey- coloured inheritance from the dead. she will be it passionately but black would point to misfortune. promises woman worldly success. mole between the two breasts denotes a in constant nature any person. man and the centre of the right breast signifies good fortune.106 MOLES. The good fortune in is A mole likely to A be connected with marriage.

combined with great depth of affection. To a man a fierce. . affections. To black woman man a in violent disposition. indicates to a ling after marriage. A mole under the left breast announces great constancy in a woman. idle nature. BREAST. un- governable temper.ON THE woman many heritance. with suffering in consequence. If great changes and good luck in but disappointment in love. all and if failure his undertakings. mole in the centre of the left breast To a man A shows indolence and foolishness with love of idle in a a gossip. business. or left side of the chest. woman much travel- with sorrow from the she will very low down to the side cause the death of some person. mole on the left breast. and 107 friends She fortune by inwill be of a gentle and rather A A mole in the centre of the chest shows a luxurious temperament in any subject.

great depth of affection. mole just over the heart has the same A namely.io8 MOLES. those on the arms and much more common. mole seldom found legs are . which brings with it much sorrow. It is a signification. .

If it rises above the skin she will In any case she is likely to marry above her own position. in all that if A black she will be clever and industrious. economical disposition. or just below it. To . diligent. one whose wit and ability will be of great assistance to her husband. predicts good fortune to a woman concerns her and some legacies.CHAPTER XIV. her a first husband and marry a all second. A she MOLE woman on the right shoulder shows a to be of an ingenious. but if black rich will lose marry a man. man success in it his under- takings and should his wife. If raised she will acquire fortune by her marriage. tbe Sboulbers. 109 . be red he will receive money with mole on the right shoulder-blade.

and danger of imprisonment. quarrels. A mole between the two shoulders shows to any person wealth. and financial difficulties which If of will arise from his spendthrift habits. inheritance from the dead. To a man many much rivalry. that she will be a widow To a man persecution If honey-coloured he from his superiors. and if black he . sex . and that To a man he is of an ingenious turn of mind.no MOLES. A mole on the left shoulder-blade of a woman announces and marry again. Her vanity will her sorrow and vexation throughout life. will foolishly waste his money on women. it a pale honey-colour would show danger of travelling to either and to a man persecution from his superiors. . or just below it. If red he will lose money and become poor after is once enjoying riches likely to be imprisoned. gives to a woman love of admiration and trouble on that account. A mole on the left shoulder. bring If black her vanity will lead to dishonour. inheritance from the dead.

good fortune in betting or cattle breeding. but if the to poisoned arm -pit danger of being a man good fortune with four- footed beasts. black danger from a quadruped. if honey-coloured. and to both persons danger of taking poison. To a man. tbe Hrms anfc 1bant>0. especially if red or honey-coloured. A A MOLE woman on the right arm shows to a happiness in marriage and a rich husband. so much greater will his If red military renown but if gains be. mole under the right arm happiness very near in marriage to promises a woman. .CHAPTER XV. A to mole under the right armpit signifies a woman danger in childbirth. . and if there is more than one mole.

ii2 MOLES. but if A black family disputes and ill-feeling. mole just below the right armpit. disputes relating to women. Such is man should never be trusted. and near the armpit. mole to at the back of the left arm. and temper and disaster red he will be involved If turf. if honey-coloured. announces good fortune to any subject. A mole under the left arm. announces to any subject the probability of their being inadvertently poisoned. and her probable betrayal by false friends. A death. black he will be unfortunate on the many and a in all that concerns quadrupeds. as he false by nature. A To with in mole on the left arm (on any part of it) signifies great misfortune in love to a woman. the subject must expect tribulation . signifies any subject danger of violent When left moles are found on the right and arms. a man a violent if cattle.

subject will have many children but if on the hand the woman will be unhappy in marriage. it bears according to the doctrine of Moles a most unfortunate signification. .ON THE ARMS AND HANDS. but eventually all may end well. and is as ill an omen in love matters as a mole posited over the region of As the heart is supposed to be the heart. A left mole on either hand announces that the . cepted by a great many lovers of the mystic but whether there is any foundation for this curious superstition or not. and the man unfortunate with mole on the wedding ring finger (this is very rare) announces great misfortune in love and to a woman that she is likely to . is by a subtle current with the ac. The belief that this finger is somehow mysteriously connected heart. A be betrayed by her female friends. quadrupeds. This mole is more uncommon than any other on the body. 113 and anxiety in love matters.

