Understanding Data warehousing Methodology. OLTP vs. OLAP. DSS Functionality. Requirement Analysis of BW. Versions of BW. Difference between BW &Other D.W.Tools

Overview of SAP R/3 Environment BW/BI Architecture Data Staging Process in BW/BI Business Content Role in BW/BI Landscape of BW

ERM MDM Star Schema Extend Star Schema Snowflake Schema Hybrid Schema Fundamental differences between above models . SID Tables Dimension Tables Fact Tables.

Administrator Workbench (BW3.x) vs. Data ware House Workbench (BI7.x) Functionality of Data ware House Workbench. Modeling Administration Documents Transport Connection BI Content Translation Metadata Repository

x) Requirement Analysis of DSO DSO Types: Standard. Navigational. Virtual Providers • FLAT FILE DATA EXTRACTION(BI 7.P Maintaining Info Packages BI CONTENT Understanding BI Content Requirement Identify BI Content Install BI Content .Delivery to Active Version Precautions while Installing Customizing Business Content Usage of Best Practice’s Real Time Project Work • SAP R/3 EXTRACTOR Using BW3. Data Targets Data Mart Concept Multi Providers Info sets Virtual Providers Aggregation Levels Info Cube Types: Standard vs. Transitive.X) Maintaining Data source Managing PSA Maintaining Transformation Maintaining Info source Maintaining D.x ETL Process SAP R/3 Reporting vs BW Reporting Configuring R/3 Connection Types of R/3 Extractors BI Content Extractor . Real time info cube Basic vs.x) vs.• SAP BW/BI DATA MODELS Info Area Info Object Catalogue Info Objects: Characteristics: Display. Direct Update Virtual Providers vs. Compounding Attributes Key Figures: Cumulative and Non-CumulativeKey Figures Info Cube ODS (BW3.T. DSO (BI 7.x And BI 7. Write Optimized.

---Extracting Master data. BEX ANALZER Bex Web Analyzer BFX Analyzer EXCEL ADD-ON. Exceptions. Selections. Hierarchies. Variables. Hierarchy Data and Transaction Data Generic Extractor LO Cockpit CO-PA Extractors FI-SL Extractors Enhancement of Standard Data source. Functional and Technical Specs & Project Work TRANSFORMATIONs Transformation Types Using Routines in Transformations Start Routine Expert Routine End Routine Currency CONVERSIONS Currency Exchange Rates Currency Types Using Currency Conversion in Extraction. Filter in BEX Analyzer Properties of Query’s Work Books. calculated Key figures. Variable Types. Text Data. Variable processing types. Query Designer Query Elements Filters. Formula’s. BW/BI REPORTING Introduction to BEX components. Restricted Key figures. Query Views BEX Design tool bar Designing work books Report to Report (R/RI) Interface . Structures. Writing Enhancement Code in Customer Exit Real Time Data Acquisition Data Reconciliation Extract Checker Delta Que Maintenance Real Time Scenarios. Using Currency Conversion in Reporting. Conditions.

BEX WEB Application Designer Web Items Properties. BEX – BROADCASTER Broadcast Query’s. Workbooks. Exporting Dash Boards to Enterprise Portal REPORT DESIGNER Formatting Reports Formatted columns. MDX Cache. Multi-channel. . OLAP Cache. Pre calculated Value set. creating simple web Templates. Rows Changing Font Styler Inserting Rows/Columns. BIA Maintain Info cube Maintain DSO Attributing Change Run Error Handling in DTP Process Chains Load monitoring Query Monitoring Analyze & Repair Database Objects Statistics Complete production support issues while Monitoring Data Loads Performance tuning Tips & Tricks used in the Projects. Printer. Reports. PERFORMANCE TUNING Line items Dimensions Secondary Indexing in DSO Partitioning Re-Partitioning Remodeling Aggregates. Exception Evaluation. Portal. Query views. E-mail bursting. Web Templates to Email. Creating Dash Boards.

INTEGRATED PLANING Introduction to Planning Process Planning Model Aggregation Levels Characteristic Relationship Locks Planning Functions Filters in Planning Model Planning Sequence Fox Formula’s Create Planning Application with BEX Analyzer Create Planning Application with BEX WAD. .

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