I am celebrating victory

By Matilda MacAttram - Black Mental Health UK

I am celebrating the indomitable spirit That was given has been given to us To overcome and defeat any obstacle That would stand between us and the liberty Afforded to every human being living on this earth. I am celebrating the achievements of my ancestors And forebears that have afforded me this gift. I stand on the shoulders of giants. It is more than a privilege to live out my dream And to speak out against injustice endured by a voiceless group This so called civilised society refuses to afford Even the most basic human dignity Or even in the case of : Sean Rigg Jacob Michael Fitz Hicks Mikey Powell David Bennett Ibrahim Sey Olaseni Lewis Orville Blackwood And many more than I have the time to mention. The right to life I celebrate my privilege and the honour To serve on the side of righteousness and truth and justice for those yet unborn Who, because of my victories both seen and unseen Because of this gift to speak out against injustice in my lifetime Will mean that they will not have to suffer such indignities No more than that – atrocities in theirs. © Matilda MacAtttram 2012

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