• •70 minutes per session, 4 persons per Team.

Case giver presents a leadership situation that is current, concrete, important, one happens to be a key player, can be presented in 10 min and could make a big difference moving forward. •

•Case Clinic

l(1)2 minSelect case giver and time keeper(2)10
minIntention Statement by case giver lCurrent Situation: What does it look like? What symptoms illustrate the issue that you want to address? lWhat does it feel like: Where is your edge? What do you need to let go of and learn? lYour intention: What do you want to create?

lHelp=Where do you need input + help? (3)2-3
minConsultants ask clarifying question if necessary(4)23 minStillness. What did I hear? What images, feelings and questions come up for me now?(5)10 minMirroring by each consultant lWhat images, feelings, and questions come up for me now?

lCase giver reflects on the images and emotions that
the case evoked(6)25 minGenerative Dialogue and solution brainstorming by all lConsultants ask questions to deepen understanding

lGenerative Dialogue: Co-create solution ideas(7)10
minConcluding Remarks by consultants lWhat is the key issue to be addressed [diagnosis]?

lWhat solution/action do I propose?(8)5 minConcluding
remarks by case giver lWhat new insight do the solutions offer to me? lHow could I use/combine these ideas going forward? lMy next steps lThank you!
? 2009 Presencing Institute www.presencing.com

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