FACT: Meditation is one of the most powerful ways to boost your

immune system, intelligence, creativity, intuition, and overall happiness. Within a style of Kung Fu known for its close-quarter hand-to-hand combat, are the powerful benefits of a rare type of standing meditation that has the power to transform your mind and body like nothing else. The exercise is called Siu Nim Tau and very little people other than kung fu practitioners know anything about it!

“Siu Nim Tau is the ultimate form of standing meditation!”
The natural alignment process of Siu Nim Tau practice is second to none. The standing meditative practice develops the power of the mind as well as physical equilibrium. Siu Nim Tau makes no apologies for its subtle power. Its impact hides itself within its lack of thrill. It looks like nothing. Yet many experts consider it to be in a category all by itself! Siu Nim Tau can be used to work on developing central equilibrium as well as sensitivity to specific areas of tension in the body. Siu Nim Tau also removes blockages in Qi flow. This blockage removal occurs because Siu Nim Tau, when correctly practiced, causes a regulating or normalizing effect on the body. Any habitual tension or tissue shortening (or lengthening) is normalized by Siu Nim Tau practice and the body regains its natural ability to function at its optimal potential. A normalized body is less prone to muscular skeletal medical conditions.

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