LINUX ADMINISTRATOR RESUME Name: Yaroslav Klyukin Email: WEB: http://resume.klyukin.

com/ Cellular phone/voice mail: (203)219-9029 ICQ: 1045670 AIM: infiniteparticle MSN: Location: Connecticut Available immediately as a full-time employee. Objective Use my skills and knowledge of fault tolerant solutions for daily monitoring and maintenance of mission critical production infrastructure. Summary College degree and over 7 years of progressive IT experience. Competent in deploying secure remote administration, including network and firewall. Self-starter attitude. 24/7 on-call availability and mobility. Keep abreast of current technology. Strong inter-personal skills and technical acumen. Focus on details. Work well under pressure either with minimal supervision or in a team. Key skills include Linux performance tuning, such as patching and building optimized kernel, GNU, open source software under Linux or FreeBSD, such as KDE, Mozilla, XFree86 for Intel, Power PC or Alpha platforms, installation and support of clustered Apache web servers, mail, FTP and database servers of various flavors, DNS, DHCP. Windows to Linux interoperability and migration. Experience [12/2004 – present] Senior operational monitoring engineer "Adeptra" - phone or FAX notifications, such as fraud detection, collection, marketing and other. As a senior member of a newly-formed monitoring team participated in setup of monitoring software and recruiting other members. Developed a 24/7 rota and wrote a script to display it. Solely installed, configured and supported customer facing open source ticketing system to migrate from the outsourced one, as well as wrote patches to change its default functionality in conjunction with specific non-standard requirements. Designed centralized syslog setup with an ability to correlate system events from multiple boxes, as well as designed searchable WEB GUI. Reported and tracked customer affecting issues to customer helpdesks. Subsidiary tasks involved remote and on-site systems administration of Linux and Windows boxes, work at the datacenters and other projects.

Besides systems administration. Improved system security by limiting users using unjustified root access. performed many functioning aspects of a systems administrator. . Developed firewall to allow customers to connect to clusters remotely with full root access in isolation from company's networking. Designed and implemented backup procedures. Built optimized and patched linux kernels and missioncritical daemons with CPU optimizations to provide functionality not available in stock kernels and software.Internet advertisement Proactively monitored and administered production and development servers remotely and at the data center. Reconfigured firewall to block “SYN” flood DoS attacks. Webmastered. multi platform environment . was the point of technical contact for the developers and office PC support technician.Supplier of high-end clusters. Designed and implemented company intrusion detection system and firewall to monitor and block malicious traffic. Maintained and supported Linux prototype disks. dramatically reducing the time to create new system disks. including security updates. Ported applications. servers and workstations. Installed monitoring software. Decreased problem solving times by evaluating new Linux kernels and applying necessary patches in advance.ISP Served as the initial point of contact for resolution of connectivity and interoperability problems for several thousand dialup users and dozens of LAN users in heterogeneous. servers and workstations. and feature enhancements. bug fixes. Windows. Configured workstations and laptops for new employees. instant messaging and e-mail.mainly FreeBSD. Researched new software and evaluated new hardware prior to using it in production mode. Performed onsite installations at client sites including MIT. [09/2001 . Negotiated with vendors in cases of hardware failures or software issues. Actively participated in disaster planning. Configured and troubleshooted hundreds of Linux clusters. Supported LAN with printing and Internet. which allows performing statistical analysis of the cluster load up to one year long.[03/2004 – 12/2004] Senior systems administrator "NiuTech" .6/2001] Technical support specialist "ACTOR" . Implemented new procedure for drive copying. [6/2000 . Besides technical support. Reviewed software installation procedures. performance and reliability. Conducted research on proposed system upgrades and identified potential incompatibilities that led to alternative system purchase. RedHat.03/2004] Systems administrator and integrator "Microway inc" . Monitored hardware and software functionality 24/7 to ensure their connectivity and availability. San Jose University. Provided 24/7 on call availability by means of cell phone.

