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ACADEMIC ZODIAC CONCEPT Linking the world through one zodiac for the planet 2: the original zodiac as shared by all

astronomical observatories across the planet and off-planet 3 as well.

DIAMOND 2013 YEAR The positions of the planets along with their real zodiacal placements for New Year 2013. 55 Cancri e is of course your Diamond Planet.

NAMED SDO There are presently only two named SDO or scattered disk objects, namely Sedna, Eris. The other two represented - that are Ceto and Typhon - are spoken of as binary centaurs.

FURTHER CLASSIFICATIONS AND DEBATE While the upper classification by the Harvard MPC holds water for Typhon – Echidna, the outlook is still under debate as for Ceto – Phorcys. The Ceto system is also thought of as second known binary centaur after the Typhon – Echidna binary: by an extended definition. Ceto is properly a TNO or trans-Neptunian object. Redefinitions pending.

ABOUT RECLASSIFICATIONS Prior to the discovery of Eris, the scientific world had its official and unofficial categories in classifying the new discoveries. The IAU conference wanted to somehow reduce the number of classes. The result is that objects fall under one class by the old definition and new according to the new, while many either fall out of every class or appear as ambiguous. Thus, centaur Chariklo, Bienor and former dead comet Chiron may be reclassified into dwarf planets. Objects that were not normally been dealt with as centaurs – like Hidalgo or Phoebe may be classified as such. Hidalgo may in fact take the throne of reptilian centaur Pholus in being the “first discovered centaur” ever; not named after one at discovery time. Most of our material is based on the classifications dating back to year 2000 when there were quite a few people making classifications. Now, between slow but wise bureaucracy and fast but circumspect discoverers; the classifications as proposed may even vary from telescope to telescope; informally speaking. In our opinion, the scientists will keep their classifications for themselves; since they help research, also often not being members of any determining organization in the field; while official catalogs will tend to be published at a magnanimous pace, as it takes years in order to assert the category of the object with dues consensus from both practicants and bureaucrats. The reclassifications are nothing new: an object would be reclassified from SDO into centaur and SDO again even within months. What is new is losing – at least at the official level – the variety of classes – bagging them all within one bag or few – that add flavor to analysis while offering a variegated perspective of the solar system.

PREDICTIVE ASTRONOMY Imagine a realm as allegedly based on disoriented Masonry which never had any notion of its own ascending guardian angel or heraldic natal stars. Disoriented temples, improper anthem along with derisive flag. Confucius would vomit at such a place. The “astrologers” there proliferate apart from astronomy while astronomers lack application of data concerning national futurity. Predictive astronomy is not only in its rudimentary stage: as concern national philosophy, it does not even exist as concept at al! People go

around wearing faux personalities for lifetime as based on deliberate miscalculation (sic). Profit in darkness rules over sincerity in the light. The era is one of Cetus as preparing to plunge into Pisces and they call it the new average of Aquarius. In midst of confusion, degeneration; on the brim of almost complete disinformation - someone claims an era of

enlightenment. As nuclear submarines compete with polluters and dolphin a-blood-soaked

anti-cetacean infantry. The result is that disaster, catastrophe and national demise happen unawares, unpredicted and sudden; cutting any eventual positive effort short. Did smog prevent the observation of stars? Anyone could see the sixteen eastern angels, only for the past 50000 years no one looked! Thus; utter psychological smog is what we call default mind. It has the power to blind healthy eyes, obscure karmic timeline and fog one’s national and natural destiny.

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(42301) 2001 UR163

1996 RX33 2002 UX25 (MPO 39866)

(90377) Sedna 1995 SN55 2005 TN74 Ecliptic

2000 JZ15 (MPO 39329)

2003 QN112



Pelion 2000 GM137 Dioretsa Viewed from: 14° 26' 44" E 45° 19' 38" N Local time: 09:55:24 2012/12/29 JD 2456290.87 Field of view: 45° 00' 00" R.A. (2013.0): 02h 18m 46.74s Dec. (2013.0): +04° 19' 08.3" Magnitudes: 32.0 32.2 32.4 32.6 32.8 33.0 Single star Multiple star Variable star Eris

Amun (MPO 7 Olympiada 2002 DH5 2001 FP185 (MPO 5

(65489) Ceto Equator 2010 TK7 (MPO196784) Equator

2002 GB32 (MPO 61224) Huya 2002 GZ32

Viewed from: 14° 26' 44" E 45° 19' 38" N

Local time: 09:55:24 2012/12/29 JD 2456290.87

Field of view: 45° 00' 00" R.A. (2013.0): 15h 06m 03.62s Dec. (2013.0): +00° 28' 13.1"

Magnitudes: 32.0 32.2 32.4 32.6 32.8 33.0 Single star Multiple star Variable star

Equator 2004 NE32 Ecliptic Voyager I Voyager II (184314) 2005 EO302 Rhadamanthus Lameia (MPO231394) 2000 CO104 (42355) Typhon 2002 FY36 (183963) 2004 DJ64 (58534) Logos 1996 AS20


Ecliptic 1999 DE9

2004 DG77 Equator Viewed from: 14° 26' 44" E 45° 19' 38" N Local time: 09:59:40 2012/12/29 JD 2456290.88 Field of view: 45° 00' 00" Azimuth: 241.0718° Altitude: +18.5157° Magnitudes: 32.0 32.2 32.4 32.6 32.8 33.0 Single star Multiple star Variable star


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