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bLOsahHT” OFS ANDHASOAMI FAT ( FROM HINDI INTO ENGLISH ) Compiled and edited by S. D, MAHESHWARI M. Sc. PERSONAL ASSISTANT TO BABUJI| MAHARAJ fy an owes jagh, Agta-5, (India). . GLOSSARY of Radhasoami Faith A Aab - Ab. Water ; lustre. are Aas -/As. Wish, desire, longing ; hope, expectation, aja —s prospect. Aasé - Asd. Same as ‘Aas’. areat Abhagi - Unfortunate, unlucky. rant Abhdo - Death ; scarcity ; absence, non-existent. wae Abhed-bhakti - Unified devotion; —_non-distinguishable aaaq-aks devotion. On reaching the Highest Region, the Surat can, at will, merge in the Supreme Father, or retain its separate entity and enjoy the bliss of His darshan. These two states are known as ‘‘Abhed Bhakti” and “Bhed Bhakti” respectively. Abhimdn - High opinion of oneself, conceit, pride, aftrata — haughtiness, arrogance, vanity. 14 GLOSSARY Abhimdni - Proud, conceited, haughty, arrogant, vain. afrartt Abhyds- Practice ; Spiritual practices, devotional exercises, snaa meditation. Abhyds of the Rddhdsodmi Faith includes the following items :— (1) Sumiran, (2) Dhydn, and (3) Bhajan. Abhydsi - Practitioner. One who practises regularly. One avareit who has gained some proficiency in practice. Achér - Manner of life, conduct, behaviour ; religious ara observances, rites and ceremonies. Pickles. Achdraj ~ See Acharya. TAT Achér-bichér or Achér-vichdr - Good behaviour and proper ara fient 9 arare frare thinking. Achdrya- A teacher or preceptor; a spiritual guide or aratel preceptor, holy teacher ; religious leader ; adept, religious head or Guru. Achet - Unconscious ; insensible ; senseless ; out of one’s aaa mind; careless; inattentive, off one’s guard ; negligent ; forgetful ; stupid. Achint - Free from care or anxiety. afaa : : Achint Purush >.The Supreme Being who is absolutely free afaa ger from cares and anxieties.