.ii4 MOLES. for the belief not easy to account that a mole posited there it is forebodes misfortune. a beneficial planet. under the direct influence of the Sun.

to any person it shows that they will leave their own country and marry twice. and much Three black moles show to a travelling. mole on the right side of the spine. in the centre of the spine. Legacies will also fall to them. A A MOLE on the back announces to any man danger mole of imprisonment. announces that a in woman and is very extravagant money matters. person vicissitudes in life. testifies that a woman will be vehemently loved and become very rich. Her marriage will be happy.CHAPTER XVI. n tbe Spine an& Bacfc. If black she "5 will . and she will do her best to please A her husband.

that she will suffer live is away from her own the country. if red disputes enemies be . of any other colour he will acquire his it through own A from mole on the left denotes to a poverty. if black he expect to always unfortunate. and if black become a widow. To a man honour and success in his under- takings. and a strive hard to please him. A mole low down. To he will man if obtain much efforts. that wealth by women if . honey .n6 suffer MOLES. through the malice of false friends. honey-coloured. . and money from legacies. on the right side of the spine. shows to a woman an inheritance from the dead.coloured his misfortunes will To If be from owing must to women's influence with his . a man. misfortune and imprisonment. woman and side of the spine. from will false She marry. self-willed If black she will marry a man. scandal of She likely to suffer friends.

If at the lowest extremity spine disgrace to To a man misfortune. grief 117 person it threatens and A side mole on the lower portion of the of the spine.ON THE SPINE AND To any sorrow. of the . and danger in childbirth. a woman. left predicts ill-health to a woman. BACK.


tbe Waist. If raised the will mark attain will also shows ingenuity. efforts esteem and By his own he will acquire wealth. To a man a fortunate marriage. If the mole long and happily. If red he but if black military renown . and the respect of all who know him. Sfoes. anb IRibs. he A points not be so lucky. in a woman.CHAPTER XVII. mole on the left to side of the waist If vanity in a woman. black she is likely to be the cause of the death 119 . long life. at the back of the waist she will receive some legacies. A She is MOLE will live on the right side of the announces wit and vivacity will waist. which make her much loved.



of a friend by accident. She will be very unfortunate in love matters. To a man

disappointment in his affections.


indicates riches

mole on the right side, below the waist, and long life to any person,

unless black, in which case the fortune would

part of

the worse


the latter


in colour a

and be
on the




she fancies,

happy with him. A mole just below the
left side,



a luxurious temperament


any person,






mole on the right side, promises good She will luck to a woman and long life. be an affectionate and clever wife, greatly
assisting her




husband by her own ingenuity. man a fortunate marriage, and

success in


mole over the heart would point






and much






and constancy as

to cause


mole on the
If posited


denotes great but sorrow through the affecside,

very low





danger of inadvertently causing a









She legacies and longevity to a woman. will be virtuous and very fortunate, especially


mole be
















success, particularly

the mole




mole on the



has the same


as one on the left side,

and denotes





As has been

side of

already noticed, moles on any part of the body are

considered to announce misfortune, whereas


right side are for

those on the
part of

the most

This general rule however subject to a few exceptions.

good omen.

black she and be unlucky in her love will be fond of all be in material pleasures and danger of a 123 . She will be a great affairs. predicts misfortune woman If through flirt false friends. <S>n tbe Ibips anfc A lY. A to a mole on the left hip. of the person will interfere a little A with their good fortune.CHAPTER XVIII. long and have She will live many children. on the right hip testifies to a woman that she will be vehemently MOLE beloved and marry happily. mole just above the right hip denotes If black the obstinacy wealth and long life. that he shall greatly attract To a man women and be much loved by them.

. moles the subject will die by an accident.124 MOLES. Her second marriage be happy. A mole on the A mole on the right thigh. signifies to a woman good fortune. and she will live long. left groin of a woman. mole just above the left much the same as one on the fortune in all A signifies hip. points to a luxurious nature and haughtiness. A mole on the right groin. announces to a the prospect of a happy marriage and a long life. violent death. will also In any . If it rises above the skin he will be very lucky in his affairs with women. viz. but particularly in the If there are two dark affairs of the heart. To a man a dangerous temper and sensuality. To and a man that he will lead a Bohemian life die prematurely. To a man long life. and that he will have good fortune in merchandise. hip. If black she will be a widow and woman marry again. bad matters. and in sea voyages. a happy marriage.

