Curry leaf scented tomato and garlic dip Pan Seared Cottage Cheese With Roasted Curryleaf Crush

INGREDIENTS – to taste


Oriental Cuisine Secrets


Red chilli (roasted and crushed)

– 2 gms

METHOD: Make the sauce pan hot, add olive oil followed by chopped garlic and saute till golden brown. Add the fresh curry leaves and when crackles, add the chopped

Pass through a strainer and season. Serve sprinkled with crushed curry leaf and red chilli.

First set of health tips to Culinary Enlightenment: Be happy and then happily cook - whoever will eat your food will feel happy.

METHOD: Prepare a marination using lemon juice, salt, crushed black pepper, mustard paste and olive oil. Marinate the pre-cut cottage cheese by gently applying the solution Make the griddle hot and grill the cottage cheese slices till golden brown on both sides. Serve hot from the griddle sprinkling tobasco sauce and can be eaten with tomato sauce.

Nobody cooks, cooking happens when you are passionate to create life through food.

Chef Himanshu Sahoo is a professional chef who served for more than two decades in various cuisines all over the world. His spells include his profession as Executive Chef in Oberoi Flight services from February 1998 till Nov 2007, in the capacity of Senior Sous Chef in Taj Coromandel Hotel (1987-93 and 1996 to 1998), a member of f leading hotels of the world and handled production as a Sous Chef in Carnival Cruise Lines, Miami, USA.

Chef Himanshu Sahoo, Door No. 27 The Grand Taj Catering Service.

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