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Christmas Letter 2012

Christmas Letter 2012

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Published by JeanetteAlveroMyers

From the Myers Family

From the Myers Family

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Published by: JeanetteAlveroMyers on Dec 27, 2012
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We pray for the best of Christmases and New Years for each and everyone of our family and friends (Christmas doesn’t end until Epiphany – 12 days later) and hope that Hanukah, just past, was equally blessed. The past few years you were spared a letter. Jeanette has had a 2½ year bout of serious illness, now in remission with only occasional flare ups. Litigation has been active with little time for us to rest. Michael was named senior litigating attorney (Federal Court) for “Los Angeles Superlawyers” Kesluk and Silverstein of West Hollywood. Sounds more impressive than the reality as he appears pro hac vice on a limited number of serious cases – oh, if it had been 10 years back. Jeanette still consults in accounting and the law office, researches nutrition and diet and tries to tape Michael together. Can you imagine her trying to calm someone else down? In any event, our prayers have been answered in God’s own way and time and we have truly been blessed. We go to the Community Presbyterian Church of Crestline, San Bernardino mountains – 50 minutes away since the cops look for Michael coming up in a cloud of smoke (two metaphors). When we sleep in, there are two fine Catholic churches close by so Jeanette takes the lead. Michael has begun searching for a pastoral call, but prospects are unlikely as the Presbyterian Church, USA continues to self-destruct. He will probably retire and transfer to the Evangelical Convent Order of Presbyterians (No, not like the so-called “evangelicals” so often in the news – the new church denomination will go back to the original meaning in Koine Greek in the New Testament). Michael has offers to concertize in several larger churches with magnificent organs so soon he and his trumpets will be going to the woodshed. Jeanelle Christina turned nine (9) on December 20. Big sleepover. Great friends. She and big sister Helen Sophia (10) study fencing with a master from the Guatemalan National team. Soon they will return to ice skating as this fall was too busy to do the drive to Ice Castle at Lake Arrowhead. The last 2 spring seasons soccer has been fun for them but is now too rough. This past summer, they had formal swimming lessons and progressed rapidly. Tennis is intermittent year round. Helen is the school photographer and Spirit Club representative. Jeanelle keeps up with Helen and sometimes edges her in report cards. While both do every sport they can, Jeanelle leads in the fashion area. She takes Zumba with Jeanette and loves to dance. Both have started singing and will start more dancing lessons, as well as piano after a new one arrives in late January.

Michelle Deanna (22) works at Pluto’s and attends San Francisco City College. She has always gotten top grades and is interested in a scientific career. David Anthony (23) works at Andronico’s and also attends San Francisco City College. He will soon sign for the Air Force reserves – 6 months and then college for the career of his choice using computers. He will soon be back to playing the trumpet as an outlet. Abigail Jean (24) was working at Charlie Palmer’s in Orange County (a supposedly top flight restaurant) but after management problems she will be working at Yard House. She’s finishing her degree in Philosophy/Pre-Law at CSU Fullerton. We are amazed at her course load. With a new violin, she is back to playing. Rosey Claire (26) moved back to San Francisco last February. After a few months at her new job, she was promoted to Alice and Olivia’s store in New York City. Russell (30) is waiting for that last call from Homeland Security for a border patrol job. He helps a lot with Helen and Jeanelle when Michael and Jeanette are away. This year, he again made our house bright and sparkling with Christmas lights, including special Parols from the Philippines. Jessica (31) retired from bank managerial work, helps Jeanette and tends her two children Grace (8) and Jacob (4). Her husband Phil still works in aerospace at Southern California Logistics Airport. Juneau, our American Eskimo is much missed – 2 years now. It’ll probably be puppy time by this fall. Helen and Jeanelle can’t wait. Jeanette and Michael are cooking more. Michael still loves wine but doesn’t partake much with 6 to 7 day work weeks. Both have lost oodles of weight and Jeanette has made a hyper mess of the bedroom changing from 6-8 to 2-4 sizes. Michael complains but loves the modeling process. He now is beginning to fit in his good clothes. The summer of 2011 was our first family trip to the Philippines. The beaches of Boracay (world’s #1) beckon us again.

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