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Hey, wannabe paparazzi, you've been sharing a fair few photos. Speakermouth Jeez, you're busy. You're one of the chattiest people on the web.

Facebook posts aplenty. Yes, your friends know what you're up to all the time.

Satellite of love. You share loads and loads of links.

Hello boys. You tend to use a lot of masculine related words - his, him, father, brother etc....

Fan tend to keep yourself to yourself. Not much tagging going on.

Check out those airbrushes! You're a prolific creator of original content. You're the giant cog in the system. You're good at bigging up other people through comments and ReTweets. How lovely.

You check in all over the place. You must need a lot of caffeine to fire those jet packs!


Snap snap! That camera lens is busy - you take a lot of photos. Set to mute? You have very little activity on your social networks. Bar fiend. You've only connected Foursquare, not Facebook and Twitter. Life is one big flat white for you.

BEEP. Your antenna ears suggest you do share some links but not as often as others

Recharging your batteries? You don't often tag other people in your content.

Hello happy hoover. You tend to suck up more content than you create.

Girls who like boys... You tend to use an equal amount of feminine and masculine words : her, she, mother, him, father, brother...

Sharing the love. You get comments and retweets of your content about the same amount as you comment and retweet other people's content.

I don't think we're in Kansas anymore, Toto... You tend to check in to places within quite a small area.


Speakerbox. You're certainly very busy on your social networks. High overall output.

Button vision. Forgotten to take the lens cap off? You haven't been putting many pix up. You have a pet fail whale. There's a serious Twitter addiction going on here.

Twisted Hanger It's more about telling your own stories. Very few links to other content.

What a big heart. You are very frequently tagged with other people in posts, pictures and check ins. Pincers suggest you are careful about how you pick your content. You share a lot of links, but contribute original content sometimes too. Who run the world? You use a lot of feminine words in your content - girls, she, her, mother, sister...

You're a comment generating comet. People love responding to your stuff.

Home sweet home. You have a lot of check ins, but within a fairly small area.


Such a beautiful sunset... You take lots and lots of photos. It's oh so quiet... you don't seem to post very much.

Keeping it to yourself? Your posts don't have many links in them....

Are you in a gang??? You're nearly always tagged in posts with other people.

You play the game, sharing lots of links out to your followers.

All hail! Your content is well loved often Liked, commented upon or shared.

Oi oi! You post a lot of masculine words: him, his, dad, man... The stone statue of social. You don't move all that much: very few check ins


Point and click. You share a fair few photos. Just a normal guy. You post a perfectly average amount of content.

Facebook posts aplenty. Yes, your friends know what you're up to all the time.

Ridin' solo? You tag yourself in lots of content.

Drilling? You dig up a lot of new content. You've got a friend... you're usually tagged with other people in posts.

Hey scenester! You post a lot of original content

You give a little love and it all comes back to you! You comment on other people's stuff as much as they do on yours. Aw.

Girls who like boys who like girls... you post a mix of feminine and masculine words.

You occassionally check in, when you do it's over a large geographical area.


Potential vampire? You don't take a lot of photos... Dancing dogs? You love em. You share rather a few links.

You're a wonderfully active socialite. Not too much, not too little. You're nailing it.

Raking it in! You're a curator, sharing lots and lots of links.

Belle of the ball. You're often tagged with lots of other people.

That's what she said... you use a lot of feminine words in your posts. You get what you give. You get as many commentsas you receive.

The occassional flat white? You don't often check in.