Indian Tobacco Company.

“Lets put India First”

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Kolkata. Hotels.  It’s one of India's foremost private sector companies with a market approx US $14 billion. Foods.  ITC was incorporated on August 24.  Its range of products includes :. Paperboards & Specialty Papers. Information Technology.Introduction  ITC Limited is an Indian conglomerate with a turnover of US $4.75 billion. 1910 under the name of 'Imperial Tobacco Company of India Limited‘ at Radha Bazar Lane.Cigarettes & Tobacco.  It was renamed to “Indian Tobacco Company. Packaging.” in 1974. Lifestyle Retailing and Greeting Gifting & Stationery. Agri-Exports. 12/30/12 .

CSR Diversities…….        e-Choupal Social & Farm Forestry Watershed Development Agricultural Productivity Women’s Empowerment Livestock Development Primary Education 12/30/12 .

E-Choupal  E-Choupals. located in rural farming villages. 12/30/12 .  E-Choupals serve both as a social gathering place for exchange of information (choupal means traditional village gathering place in Hindi) and an e-commerce hub. information centers equipped with a computer connected to the Internet.

Traditional Mandi System Vs e-Choupal 12/30/12 .

 Improved price realization for farm produce by v Making available live data on markets viz. v 12/30/12 . herbicide. Supply of quality inputs (seed. Enhance farm productivity by v Latest information on district level weather forecasts for short & medium terms. fertilizer. Location / Buyer wise prices offered. v International market prices of relevant agri-commodities. v v Best practices in farming. pesticides etc) in the village itself.

Khammam.  In an innovative move. Social & Farm Forestry  ITC’s social forestry programme simultaneously addresses the livelihood problems of marginal farmers and the ecological imperative of regenerating biomass and nurturing depleted soils.  Watershed Development 12/30/12 . ITC has enabled them to convert their wastelands to pulpwood plantations – a commercially viable land use alternative that can end their marginalisation. Nellore. are often out of work for long stretches. Nalgonda and Prakasam in Andhra Pradesh.  In the moisture-stressed districts of Guntur. marginal wasteland owners. who mostly make a living as farm labourers. linking these farmers’ need for income to the wood fibre needs of its paperboards business.

improve productivity and quality. Agricultural Productivity  ITC offers facilitation to farmers to form agri-business societies. and reach out beyond local markets to sell at better margins.  Livestock Development  The milk marketing co-operatives represent exemplary change in rural enterprise. 12/30/12 . pool knowledge and resources.  Women’s Empowerment  The confidence and skills generated among women by forming credit groups and managing businesses become assets to their communities. away from dependence on agriculture and local markets.

generating 43 million person . Livestock Development 12/30/12 123 Cattle Development Centre's.500 E – Choupal Centers installed.221 women groups formed. .200 hectares brought under soil and moisture conservation. Social & Farm Forestry 95.days of employment.Some Statistics E – Choupal 4 million farmers empowered.961 hectares greened. Watershed Development Approx 46. 6. Women's Empowerment Approx 18. 1312 self .

12/30/12 .

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