Differences between BW3.5 and Netweaver 2004s (BW7.

There are a number of improvements in Netweaver 2004s, but most of them are technical changes that are in the background. The purpose of this document is to present a comparison of common screens and reports from both versions so you can see some of the differences before the upgrade occurs. The contents are:

•Variable Selection Screen
•Report Format

•Layout of buttons and features
•Known issues

BW3.5 Variable Selection Screen .

BW3.5 Report Format .

BW7.0 Variable Selection Screen .

BW7.0 Report Format .

5 Variable Selection Screen Drop down menu Multiple Selections Clear Personalization Cancel Personalize all variables Save Selection options Check input Execute .BW3.

BW7.0 Variable Selection Screen Personalization Operator From/To selection menu Multiple Selections Clear Cancel Personalize all variables Save Load Variants Check input Execute .

the entry may be deleted and the F4 key or drop down selection menu can be used. This will ensure that the formatting is correct.Known issues and messages – 1 Formatting of input on the Variable Selection Screen This message is displayed if an entry is made into a required field in the Variable Selection Screen that doesn‟t match the expected format. This is a program bug and an OSS Message has been created. TIP: To avoid this problem. but at the time of creating this document. the query must be cancelled and restarted. if a period is entered as „002/2006‟ vs ‟02/2006‟ If an invalid entry is made into a non-required field. use the drop down menu to select values for a required field. . Correcting the formatting or erasing the entry will not fix the problem. If an invalid entry is made into a required field. For example. a solution has not been provided.

but they said no. In the future. This is because under Netweaver 2004s there are additional features that become possible and those features are not used in the query.Known issues and messages – 2 Warning messages During the running of a report. We asked SAP if there was a way to turn the warnings off. It doesn't mean that there's anything wrong. these warnings will go away. TIP: These messages are informative and do not mean anything is wrong. as queries are changed and these features are used. . Note that these are warnings and not errors. a number of different warning messages may appear.

TIP: The Profit Center Hierarchy navigation is misleading. It makes you think as though you can select a different hierarchy node. Only select those hierarchies that you are authorized for. If a user selects a combination of hierarchies that include some that are not authorized. there are two ways that a Profit Center hierarchy value can be selected: 1. See the next page for screenshots. the query gives a “No authorization” message and no data is displayed. . Thus the hierarchy does restrict data. the query runs and displays normally. the query result gives the message “No applicable data found” and displays no data. not an „auth failed‟ message.Known issues and messages – 3 Profit center hierarchy selection in query navigation can be misleading. but then returns no data. If a user selects a combination of hierarchies that are not authorized. this menu displays the complete hierarchy instead of only those values the user has access to. 2. a window opens with a list of profit center hierarchy values available for selection. a new filter value can be chosen for Profit Center Hierarchy. but the filter selection menu is misleading. Do not select the top hierarchy. From the query navigation. an authorization message is given and the results display only the data that is appropriate. When running a query that uses the Profit Center Hierarchy. If a user selects a combination of hierarchies that are authorized. If a user selects the top hierarchy. From the Variable Selection Screen. If the navigation menu for choosing a new filter value is selected. the Hierarchy value can be directly entered or chosen from a drop down menu. Currently.

Select only the hierarchy node/s that you are authorized for. . Don‟t select the top node of a hierarchy.Known issues and messages – 3 TIP: Profit center hierarchy selection Be aware that the Profit Center Hierarchy displays all nodes. whether the user is authorized to use them or not.