Mac OS X. Load balancing. 2003. NAS. RedHat. Antivirus software . 1997] Specialist of power electrostations (diesel). Wingate. 95. Postfix+sasl. Tripwire. Knoppix.[2/1999 – 6/2000] Technician "KIMOR" . SSH. analyzed and fixed device conflicts. SUN Solaris. Proxy servers: Squid. ipchains. NIS/YP. performed upgrades. Mandrake. Telnet. SAN. ettercap. Scalability planning.7/1998] Degree: Bachelor of Science College: "Saint-Petersburg engineering school of electronics" Location: Saint-Petersburg. nmap. NetBSD. [May 7. connection tracking: iptables. Yellow Dog. for their needs. portsentry. GPG. Ethereal. [September 17. tcpdump. Diskless boot. Security: Snort. Suse. NTP. XSpider. ftpd.31 (Higher than 97% of participants) http://www. Winproxy. Debian. running vendor Assembled computers. TLS. 98.brainbench. CVS. Consulted customers to choose the proper configuration. Mail SMTP: Sendmail. Other OS: OS/ pptp. Slackware etc. Routing: BGP. pop3d. TCP Wrappers. dsniff. Unix flavors: FreeBSD. Disaster recovery.worldwide parcel service Monitored cargo and parcel arrival and helped recipients to prepare all necessary documents for customs clearance. saint. 2000. DNS: bind or named. Channel bonding. VPN: Freeswan. PGP. Firewall configuration: NAT. Wu-ftpd. network teaming. Retina. Supported in-house computers and LAN. Russia Certificates [April 24. Education [9/1994 . Windows (NT. Masquerade. POP3/IMAP: qpopper. DOS. BSDi. FTP servers: Proftpd. IP Sec. XP). BulletProof ftp.2003] Master's Level of Linux Administration with a score of 4. Nessus. Networking and services: Database replication. courier. TFTP and so on. LIDS. 2003] PolyServe technical training. ipfw. OSPF. Sftpd.jsp?pid=4646644 Operating systems: Linux: Gentoo. chkrootkit. Qmail. SSL. IIS. Actively communicated with foreign DHL's departments abroad. Web servers: Apache Tomcat. superscan. [7/1998 – 2/1999] Import agent "DHL international" . OpenBSD. NNTP. arpwatch. Traced parcels using enterprise network. John The Ripper.

csh. routers (3com. . conference call or conference chat interview. PHP. Tape libraries (DLT). Netgear). Web development: HTML. lpd. CSS. DP 2000). PIX 515E. Languages: Assembler for x86: nasm. Itanium. SMB. USR Robotics. iSCSI. C++. SPF. LDAP. automation: JumpStart / Kick Start. HP. pppoe. Opteron. XML. nc.for mail servers. awk. ppp. I am available for a phone. Monitoring and alerting: Nagios. as.novell netware. certificates and diplomas are provided upon request. DHCP. Postgres. Ganglia. Shell scripting: bash. masm. eg: Dell. plip. Rootkit and backdoor identification and removal. Networking: TCP/IP. DOCSIS). Modems (3com. Promise). KVM over IP. WinFax. 3Ware. SQL: MySQL. Java. IPX . MRTG. PS: References. SPAM filtering by means of DNS blacklists. Perl. tasm. Network Appliance SAN. Apple Macintosh. IBM). UPS (APC. Hardware: IBM PC compatibles (Various vendors. Automount. Foundry load balancers. regular expressions. SSI. FAXes: mgetty+sendfax. C. DOS and DDoS defense. Software VoIP. Network switches. Cyclades TS3000 Terminal Server. Network data backups: NFS. Dlink. Software and hardware RAIDs (Adaptec. Linksys. slip. domain keys. sed. Spamassassin.Storcase disk enclosures. IPMI. Cisco. Oracle. CGI. Samba. Batch OS installation. custom rules. smbprint. Alpha (UP 2000. Tripplite).

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