Invitation for Alumnus Meeting Student and Youth Congress of Burma 31st Dec 2012

All alumni of WIP and LMP, Student and Youth Congress of Burma would like to invite you, who are in Mae Sot, all come the first alumnus meeting at the office of SYCB. We know that some of former participants are in working feels and some are in any other school getting higher education. SYCB is organizing the meeting to be able to share the experiences of your feels and to be able to suggest the next plan of SYCB. Hope you all will join the meeting.

Time Date Place

: 9:00 AM to 12:00 AM : 31st Dec 2012 : Student and Youth Congress of Burma

Agenda 1. Introducing (Name, Year you attended at SYCB, where you are now, one of your memories when you are in SYCB) 2. Sharing experiences one by one (Strengths and Difficulties) 3. The next plan of SYCB (an responsible person of SYCB) 4. Suggestions for the next plan 5. Lunch

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