A $SEI\,IELE* entir*}_v frr'*r discarded i * trrateli;]l*, ti:!s forge c*nsi.sts essentiallg cf an olci riacrlrirn*cl*aner mt:t*r and hl*r.r'er..anC a *ast-ir+n sink- The dimen* - s-i*res gir,tn -Ttlay he aitered t* suit the r:laterii*l at lrand. Th* air blast frr:rrr ttre *:I*r*-er" dir,.ic{ed. is half of the air heing Cirertecl up the stack to lieep the sh*p cleargf smaks, the Y-f;tting fr:r this purpas€ having b*en taken fr*m e Fnrd V*A-exhaust pipe- The origiual sirar:ner in the sink serlves the tuS.ereit'*n, and a I1i*ir:" as stle*t e]l:*rr. ct:rrilects th* sink n'ith 1.1:* draft E'ipe. The cast ir*n rfu-:gthat originally helci tj:e leacl pips to the sink r:utiet car] ]r* rsed t-'3hoid tlra sfu-eet eii:r:r+"if it is enlarged slightl-\r" Bl" using r+-iirg3ut-s o* the bi:lts. it is at:t eas_T :natter tLr'rerrrr:>trr* the *ib,:\..' f,'i: ek:er:ing aut ashes anrt r:in* el*,rs. A piecr+r:f fiexibie tubing run rrp the ir*'*ri ltr'*:t: 'tl:e Y*cr:n-rri:cti*r: **n.t strapS:ec{ -fu.* tr: if c*;rrptr*t*s this par:i sf the j*l:, i:**C iis{.li is madu ft.c,r. a single i pie*e rif s?r**t -r:letal, llire *cidrti,_:* *f irrackeis and a t'dr)risc." tar:k *ti::rplet*s tle farg*" Th* srq.ii*h
f<:l--c{xrtr'*Ilir:g the rn*t*l. is Frr-}* t*r-:i*cl s'ith a si:retlt*rn*tal **r,*l. and girr*s three speer-}s. It is il gt:*d idea tr-r]i*:e the insid* slf thn sink rviti: fire c1;i5r*r. s{j}r:e *th*r :'*fr"act0r3. rrrate riaj.

.::t:' 'r. r .:a''? t. l .i 'r::'.Ft:r. a . "rjB ....ti .€.4f h :i*.. ' : t.

'g!.i* \1S ii-1i. .. . 1*1.'i 1': a i : ' ..J *-.!. il I # 5$lf.1 :.Jri i ... b I i i *vgq i ' :{. { . ..1-.. .-.::.t..i t t F.-..i f. 1r't ii:. i Af'{ :'.:9 "j -5.&i".-.t?.ii_iili * { r"l-:l*h [. {.i !j.r':t.l r':*T'tll ir to3 3 r"r-)lV lL ii r" ji .T-i:l : 't-*- -i i1 i"'4 j . ' ' t r . :i..1 :j I .j t ': f :.' '. -" *-it-'ri i...'$ :... : r .. &*{ .

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