To a man that he will acquire money by his own genius. If small and honey-coloured she will be greatly will She loved and enjoy good she . . If black he in will never middle age and any case he must expect reverses and changeable fortune. If red A he If raised from the skin he A be very fortunate. although of a strong To constitution. To a man will great intellect and understanding. If darkin coloured affections will if be unfortunate her black. 125 case she will be greatly loved. mole just below the right thigh shows happiness to a woman. marries a wife of noble blood. with whom he will be popular. and be much loved by women. scandal from the malice of false be very luxurious. and a man most serious and protracted live till illness.ON THE HIPS AND THIGHS. mole on the left thigh announces to a will woman friends. health. . He be wealthy and live long. she will die very suddenly.

delicate health She will suffer from and internal diseases. and a short life as the result. if black. . denotes A mole on the top of the left great profligacy in any person.126 MOLES. it also indicates that this tendency will lead to her being murdered. thigh. To a woman.

tbe Iknees anfc A a MOLE on the right knee. She a good deal and be fortunate. man and that he will live marry left very much fancy out of his native land. and gain success in the world by their own merit. knee. shows that a 127 to his own A mole on the . has much A denoting to a woman long and various journeys. probably with a foreigner. If small and brown the subjects will be devoted to art. points to honesty and virtue in a woman. the same signification.CHAPTER XIX. mole under the right knee. will travel To a happy marriage of prudence and affection. with the probTo a ability of her marrying a foreigner. also man many journeys.

128 MOLES. a man. will lead woman the a very unsettled children. and a to his rich husband. She will live long. and have many skin . If it rises above she but to life. marry a foreigner. but denoted by a mole on left the other knee. A mole under the knee. If it rises above the skin a man will dearly love his wife. They will marry to suit themselves and be happy. If on the calf of the right leg she will be very fortunate. have many children. announces long and various journeys to any person. husband if passionately love her black she will be too fond of admiration be constant. and be greatly loved by him. marry. mole on the right leg or on the ankle. fortunate in To a man a wandering less favourable than is many ways. shows that a woman will live out of her own A country. enjoy robust health. will life. that owing own capacity and exertions he will To obtain a coveted position. If black he will .

. mole on the left leg. signi- A fies mole on the inside of the much travelling and unstable fortune If black the subject will be twice married. admiration will lead to much scandal and though she will will family she will marry and have a large not be respected.ON THE KNEES AND have sorrow from a it LEGS. cessful He will travel much. troubles travelling If black she will have and worries. if 129 woman . and by suc- A merchandise acquire fortune. left leg. Her life be subject to many changes. To a many man much and an unfortunate career. denotes a lax nature in a woman. superficial Love of . but dark and above the skin he may marry a rich If red he will choose a wife amongst wife. his own relations. and live long and happily rises with her. and she is likely to live a long time out of her own country.


CHAPTER XX. successful. also much travelling and a happy marriage. and long which will be spent a good deal out of her own country. a talent for languages. she will be less To a man love of occult studies. A They will mole on the have a long and happy right heel has the life. announces to anyone that they will travel a great deal and marry a foreigner. but she will have trouble If black from her children. fortunate. right foot has the A mole at the side of the same signification. A same signification. MOLE woman on the right foot. and the favourable in- fluence of women. a happy. . it tbe tfeet promises to a A life. mole on the sole of the right foot.

career. and probably a violent death. travels. She will be unblack lucky and have many is worries. foot has the same A mole on the will left ankle shows that the attracted subject be much to a by the opposite sex and man is that. other people's concerns and never be well A an- mole on either foot points to many A mole on the sole of the left nounces to any subject many those not successful. he of an effeminate . and A mole on the side of signification. foot. very likely by To a man a wild and godless drowning. the left children. mole on the left A foot threatens change- able fortune to a woman.1 32 MOLES. He will meddle too much in off. although ingenious and nature. If danger by travelling to be feared. diligent.

