1.What is the meaning of life? ISLAM. 2.What is the meaning of Islam? To know God. 3,Who is god?

God is ALLAH. 4.What is Truth? Allah is the Truth and he inspired humanity to Islam. 5.Is humanity one family? Yes sir, that is the Truth. 6.How do you know that is truth? For I am speaking the words of our brother. 7.How is he our brother? He is our brother because we share the same Fathers. 8.Can you Name Our Fathers? Yes but they are too numerous to name. 9.Can you give us some signs by which we recognise them? They carry the banner of Muhammad and teach Islam. 10.What is religion? A name people give to their beliefs. 11.Do you follow any beliefs? No sir, I follow my intellect. 12.Does your intellect acknowledge the unseen? I am living and breathing. 13.Is Islam a religion of beliefs? Not according to my teachings. 14.What is a Prophet? A Prophet is a thought of Allah clothed in flesh. 15.What is another name for a Prophet? A son of Adam. 16.When was the Quran first abrogated? During it’s revelation to the Prophet Muhammad. 17.Is Muhammad the Seal of Prophethood? That is correct. 18.Does this mean no prophet came after the Muhammad? No sir, it does not. 19.Why then are the Prophets not well known? Most of the prophets’ followers are either slave makers or blind deaf and dumb. 20.Can you Name Our Prophets? Yes but they are too numerous to name. 21.What are the Twelve Jewels of Islam? Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding, Freedom, Justice, Equality, Love, Peace and Happiness.

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