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campus culture in china and US High school


Reasons to choose this topic
promote the understanding and communication between china and us
provide experience worthy of learning to our campus construction and education

campus structures
Usually a relatively independent space High walls

Open school No walls

teaching and learning
China :traditional teaching methods:
1.Impart knowledge to students forcibly 2.Students accept knowledge passively

3.Poor ability to cognize and poor academic ability


examination expects

Modern teaching methods
1.Respect students’ individual development 2.Self-centered individualism and practical values are advocated 3.A lot of free time to learn 4.Equal relationship between students and teachers



comprehensive abilities

After class life
China :
students participate in activities must be under the guidance of teachers two ears do not hear things outside the window, one book read-only saints
(两耳不闻窗外事 一心只读圣贤书)

Students’ organizations is very active encourage students o do activities

Independence and Dependence
China :
Most of students’ schooling are paid by parents Only a small percentage of students can earn their own living

Dependence on parents
They advocate individual struggle Basically they paid their schooling and expenses by doing part-time jobs


origin of different campus culture traditional culture
Good natured or Bad Collectivism orientation and individualism orientation

For stability and change

How to develop our campus culture

Based on the fine traditional culture ,combine it with US good campus culture

Thank you