CHAPTER XXI. She will not live to 133 K . cause her disgrace. If black be compelled to take long journeys without her. denotes sensuality in a woman. announces that a woman If honeyacquire money by marriage. coloured she will marry a foreigner. eloquence the and oratorical man. if honey-coloured much happiness It also from them . trouble with women. if red. which in the To a man. but if black un- mitigated misfortune points to talent in a from their influence. She will be much he will loved by her husband. Qn tbe Stomacb. right A red mole on side of the will stomach. A may MOLE middle of the stomach.

in . if be extremely vain and black likely to cause great to a friend. grow To a man. marriage. more danger or death especially if the mole be on the left posited very low down To a 'man materialism If side. and if very low down he will suffer great annoyance from the malice of enemies. denotes to a woman . a serious accident side of the stomach. If black bitter quarrels will arise and a violent death. lucky marriage to a woman. luxury. A She she mole on the to utter will is left points recklessness a woman. the stomach. affecting his head. but if black To a man a happy she will die early. and great love of red he may commit murder. A mole the centre of the stomach on the lower portion. promises a and in the friendship of distin- guished women.134 MOLES. A but mole in in the centre of the upper portion. old.

a marriage. To a man. wit and ingenuity. which lead to fortune. who will injure her. . false 135 happy worldly success and she must beware of conspire to friends.ON THE STOMACH. If black longevity.


Venus Mercury V. below the line of Jupiter. corresponds with another in the (No. Mars Apollo (the Sun) III. VII. I. below the line of Saturn. . Moon (Luna) d A mole the body a in the centre of the forehead. The marked on the forehead are See signatures of the as Saturn Jupiter is represented by J? . when found on the face. U 3 ? 5 II. diagram of the moles which.) below the waist. IV. have corresponding moles on the body is taken from an old plate of an astrological JL work published planets as here follows : in 1653. indicates little another in the middle of (No. A mole in the centre of the forehead. VI.) middle of the breast. 2. line I.EXPLANATION OF FRONTISPIECE.

A mole line of in the centre of the forehead. 4). 6). has also a corresponding mark on another part of the body which cannot be given. close to the line of Saturn (No. Luna (No. Venus (No. A line mole of in the centre of the forehead. Mercury (No. 8). below A mole A mole line of the waist. (No. in the centre of the forehead. .) line of in the centre of the forehead. mole on the right side of the forehead. below the corresponds with one on the right side. under the line of Mars (No. A mole line of in the centre of the forehead. under the corresponds with one under the below the breast. corresponds with another on the left side below the waist. 7). announces one on the right side of the breast. mole on the right side of the forehead. below the 5). corresponds with one on the right arm. below the Mars. 9). corresponds with one in the middle of the lower portion of the body.138 MOLES. below the Apollo (No. 3. corresponds to another in the middle of the breast. 10). A A mole A line of Jupiter (No. on the right side of forehead.

corresponds to one on the mole at the far right side of the back.MOLES. mole at the far end of the line of Apollo (No. on the right side. 139 A mole on A the line of Apollo (No. A end of the line of Venus . 14). mole at the far end of the line of Mars. corresponds to one Luna the right side of the forehead. 12). beneath (No. corresponds with the line of mole on the right side of the forehead. on the right breast. corresponds with one on the right thigh. 1 6). below Venus (No. A A mole at the far end of the line of Jupiter (No. below n). corresponds with one on the right side below the waist. A A 1 8). 15). another on the back. 17). on the right side (No. beneath 13). on the right side. A mole on the right A mole on the line of side of the forehead. the right side of the forehead. the line of Mercury (No. corresponds to one under the muscle of the right arm. corresponds to another on the right side some way below the waist mole at the extreme end of the right side of the line of Saturn (No. corresponds to another on the right hip-bone.

beneath the line of Saturn (No. 25). below the line of Mars (No. 20). corresponds to one towards the right side below the waist. 21). side of the forehead. 26). mole on the left side of the forehead. . 27). mole at the far end of the line of Luna (No. corresponds to another below the right breast. mole at the far end of the line of Mercury (No. beneath A mole on the line of Mercury (No. beneath the line of Jupiter (No. corresponds to one on the left side of the back. corresponds to one in the centre of the breast. corresponds to one on the left arm. (No. on the right side. on the right side. 29). 19). corresponds to one on the left side of the breast. corresponds to one on the left side. the left side of the forehead. A A A mole on A the left side of the forehead. mole on the left side of the forehead. corresponds to one on the left shoulder. beneath the line of Apollo (No. A A A mole on the the line of left Venus (No.140 MOLES. 24). beneath 28). corresponds to one on the left side below the waist mole on the left side of the forehead.

