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DEGREE EXAMINATION, NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2010 Second Semester BA 9224 HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT (Regulation 2009) Time : Three hours Maximum : 100 Marks Answer ALL questions PART A (10 2 = 20 Marks) 1. Give the two main ways to demonstrate a tests validity in employment testing. 2. What are the four main objectives of an employee appraisal program? 3. State major application of computers in human resource management. 4. What are the levels of TNA? 5. Identify the benefits of internal recruitment. 6. Define executive development. 7. Why do incentive plans fail? 8. Explain BARS. 9. Why do organizations resort to mentoring? 10. Bring out the role of HR in Voluntary Separation. PART B (5 16 = 80 Marks) 11. (a) Describe how human resource planning is integrated with strategic planning. Or (b) In a recent national survey of HR executives of more than 400 companies, most respondents reported that the priorities of the top management at their firms are to counter competition, cut costs and improve performance. Yet only 12% of these HR executives said that their department had a major responsibility for improving productivity, quality and customer service in their companies. What do you think that are some of the reasons for this gap between top management priorities and the responsibility of the HR department? What are some of the consequences of this gap? How do you think an HR department can gain top management support for its programs and goal? 12. (a) Explain how you would go about in validating selection test. How can this information be useful to a manager? Or (b) Explain the External and Internal sources of Recruitment. 13. (a) Bring out the pros and cons of the various on the job training methods presently in use. Or (b) How does developing and practicing knowledge management help in the organizational functioning? Explain. 14. (a) Explain how Herzbergs theory is relevant in the present day environment.

Or (b) How are individuals careers managed in organizations? Explain. 15. (a) What criteria do you think should be used to measure team performance? What sources should be used for the appraisal? Should the individual performance still be measured? Why or Why not? Explain. Or (b) What are the possible errors during performance evaluation? How could it be reduced? Explain.