Statement from Larry Lee Dec.

26, 2012 We are extremely grateful to the consultants for their hard work and diligence in helping the Homeless Authority find a sound and stable financial foundation. We are also pleased with the increased level of support the city has given us in next year’s city budget. We also thank the United Way of the Coastal Empire for their assistance in funding the consultant’s work and offering support in the future work of the Authority. For a long time now the Homeless Authority has been chronically underfunded. The small percentage we were able to retain from our large federal grants was simply insufficient to pay our administrative costs. Our board, by law, was comprised of a number of people who represented other caregivers. Obviously, their main fund raising efforts were focused on their own organizations. We have had only sporadic support rom local governments. The consultants have confirmed our assessment of the problems and have suggested solutions that will be extremely helpful as we continue to work to redefine and reinvigorate the Homeless Authority. We are working hard to make the changes we feel are appropriate while not interfering with our main goal of working to end homelessness in our community. We don’t want to give the impression that the leadership of the board of directors has been standing idly by waiting for the final report of the consultants. Over the last couple of months the Homeless Authority board leadership has been working very hard to address the problems that have confronted the authority. We have removed board members who had not been attending meetings and we have gotten the county to appoint two new board members whose experience in finance and poverty issues will greatly benefit our efforts. We are looking very hard at our expenses and exploring new opportunities for fund raising. The consultants’ final report will be another tool in our efforts to bring the Homeless Authority into lean and efficient organization making a real difference in reducing homelessness in our community. Larry Lee Board Chair Chatham/Savannah Authority for the Homeless

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