37). above the corner of the . A mole at the far end left side (No. 36). corresponds to one on the ribs below the left breast. corresponds to the shoulder. corresponds to one on the lower part of the of the line of Mars.MOLES. 34). corresponds to side of the back. A 32). on the left side (No. left side Venus. 31). Luna. corresponds to left side below the waist. on one under A mole the at the far end of the line of (No. 35). 30). corresponds to one on side. side (No. mole at the far end of the line of Jupiter (No. side (No. on one on the A mole at the far end of the line of Mercury. A the mole left at the far end of the line of Apollo. on the one on the left left breast. 141 A the mole on the the line of left left side of the forehead. 33). corresponds to left side below the waist. A the mole left at the far end of the line of side (No. A the left mole left at the far end of the line of Saturn. corresponds to on one on the side of the back. on one on the A mole on the left side. below (No. below the waist and near the middle Luna of the body.

63. The same applies to a mole on the lower portion of the left ear. and 75. A A mole in the centre of the left ear (No. 41). 72. 73. 66. 54. eye (No. 65. 45. corresponds to one on the left side. cannot be given. has a corresponding mole on the left side. mole between the eyebrow and eyelid.) left A body. 61).142 left MOLES. (No. corresponds to one on the upper part of the left side of the back. 62. close by. and inclining towards the middle of the body. (No. corresponds to one on the left side of the loins. one below the left side of the waist. corresponds to mole on the upper part of the left ear (No. 60. as (No. This also applies to the above the nose (No. 51. 60). 40). situated near the centre of the A mole A mole between the left eyelid and eyebrow. in the centre of the upper left eyelid (No. 42. 70. and of the other moles corresponding to Nos. left A mole mole at the extreme end of the eyebrow.) . corresponds to one under the left thigh. 59). 57). 38). below the waist. towards the temple (No. The position of this mole. corresponds to one on the lower part of the left side. 71.

corresponds to one beneath the left thigh. 143 left eyelid to one on the groin near the (No. 65). nearly on a level with the lower portion of the left ear (X). left side of the mouth. almost left corresponds to one on the between the elbow and the wrist. mole high up on the left cheek. 63).MOLES. precisely over the nostril (No. mole on the lower part of the left nostril. corresponds A mole in the centre of the lower left side. near the temples. mole on the left cheek. A A mole on the it. left side. at A mole on the the outer corner of left the eye. touching arm . and not far from the ear (56). the groin at the A A mole in the fore corner of the left eye. 55). corresponds to one on the lower portion of the back. side of the A lid mole in the left of the middle of the hollow of the lower eye (No. mole on the left side. corresponds to one behind on the left A A side of the hip-bone. corresponds to one on the left breast. corresponds to one on left side. corresponds to one near the left side of the bladder. corresponds to one on the breast inclining to the left side.

on the left side of the bone of the corresponds to one near the left hip-bone. when it would point to another on the left knee. corresponds to one on the right side of the thigh. just below the nose. mole on the ridge of the nose to the right and near the tip. chin. 49). 67). corresponds to one on the right hip. A mole near . corresponds to one on the the bridge of the nose. A 44). corresponds to one on the left side of the hip. A A mole on the right side of the edge of the chinbone. corresponds to one on the right just below the lower lip (No. mole on the right side of the throat (No. 46). just mole A A mole mole in the centre of the chin foot. A 48). corresponds to one on the right hip.144 MOLES. mole on the cheek. corresponds to one on the leg. unless the mole ponds inclines to the left side. A A mole A side. 50). (No. below the chin in the centre (No. corresto one on the right knee. to the right side. A mole mole on the left side of the throat (No. near the bottom of the right nostril (No. close to the right side of the bladder. corresponds to one on the right shoulder.

77). . towards the nose. A A 80). mole on the outer corner of the right eyelid (No. mole on the lower part of the right ear (No. 81). A mole on the upper right eyelid. 79). mole on the middle of the right eyelid (No. 74). corresponds to one on the right side below the waist. right eyelid (No. corresponds to one on the right side. A 76). A A mole in the corner of the right eye. corresponds to one on the right side.MOLES. corresponds to one on the right groin. A mole on the lower part of the right temple near the eyebrow (No. corresponds to one on the right breast near the right side. corresponds to one on the right loin. towards the centre of the body. A mole on the right side of the upper part of the cheek near the eye (No. mole on the upper part of the right ear (No. towards the centre of the body below the waist. corresponds to 145 one under the right loin. near the root of the eyebrow (No. 82). corresponds to one under the right thigh. 75). corresponds to one on the right side.







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